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sci-fi tv spot See the competitive relationship between a man and his robotic roommate. The robot's curiosity and skepticism over the deodorant claims ends up in a humorous way. CREDITS Agency: Lowe Worldwide NY Writers: Keke Toledo Piza, Roger Baran Art directors: Keke Toledo Piza, Roger Baran Creative Director: Stephen Lundberg Executive Creative Director: Fernanda Romano Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wnek Production Company: MJZ, LA Director: Matthijs Van Heijningen Agency Producer: Jill Meschino Producer: Betsy Oliver Executive Producer: Jeff Scruton DP: Chris Soos Editing Company: Final Cut Editor: Joe Guest Post Production: The Mill
2 Apr 2008
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This person took an 83 Ford van and a 52 Ford PU extended the bed to eleven feet and made a COE ( cab over engine )
2 Jan 2008
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This futuristic movie shows a breathtaking race against the clock, depicts a morning in the life of a man living in the future. As he goes to work at Global Corp. Inc. Ltd, he has to face the challenges of this over-engineered world: Flying traffic, robodogs, holographic alarm cars, bossbots and much more. CREDITS Agency: Lowe Worldwide NY Writers: Keke Toledo Piza, Roger Baran Art directors: Keke Toledo Piza, Roger Baran Creative Director: Stephen Lundberg Executive Creative Director: Fernanda Romano Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wnek Production Company: MJZ, LA Director: Matthijs Van Heijningen Agency Producer: Jill Meschino Producer: Betsy Oliver Executive Producer: Jeff Scruton DP: Chris Soos Editing Company: Final Cut Editor: Joe Guest Post Production: The Mill
2 Apr 2008
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Website: *******MrEnergyCzar**** This is my one year review of the Chevy Volt. It's been an exciting year. From the battery fire hype of the Volt to the Right being against the car that is American made and uses very little oil, the Volt has even outsold more than half of all car models in 2012 in the states. Hey, is that Got Solar Girl? Let's review the numbers. Exactly a year ago I said, "The charger at work should put me over the 200 mile per gallon plus range, we'll see how that plays out". I exceeded 200 miles per gallon. Let's see by verifying the gauges inside the car. I drove 13,428 miles. I actually only purchased from a gas station 27 gallons because the dealer filled up the car a couple of times during some free check-up services. I got 327 mpg the first year. During the year I had about 50 people test drive the car, actually get behind the wheel. All of them loved how refined, quiet and well built the vehicle was. Oddly, the two people who didn't like the car refused the actual test drive. The solar surplus gave me 6,000 miles of EV driving or 1,500 KWH. Now I could have gotten credited by the power company, at a low wholesale electric rate or about $75, but instead I used that surplus to drive 6,000 electric miles. Remember, you get about 4 miles of electric drive for each KWH. Probably the number one question of the year is, "What happens when the battery depletes?" Of course the answer is, the generator comes on and you keep driving. As far as my fuel costs, I purchased 27 gallons or $123. I drove over 13,000 miles so I got more than 100 miles per dollar (MPD) or just under a penny per mile. Just for comparison, the average Prius driver gets about 13 MPD and that will drop as the price of gas goes up. One of the benefits of having a heavy battery is the car has a low center of gravity so it takes the turns very well. It really grips the road. Also, it accelerates off the line very fast. One of the things I enjoyed during the year was the massive hard drive where you can store up to 10,000 songs. I got almost 1,500 stored. I found myself pausing and rewinding the live radio or XM. I liked how the Volt handled in the snow this past winter, probably because it has a 400 pound battery running through it. A great surprise was the enjoyment of one pedal driving. I don't use my brakes that much so I expect to change my brakes at around 175,000 miles. My best EV range was 51 miles, the record is over 70. I like that it takes 2 seconds to begin re-charging. The rare gas station visit is short since a fill-up is only 8 gallons. The only maintenance required were a couple of free tire rotations. Since I drive over 90% of the time in electric mode, I only drove just over 1,200 miles using the engine. My first oil change isn't until 24 months. I expect my first tune-up to come at 300,000 miles or when I've used the engine for 30,000 miles. The Chevy Volt fits nicely into my comprehensive preparing for peak oil plan. It's a form of energy insurance. The average Volt driver gets over 100 mpg. I didn't like the factory floor mats and recommend the Lloyd mats. There are a lot of misconceptions about the Volt's battery. It's liquid cooled, thermally manager and over engineered. You only use about 10 out of the 16KW in the battery. You can't overcharge it above 80% and the charge won't drop much below 30%. After 8 years or 100,000 miles, you should expect the battery will lose 10-30% of it's capacity. If the average Volt driver gets 40 miles electric range now, in 8 years they should expect a 28 mile range if they lose 30%. Why anyone would replace the battery after 5 or 10 years, makes no sense. If you get 28 mile range after 8 years, that is still double of what a plug-in Prius gets in electric only range. The Volt meets my goal of using the least amount of oil possible. Based on my driving habits, for a car up to $40,000, there is no other car that would use less oil and not have any range anxiety. That is why a Chevy Cruze or Toyota Prius isn't the right car for me, that doesn't help me reach my goal.
