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The Lenovo IdeaPad™ Z560 notebook brings the fun of mobile multimedia to all, with a balance of affordable performance and features that make mobile entertainment richer and more enjoyable. The 15.6” widescreen high‐definition makes multimedia more realistic with OneKey™ Home Theater II for optimized audio‐visual settings and Dolby® Advanced Audio™ sound enhancement. Complete everyday tasks faster, with the all new 2010 Intel® Core™ i7 processor. All this, wrapped up in a fashionable metallic effect cover with a smart chiclet keyboard inside. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Z560 is more expensive than it actually is. Fun is getting more, for less. The Lenovo IdeaPad™ Z360 features clever multimedia enhancements, all‐round performance and a fashionable look that tells others it’s more than a basic notebook. Loaded cool entertainment features like OneKey™ Theater II, the Z360 looks trendy with a smart chiclet keyboard and metallic effect cover. Others might think you paid more, but you’ll know better!
10 Sep 2010
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Take a walk inside the Virtual Reality environment. You can see the interaction between the Jaz Spectrometer, SpectraSuite and the changing environment. Thank you Dr. Moji Navvab and The University of Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning & 3D - Virtual Reality Laboratory for this cool videos! For more information of Ocean Optics Spectrometers visit *******www.oceanoptics****
9 Dec 2010
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One gaming headset to rule them all! The Creative Tactic3D Omega gaming headset works on every platform -- Xbox, Playstation 3, your PC. They're wireless and allow an extreme degree of customization from sound profiles to the Tron-like colored glow on the ear cups.
9 Jan 2011
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TDK has the boombox of today and they're calling them Sound Cubes. Instead of taking cassette tapes, these bad boys hook up to your MP3 player and even offers a 1/4" input for musical instruments. The two-speaker model even features a classy shoulder strap! Mix levels between your own guitar or bass and the music you're listening to. Proceed to rock out. Please destroy your iHome.
10 Jan 2011
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*******www.techwench****/transferring-dvd-movies-to-your-ipod/ Before doing anything about transferring DVD movies to your iPOD take care to do it in the right way and do not infringe on any copyright rights. Do it in the right and proper way and do not become a hacker.
18 Feb 2011
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Check out www.megaled***.nz and cut your lighting bill by 50%
11 Jan 2012
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Goodbye Mr. Marshall. Assymetric broadband speeds. Loyd Case talks PC upgrades: Is it time to upgrade your CPU? Crossfire cards don't have to match exactly! DOCSIS 3.0: Think 120Mbps up! Want to design and install Home Theaters? We've got courses! You love the Metro Data Duster!
12 Apr 2012
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Actor Aamir Khan has proved that he is man with mettle and hence a man of his word. The star who has been hosting the reality tv show, ‘satyamev jayate’ kept his promise to ride a particular cab in delhi
29 Jun 2012
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After talking about issues like domestic violence, child sexual abuse and medical malpractices, Bollywood actor and anchor of the popular show Satyamev Jayate Aamir Khan talked about the benefits of organic farming in the eighth episode.
30 Jun 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews the portable SEGA NOMAD, the Sega Genesis Nomad that plays Sega Genesis game cartridges on the go! Sort of, although this is portable it really isn't that portable due to its size and pathetic battery life. But that doesn't stop it from being a worth addition to any Sega Genesis fan's library. You can play Genesis games on the couch, in bed, on a long road trip. Wherever you want, just don't try to throw this thing in your pocket and save games frequently. This CGR hardware review of the Sega Genesis nomad has pictures and video of the Sega Nomad showing the Sega Nomad playing Sega Genesis video games.
29 Jul 2012
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Visit *******classof1****/homework-help/computerscience for customized Academic help in Computer Science Architecture of Neural Networks The way the human body functions has always been a matter of fascination for people all over the world. Scientists and researchers have always tried to find a way to explore the functions of human body and incorporate the same logics and same methodologies to create artificial intelligence or technological devices so that they can replace humans and make their work easier.
12 Apr 2013
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Build a Wind Turbine from a Cordless Drill/Driver- v2.0 This video just covers the basics and like many of the Cedar Workshop videos, it's for learning and having fun. But, it could make a trickle battery charger, remote water pump or run some LED lights. A neighbour gave me one of their 12 volt cordless drills. Eventually, the batteries lost their charge and had to purchase a new battery from the hardware store. But, as usual, a newer model was on the shelves, this model of drill and battery was discontinued. After watching another video done be the Doug Daniels, I decided to take the drill apart and see if I could make a mini wind power generator. Started out removing the leads to the trigger, made a hub from a 4-1/2" v-belt pulley, attached blades, and ran some drill press tests. The factory gearing on the small DC motor presented some interesting results. To simulate a high speed wind turbine, the cordless drill was attached to a drill press running at 792 rpm. The results were interesting. The low (driver setting) produced 4+ amps and just over 18 volts, but was hard to turn. The high speed setting (for drilling) produced a low 6 volts and a dismal .8 amps. The next step is to mount it to a pole and get some real world feed back. Enjoy!
17 Apr 2013
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What causes the Moon phases if the Earth is flat ? RockMasta - Flat Earth Warriors
15 Aug 2017
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The analog input module acquires 4 analog voltage or current channels and it is available for the input ranges: 0-5V, 0-10V and 0-24V as well as a current option with 0-20mA range.
14 Sep 2017
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The report titled “Brazil Seed Market by Technology Type (Open Pollinated, Hybrid Seeds and Genetically Modified) by Crop Type (Soybean, Corn, Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Beans, Forage, Vegetable and Flower Seeds) - Outlook to 2022” provides a comprehensive analysis of seed market in Brazil.
19 Jan 2018
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The report covers Spain Seed market size, market segmentations by open pollinated, hybrid and genetically modified seeds, by crop type (wheat, barley, maize, rye, rice, sugar beet, vegetables, olives, grapes and other fruit seeds), by market source (domestic production and imports) and by market structure (organized and unorganized market).
22 Jan 2018
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