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sotto o sole by Pino Daniele.
25 Oct 2017
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A new video series in which we build custom pedals for our favorite rock guitarists
24 Oct 2017
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Our newest DVD features some of the most famous steps from the "soft-shoe" style, danced to a swinging big-band soundtrack. Characterized by a laid-back style and leisurely tempos, Soft-Shoe was originally danced with "soft-soled" shoes. Nowadays, Soft-Shoe is often
24 Oct 2017
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These siblings show that how easy it is to fool the face ID feature of iPhone X ,if you solely depend on this then a colossal disaster is waiting.
4 Nov 2017
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Co-written and produced alongside Gary White Gary White (BAFTA Nominated), ‘Candle’ is an uplifting spark of musical joy, written with the sole intention of bringing a ray of rapture into these dismal winter days. A biographical snapshot from Rachelle’s life, ‘Candle’ casts happy images of feeling content and comfortable with someone that’s special to you – that one person who lights up even your darkest of days. Given that the song is so personal to Rachelle, she chose to shoot the video in her favourite place on earth, her home town of Loch Lomond.  This is the perfect location, as the stunning scenery and beauty of the Loch bring the story of ‘Candle’ into full perspective. Filmed and edited by Arran Christie Dawson, the video stars a special appearance from Rachelle’s greatest loves - her dogs Millie and Jess!
15 Nov 2017
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Nothing is more important than the climate in your home. A stone stove creates an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere. With its radiant heat, the stove primarily warms objects and bodies in the room, rather than the air around them. The stove also 'breathes'. The stove emits accumulated moisture during heat-up and reabsorbs it during cool down, maintaining ideal humidity levels in your home. Furnace Art Engineering creates authentic stone, wood-burning heating stoves. Over the past 25 years, our company's engineers have been implementing stove projects in Russia and abroad. Our heating stoves are exceptional for their efficiency, healing heat, silent operation mode and safety levels. In a brick stove, an armful of firewood burns within about 2 hours and the heat is stored in a large stone mass weighing 4 tonnes or more. The wood burns quickly and cleanly without creating soot and tar. The stove surface will stay warm at around sixty degrees celsius making it safe for children and pets. When it is cold outside, it is sufficient to heat the stove daily for about 1 hour. If your home is heated solely by a wood-burning stove, one truck load of logs should last for three years. One kilowatt of heat generated by wood is 10 times cheaper than electricity. A wood-burning stove completely pays for itself within 5 years. The smoke channels inside the stove are designed to ensure almost total combustion of stove gases, which explains why the stove produces so little smoke. Furnace Art Engineering is primarily an engineering company. When we design a stove, we first calculate your home's consistent heat loss. Once we have ascertained your comfort temperature and seasonal temperature changes, we work out your stove's heat output capacity. Our stove design has the unique ability to ventilate the home. Fresh air from outside enters the stove where it is heated and emitted into the upper part of the room.
18 Nov 2017
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Sole, our beauty queen. This video intends to show the reasons for which she was a runner-up at the last "Miss Peru Mundo" awards and how unfair the jury was for not choosing her as the winner.
7 Nov 2008
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A Young Italian Singer Sings "Caruso", and "O Sole Mio" - Live. www.Rome.koral***.il
11 Aug 2008
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www.Rome.koral***.il A Young Italian Singer Sings "Caruso", and "O Sole Mio" - Live.
27 Jul 2008
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Carol Scott presents the Grand Opening of the Chocolate Sole Lounge
7 Aug 2008
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Dario Moreno sings O Sole Mio.
7 Sep 2008
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*******www.invest-money-stocks**** Find out about the pros and cons of setting up a sole proprietorship in this free video from the Invest Money Stocks website.
19 Aug 2008
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Iperviaggi Villaggio Vacanze Albergo Del Sole - 0982583144
14 Nov 2008
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sole d'azzurro
21 Nov 2008
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Sole cleaning machine Shoe's bottom polishing machine
5 Feb 2009
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Sole Cleaning Machine
17 Sep 2009
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