13 Oct 2012
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Minecraft Over-Engineering: ***********/playlist?list=PL9A567A818D5F6ED3 My first TNT cannon video: ***********/watch?v=i8YN0kntpr8 Chaos cannons based on Etholab's chaos cannon: ***********/watch?v=GLIwHwNtZgk Long range cannon based on Pakratt13's "Sheryl": ***********/watch?v=LMIRj6Egmxk Screenshot from 15:20 : *******i47.tinypic****/121ddzp.jpg World Download: *******www.mediafire****/?515a6vqj58h6gyv Note: This world will give you your fair share of expected and unexpected explosions. Some of the cannons are not 100% stable and may explode prematurely. Enjoy! Also, I had to allocate 4Gb of RAM to minecraft to use the final cannon :/ Donate: ******* Texture Pack: Faithful 32x32 ******* Mods used in this video: Single Player Commands: ******* Slow Motion: ******* Minema: ******* Music: 'Latin Industries' by Kevin MacLeod. Available at: *******incompetech****/m/c/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=Latin+Industries Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" (Free to use commercially with attribution: *******incompetech****/m/c/royalty-free/licenses/)
15 May 2014
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Megan Fox starring in Transformers 1 & 2 Includes the car + motorbike scene Music: A City On Fire-Fightstar If you liked this then subscribe to ClickPowerTV
5 Sep 2010
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The Mercedes-Benz W201 was the last incarnation of the Mercedes-Benz 190 nameplate. It was a compact executive car 4-door saloon/sedan produced by the Mercedes-Benz division of Daimler-Benz. It was replaced in 1993 by the C-Class. Dubbed "the Baby Benz", the W201-based 190 was the most affordable model in the marque's lineup, being designed to fill the gap in the range below the W123, the equivelent a modern Mercedes E-class. Amongst the items that were a first for Mercedes was the 190's patented 5-link suspension at the rear, used in subsequent E- and C- class models, and developments used today in Mercedes road cars. It had front and rear anti-roll bars, and anti-dive, anti-squat geometry. The 190 was available with airbags, ABS brakes and seatbelt tensioners, and other advanced safety features. £600 million was spent researching and developing this car with Mercedes-Benz acutely aware that a failure of this model could easily bring down the rest of their model range and the entire company's reputation. Mercedes-Benz later said the 190 was 'massively over-engineered'. The W201-based 190 was introduced in November 1982. The UK market was kept waiting up to 12 months longer than mainland Europe in order to stimulate sales. Local 'red tape' in Bremen (which produced commercial vehicles at the time) prevented Daimler-Benz from building the 190 there, so production was started in Sindelfingen at a capacity of just 140,000 units per year. Eventually after just the first year, Bremen was cleared for production of the 190, replacing its commercial vehicle lines, and there the 190 was built with the first running modifications since its release Following the 1980s trend for 16 valve models, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 2.6 model in 1986. This was fitted with a new 2.6 L six-cylinder M103 petrol engine from the new W124 E-Class model range, and produced 160 bhp (119 kW). Being a straight six, it had smoothness lacking from four-cylinder petrol or diesel engines. Although it might look superfluous alongside the similarly powerful 2.3-16 valve, it was intended as a less sporting alternative to the 16 valve models. The late motoring journalist LJK Setright once rated the 190 E 2.6 as one of his favourite cars. Back in the late 1970s, Mercedes competed in rallying with the big V8-powered Coupé's of the R107 Series, mainly the light-weight Mercedes 450 SLC 5.0. Mercedes wished to take the 190 E rallying, and asked British race car engineering company Cosworth to develop an engine with 320 bhp (239 kW) for the rally car. This project was known as project "WAA" by Cosworth". During this time, the Audi Quattro with its all wheel drive and turbocharger was launched and made it apparent that the 2.3-16v would not be competitive.[vague] With a continued desire to compete in high-profile motorsport with the 190, and also now an engine to do it with, Mercedes turned to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) (German Touring Car Championship) motorsport series instead. Cars racing in this championship, however, had to be based on a roadgoing model. Mercedes therefore had to put into series production a 190 fitted with a detuned version of the Cosworth engine. This high performance model was known as the 190 E 2.3-16, and debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 1983, after its reputation had already been established. Three cars, only slightly cosmetically altered, had set three world records in August at Nardo, Italy, recording a combined average speed of 154.06 mph (247.94 km/h) over the 50,000 km endurance test, and establishing twelve international endurance records.
9 May 2010
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Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 47 years, shows why it may not be a smart idea to purchase a mercedes,especially a used one. The high cost of repair combined with insane over engineering often tends to empty your pockets of cash faster than you can fill them back up. And, If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every Saturday morning at 10 AM CST on YouTube. I answer your car questions LIVE there. Just check it out at ************/watch?v=VognjkYaMjg&list=UUuxpxCCevIlF-k-K5YU8XPA&feature=c4-overview . And remember, every TUESDAY I upload a new video, so don't miss them.
1 Jan 2015
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