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Do you think your city is overcrowded and you're sick of it ? you may need to have a look on Cairo ...
8 Feb 2007
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The stairs of the nightclub was brought down by the huge number of people that have arrived at that night. No one anticipated that it can break and has a weight limit to maintain.
16 Mar 2018
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UNICEF Health Specialist Dr. Mireille Tribie discusses UNICEF's strategy for combatting cholera in Haiti.
22 Nov 2010
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UNICEF correspondent Chris Niles reports on a measles vaccination campaign in camps for people displaced by drought and conflict in Mogadishu, Somalia. Videographer: Eva Gilliam.
7 Sep 2011
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Author Dr. Charlotte Laws and attorney Leo Terrell discuss the issues of the day on NBC's "The Filter with Fred Roggin." Hosted by Roggin. Aired May 27, 2011. Topics: early release of prison inmates due to overcrowding, resomation (environmentally friendly alternative to cremation) and is a college degree over-rated?
28 May 2011
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immigrationinspectionreport. c o . u k Providing Immigration property inspection reports in Woking, Surrey and London. Is your house overcrowded? Applying for a spouse visa? Fiance visa or settlement? You will need an immigration inspection report to show your property is not overcrowded and is in adequate condition fit for human habitation. Also known as accommodation report, immigration housing report, property survey immigration, visa home report. Visit us today.
2 Feb 2017
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New York: New York City's Chinatown New York's Chinatown is the biggest outside of China. It's for tourists seeking a New York experience and perfect for Family Travel to New York. This Travel Video PostCard takes you into great Chinese Restaurants and terrific Chinese Food. How about those aphrodisiacs, the stuff that makes your sex life better? Those dried fish and abalone are thought to enhance your sexual experience. But New York's Chinatown has everything. Chinese musicians on the street. Real Chinese Tea Shops, lots of herbs for sale and lots of shopping in New York's Chinatown The Travel Video PostCard shows you the great fruit and fish markets and shops of knickknacks and sweets on famous winding and overcrowded streets. Buy some flowers for your lover. Try the Dim Sum in all the 200 Chinese restaurants. All in New York's Chinatown It's Mott Street. It's New York. It's Chinatown and it's perfect for family travel in New York and adventure travel and cultural travel in New York City. Love Chinese cooking and Chinese food? Want to try it? Buy authentic Chinese food in Chinatown. Spice up your meals and maybe your sex life too. You'll find authentic, traditional Chinese cuisine like Cantonese and Szechuan. It's New York travel. It's Chinatown. It's your Travel Video PostCard
7 Feb 2007
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while the mother was eating the baby Overcrowded
3 Jan 2008
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Originally built to accommodate 400 students, the Manyara School was home to 800 students when Explore visited the site in 2005. There had been no physical maintenance or repair in over two decades, and a team of just 15 teachers was managing the overcrowded classrooms in dilapidated buildings. Despite these conditions, they were producing some of the best students in the country. explore™ (*******explore****) is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others. Distributed by TubeMogul.
2 Jun 2007
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Farming red pixies in the game Rappelz on the American Epic4 test server, Siren. The new Kahuna class has some cool new skills including the overcrowding skills which give you a short boost in power and attack speed at the cost of life and mana. Also, the Seal of Abyss skill allows you to stun your enemies for 10 seconds!
23 Jun 2007
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Simple trick using 3 household items can be used to pack a suitcase with more clothes, save space in an overcrowded linen closet, and keep materials clean.
22 Aug 2007
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David S. Frey, D.D.S. is a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist who has improved many of his patients smiles with porcelain veneers. To enhance your smile is not just for actors and actresses anymore, it is for everybody, Dr. Frey explains. Often referred to as instant orthodontics, porcelain veneers can create a stunning smile without braces or whitening. This procedure can reshape, straighten, close gaps, correct overcrowding, and much more in as little as four hours! Amy is one of Dr. Freys clients who obtained a beautiful smile with the use of porcelain veneers. If her results are similar to those which you are seeking, visit Dr. Freys Web site for more information!
27 Aug 2007
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Utilizing the latest dental techniques, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist David S. Frey, D.D.S. can help improve your smile! Stephanie is a former patient of Dr. Frey who required dental work to correct her cross bite and overcrowded teeth. With the utmost care and skill, Dr. Frey was able to give Stephanie a stunning set of teeth! Using porcelain veneers, her teeth were transformed from crooked and crowded to straight and beautiful. As a result of her new, natural-looking smile, her confidence increased. Stephanie explained, I can draw more attention to my mouth without feeling reserved about it. If you would like to receive impressive results, similar to those of Stephanie, visit the Web site of Dr. Frey for more information about porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry.
27 Aug 2007
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from vezoom****---------Nicole Richie is now out of jail after serving less than 2 hours there. The Sheriff's department says she checked in yesterday to serve her 4 day sentence, but was released due to overcrowding. Richie, who's also about 4 months pregnant, was apparently treated the same as any other inmate in her situation --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
30 Aug 2007
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As a child, Mayom Mabuoung was a soldier in Southern Sudan. Like many other children, Mayom’s transition to civilian life in southern Sudan was not easy. Mayom was like thousands of child soldiers who were demobilized after the peace agreement in 2005. They came to communities like Rumbek, whose overcrowded schools were in such poor condition rain leaked onto students, teachers and the books. But that is changing. UNICEF made it possible to build permanent structures at Deng Nhial. The construction project is part of the ‘Go to School’ initiative, the Government of Southern Sudan’s campaign to rebuild the education system and return 1.6 million children to the classroom by the end of 2007. Today, at 24, Mayom Mabuong is a teacher at Deng Nhial School. To him, the new school represents more than a physical structure; it is a child-friendly, safe haven where child soldiers can become citizens.
10 Apr 2008
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www.PerfectWhiteSmile**** Jon always said, "I'm a lead with your face kinda guy". Heavily into sports and clumsy all his life he sought out the help of renowned Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Frey. He can't be happier with the results and compliments that he gets daily. Dr. David S. Frey uses advanced cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry techniques and the most modern dental equipment to give any patient the perfect smile. His distinguished reputation is heightened by his precision in improving teeth in as little as a few hours. Dr. Frey has established a reputation for results in cosmetic dentistry providing patient’s with permanent, beautiful and whiter teeth that look and feel natural. Even teeth that have large gaps or that are overcrowded can be straightened by instant orthodontics, a modern procedure that can align teeth without braces.
9 Apr 2009
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