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: Make your own machinima at WeGame****. ROFLMAO! Be sure to check out my other movies on YouTube. I just opened a new Oxhorn Brand store, complete with shirts, mugs, posters, pillows, coasters and more. Check it out here: my website here: my MySpace here: can download this song as a ring tone for your cell phone by following these links: ROFLMAO! Ring Tone 01 Ring Tone 02 to crystallgonzalez.
28 Oct 2008
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some of the funniest cat pictures. The first song is ROLFMAO by Oxhorn. Second song is the kitty cat dance. The third kitten is angry. Sorry about the bad sound quality.
7 Feb 2009
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----CHAPTERS---- 0:00-1:34- The Introduction 1:34-10:56- A Phallusy's Lore Lecture: Part 1 10:56-23:48- Exposing Oxhorn's History and Shilling 23:48-26:21- Steam Comparisons 26:22-33:53- A Phallusy's Lore Lecture:Part 2 33:53-49:16- The Reason Why Bugthesda Is Such a Terrible Company 49:16-51:05- Oxhorn Is a Supporter Of Shill Club 51:05-52:08- A Different Company's Approach Towards Video Games 52:08-1:11:00- Why Bugthesda Is a Terrible Developer 1:11:00-1:37:48- Calling On All The Sweet Little Lies 1:37:48-1:40:32- The Bugthestards 1:40:32- The End?
5 Dec 2018
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This was my entry for the Axe/Xfire Machinima contest. I had to make a film based upon their "Game Killers" theme, and it had to do with dating. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of seeing commercials and movies about horny men trying to come up with idiotic lines to pick up women (and visa versa) and so I decided to make my movie a little differently, though I did remain within the confines of the theme. I didn't win anything. Here it is anyway, in all its glory. Enjoy!
30 Aug 2006
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: Make your own machinima at WeGame****. Awesome Video! ROFLMAO!
10 Jun 2009
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4 Sep 2009
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Sign up *******www.treasuretrooper****/extracash Copy the exact link above to sign up. Don't forget to my blog ******* for more
29 Jan 2010
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This the story of Thurug, a hard working peon that came to Orgrimmar and got rich. Don`t be to harsh this one of my first machinima. Enjoy rate and comment. Special thanks to my great voice actor Andrew Armstrong!
29 Apr 2011
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I just opened a new Oxhorn Brand store, complete with shirts, mugs, posters, pillows, coasters and more. Check it out here
12 Apr 2009
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17 Aug 2010
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