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The Facesculptor is a non invasive treatment to keep a lovely oval shape of your face. It consists on applying one strap for the face to cover the oval and lower face which releases a totally safe biomagnetic currents to stimulate the destocking and the elimination of fats. A program of 12 sessions of Facesculptor, 2 session a week, results in a better skin tension and better hydration so you can avoid radical solutions as Botox jabs, suspension sutures, face lifts or liposuction.
4 Mar 2007
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"Issue No. B-1610" by David Hart Black rectangular, quasi-rectangular, plastic half darkened Now with shades of gray -- reflecting White steel stalk of tin Jutting out to a white sheet Small oval shape - one third severed sphere Affixed on the apex of a twin stalk - elliptical Silver and gray tube with a creviced Serpentine spine Sitting staring beaming unrelentlessly Interminable Soft muffled tones whirring the concordant monotone melody of D flat No remorse or afterthought just base exploitation of energy
8 Feb 2008
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Mercedes-Benz is about to make the CLS even more irresistible and will be presenting the new-generation of this unique, four-door coupé in the spring of 2008 – the pioneer of a whole new automotive segment. The flagship CLS 63 AMG is powered by the AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine with 378 kW/514 hp and 630 Newton metres of torque. The high-revving, naturally aspirated engine now makes its presence known in an even more distinctive fashion: the AMG sports exhaust system's redesigned rear silencers deliver an even more captivating soundtrack through the two sets of oval-shaped, chromed twin tailpipes. The CLS 63 AMG accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, while its top speed is limited electronically to 250 km/h. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC transmission now incorporates a double-declutching function. This does more than just intensify the emotive driving experience - the virtually load-free downshift procedure also leads to a reduction in load-alteration effects, which is of particular benefit when braking ahead of corners on the race track.
14 Jul 2008
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Luxurious Mens Designer Rings! This 14K Gold Large Diamond Ring weighs approximately 31 grams and showcases 13.24 ctw of dazzling invisibly set princess cut diamonds and pave set round diamonds. Featuring a beautiful oval-shaped design, a highly polished gold finish and large top-quality genuine diamonds, this absolutely breathtaking men's diamond ring is available in 14K white, yellow and rose gold
30 Jan 2009
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Baby belly time is very important time of womans, because the women is very carefully handle the child. Baby belly is like a oval shape in women stomach. The baby belly some times dancing, that is some times the baby was moving in the inside of womens stomach. Womens are very happy in that time. Some times womens like lemon juice, because they are like this taste. Baby belly is very important of womens, they are like child. In human life, baby belly is important part, because baby belly for our human life cycle. *******www.belly-baby-dvd****
30 Aug 2009
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Movement and the Cerebellum The cerebellum, part of the hindbrain, is concerned with the regulation of coordination and balance. It is an oval-shaped structure with a central furrow, which is flanked on either side by a bulbous lobe. The furrow is called the vermis and the expanded lobes the hemispheres. The surface is covered with folds, or folia. In the illustration presented, a section through a folium has been drawn out and cut through to show its internal structure. The outer region of the cerebellum is known as the cortex, or gray matter. It contains two distinct layers of nerve cells, the molecular layer-containing stellate and basket cells, which process information within the cortex, and the granular layer-containing small granule cells and Golgi cells, which sift incoming information. The layers are separated from each other by a layer of purknje cells, which carry information concerning body movement out of the cerebellum. Beneath the cortex lies the white matter, which is composed of nerve fibers, mossy fibers and climbing fibers that pass in and out of the cerebellum. The Mossy fibers are a major route for information entering the cerebellum, while the climbing fibers carry information to the cells in the molecular layer of the cerebellar cortex. The cerebellum lies below the occipital lobes of the brain's cerebral hemispheres.
7 Nov 2009
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Today, YOU are going to draw Kobe Bryant. It doesn't matter if you have prior art training or not. This video will break the process down in to simple steps so that anyone can do it. Grab a pencil and paper and let me show you what I mean. Remember to pause the video when you need to. Here we go. Step 1: Draw an oval shape for Kobe's head. Notice that the bottom of the oval looks like an upside down trapezoid while the top of the oval shape is rounded. Step 2: Make four horizontal lines. The top line MUST intersect the midway point of the oval shape. The lowest line should be placed at the bottom of the chin. After drawing the top and bottom lines, add two EVENLY SPACED lines between the top and bottom line. At the end of step two, you should have THREE evenly spaced segments between the top and bottom lines (refer to the picture). Step 3: Observe the six dots that I added. The top four map out the corners of Kobe's eyes, while the bottom two map out the corners of his mouth. Lets look at their relationship. Notice that these dots are leaning towards the right side of the oval. This is due to the fact that Kobe's head is slightly turned. Also, take a second to notice the distance in between the two eyes is equal to one eye length. Finally, notice that the middle part of the space designated for each eye, will line up with the outer corners of the mouth. Now, draw in the six dots. Step 4: Draw in the eyes....The upper eyelid as a rainbow shape and the bottom lid is close to a straight line. Notice that the iris is partially blocked by the upper eyelid. Step 5: Encapsulate the eye in the oval shape that I just added. Step 6: In this step, make the bottom of the nose by drawing three connected, upside down arches. Do not worry about the bridge of the nose yet. After you make the bottom of the nose, draw the shape for the upper lip...... The upper lip looks like a squished McDonalds logo (picture the golden arches squished). Step 7: Add the bottom lip. It is similar to a banana shape. Notice that the bottom lip is thicker than the top lip. Now that we have the eyes and part of the mouth done, take a second to notice the perfect square that is formed when you connect the points from the middle of the eye and the corners of the mouth. Make adjustments if you do not have this perfect square. Step 8: Draw in the two shapes between the eyes and nose. Like the bottom lip, these shapes are very similar to banana shapes. They will help us shade the nose later. Step 9: Now add in the ears. Due to the fact that Kobe's head is turned; it appears that his left ear is smaller than his right. This, of course is not the case, but draw what you see. Step 10: Draw in the lines, stemming from the chin, as well as Kobe's dimple lines. Step 11: Draw in Kobe's hairline. Again, due to the turn of his head, you will see more hair on the right side. Step 12: Erase the construction lines Now, I will show you how to shade your drawing. Don't worry, this too, will be easy! You have three options to learn shading. Option one- click the link in the video description to go to a webpage that I made for this video..... on my website, merrillk****. You will see a series of 17 steps with picture references and words. You will also see a free downloadable resource that you can print. Option two is to watch a shading demonstration in the second part of this video; and option three is a separate video; where I will demonstrate how I shaded Kobe at a slower pace. Please take advantage of all of these options. I am confident that they will help. Special thanks to Rico Shen for use of his photograph via Creative Commons.
25 Mar 2010
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*******slindi****/guide-achat/boule-de-lavage Wool area rugs keep your floors warm and comfortable. Natural wool area rugs make cold flooring more cozy and smooth and are highly durable. Quality Wool Area Rugs to Decorate Your Home Finest quality wool area rugs are popular for their softness and sturdiness. If you prefer to choose environment-friendly decorative accessories for your home, wool rugs would be just perfect. Rugs made using New Zealand wool are unbeatable in their quality. You can choose from hand-woven or machine-made wool rugs. Wool rugs are best suited for high traffic areas in your home. You can choose wool area rugs to serve as a focal point in a room. Choose wool rugs featuring contemporary designs to match your modern home decor. You can also redecorate your home with traditional Persian or Oriental wool area rugs to create a traditional interior style. Octagonal and oval shaped wool area rugs add a unique touch to a room. Great-looking and Long-lasting Area rugs made of wool are extremely soft and ensure the best comfort level. As the wool fiber is naturally resilient, it is more durable than synthetic materials. Wool rugs also have natural resistance against water, fire and stain.wool area rugsarea rugscheap wool area rugswool rugs
19 Jan 2010
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Available from *******www.slfurniture****.au Beech furniture is an ecologically sound choice. Best value is what you should always consider as long as it's within your budget and remember, we are one of the largest distributors of imported italian furniture. The traditional oval shape of this formal style satin wood table creates an elegant impression. Never under estimate the practicality of a satin finish on furniture. Available in brown as shown and also many additional colours, this satin wood table can be delivered to Perth or anywhere Australia wide.
20 Jan 2010
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www.mividazul**** : Discount price black diamond in different types of cuts like round brilliant cut, heart shape, cushion cut, radiant cut, emerald shape, oval shape, egg cut, and flat pear cut, Brown loose real diamond Sale and natural champagne color diamonds at very cheap price with free worldwide free shipping.
19 Apr 2010
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ZhongShan FuDan Packaging Machinery Factory WOON PING TRADING COMPANY Add:No.2, 13th Industiral Park, West Area XiaoLan Town, ZhongShan, GD, PRC. 1/F 66 WHARF ROAD, NORTH POINT, HONGKONG Tel:86-760-22180855/13924936580 Http://www.fudanmachine**** mail:fudan#fudanmachine**** steam shrink tunnel, Label steam shrink packager Adopt Japan steam shrink technology ?Over all stainless structure. ?Easy to install and operation adjustment is convenient. ?Suitable for PVC, PET, OPS shrink packaging materials. ?Suitable for shrink variety bottle circle, square, oval-shaped, curve-shaped. ?With exhausted blower system. ?Stand Frame Adjustable ?Individual Valve control will be included ?Drip pan to get condensation water ?With thermometer and pressure gauge, temperature and steam pressure are clear, easy operation. ?Dial with scales fits to every ball valve, save adjustment time of different products. steam consumption:30Kg/hour steam pressure:1Kg/cm2 tunnel entrance:W:130mm H:250mm (according to products) machine dimension: L1400mm*W630mm*H1730mm Power: 220V/650w Remarks: High pressure air knife blows away water vapour on surface of the bottles (it is optional) The tunnel works stand-alone or with production line.
17 May 2010
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Luen Cheong Printing Equipment Group Limited Jin Xia Industrial District Chan an Town Dongguan City GuangDong Province China E-MAIL:salescn-print**** infocn-print**** directorcn-print**** LCB-120UV This auto printing press system is specially used for printing different patterns on the objects with round shape or oval shape. As it is made up of several individual units to form a printing chain, it can be used for the purpose of one-color printing. The materials to be printed can be plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, etc Feature 1.round/oval product printing 2.automatic feeding by conveyer 3.flame treatmentfor PP/PE bottle 3.pre-positioning for round/oval product 4.5.“no product,no printing”by electro-sensor 5. printing speed: 4000-5000 pcs/hr adjustment,easy operation 7.precise printing,easy and fast adjustment. parameter 1. Model NO:LCB-120UV 2. Printing Color:1 3. min printing diameter: round bottle: 20 mm 4.max printing diameter of round bottle: 100 mm 5.min printing radius of oblate bottle: 25 mm 6.max printing radius of oblate bottle: 260 mm 7.oblate bottle width: 20-100 mm 8.oblate bottle thickness: 20-80 mm 9.Max printing speed: 4000 -5000 pcs/h 10.power supply: 380V 11.air pressure: 6 bar 12. weight:1600 kg 13.max bottle printing length: 250 mm 14air consumption: 400 L/min 15.wattage: 6 KW 16.weight:1050 KG
11 Aug 2010
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