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*******www.airsplat****/Items/GP-PS-28507-226.htm *******www.airsplat****/Items/GP-PS-28508-229.htm Jake and Kristen review the SoftAir P226 & P229. These are OEM KJW airsoft pistols, but feature full Sig Sauer trademarks! Great sidearm and perfect for Airsoft CQB use. Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols are the most mechanically accurate replicas of firearms for training and milsim. **All Airsoft Guns Require Orange Tips**
4 Nov 2010
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Top 10 Pistol Airsoft Guns with The Best Excellent Customer Reviews Top 10 Pistol Airsoft Guns for 2011 with The Best Excellent Customer Reviews 1. Beretta XX-Treme ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000BWAZNE/cafedeal-20 2. WE Full Metal M9 Gas Blow Back Gun (Silver) BB -- WE-054 ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0035CUOT2/cafedeal-20 3. Colt SoftAir 1911 Gas Powered Pistol, Black/Brown ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B002DHHK88/cafedeal-20 4. Full Metal Airsoft Pistol Mauser C96 Style Full Scale 1/1 P712 ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00379WT9Q/cafedeal-20 5. UTG Airsoft UHC 1911 Pistol ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0009SS01Y/cafedeal-20 6. Taurus SoftAir PT92 "Premium" Gas Powered Pistol, Black ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B002CJ73FC/cafedeal-20 7. Palco Sports Sig Sauer P226 X-Five Tactical 4.5mm Full Metal CO2 Blowback Airgun Pistol ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B003M6PZAO/cafedeal-20 8. Taurus SoftAir PT24/7 Spring Powered Pistol, Black ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000YIDE1K/cafedeal-20 9. Beretta SoftAir 92 FS Spring Powered Pistol, Black ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000RFAHOC/cafedeal-20 10. Crosman Stinger P9. AirSoft Pistol with a Holster and BBs ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/B003XDYVP6/cafedeal-20
22 Mar 2012
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P226 vs. Baseball bat
29 Apr 2009
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At the shooting range firing a Sig Sauer P226. First time firing a gun for me.
6 Sep 2009
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This is a video on how to maintain your Sig P226 magazines. The same process will work for any pistol magazine with a removable base plate. I also explain loading and unloading the magazines and the pistol as well.
6 Sep 2009
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Firing the Sig Sauer P226 9mm Pistol
2 Oct 2009
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We take a look at the 9mm Sig P226 along with the the Sig .22lr conversion slide and Crimson Trace laser grips Pistol Buyers Guide *******pistolbuyersguide**** Another video review by: *******www.GunWebsites**** Read our Gun Websites Blog; *******gunwebsites.blogspot**** Chat with us at GunChat**** *******www.gunchat****/chat Gun Websites on Facebook; *******www.facebook****/pages/Gun-Websites/72833034237 Gun Websites on Twitter: *******twitter****/GunWebsites
19 Oct 2009
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Sig Sauer P226 9mm Dry Fire Practice w/ Snap Caps. Learning about Dry Firing the Sig Sauer P226 to get used to handling the pistol, my grip, siting the target, and getting used to the double action trigger pull. Learned some safety tips about how to dry fire and be safe about doing this. Sig Sauer recommends that you use Snap Caps when dry firing. Hopefully this practice will improve th * Thanks for your Support. Please "Subscribe" to my channel. "Guns and Motorcycles" what could be better?! e quality of my shooting while at the range.
12 Nov 2009
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Part 1 of 5 of Nutnfancy's Tabletop Review and Philosophy of Use with the Sig P226 pistol: An outstanding pistol design, the Sig P226 is truly an amazing and well-proven gun. It stacks up quite well against Nutnfancy's standard of 9mm pistol measure, the also-excellent Glock 17. Though accepted reluctantly by the American civilian shooter it became an embraced and beloved handgun as it was proven in the hands of the Navy SEALs and with hundreds of law enforcement agencies. That is because, indeed, it is a world class design offering complete reliability, amazing accuracy, toughness, excellent firepower, outstanding ergonomics, and a superb trigger. Many liken the Sig P226 to a Swiss Watch and thats a fair comparison; it is a mechanically efficient and beautiful design. But how does it stack against the Glock 17? Truth be told (and it is here), the Glock holds edges in absolute durability, weight (big advantage at 8 oz), simplicity of operation and parts, firepower, and price but in some cases the advantage is slight. However Nutnfancy maintains both are near equals in terms of reliability, accuracy, ergonomics (very subjective for everyone), and track record. But the Sig for many holds an endearing attraction that is hard to define and quantify. You have to shoot and hold one to understand it. It inspires confidencethat most critical attribute needed for effective combat handgunnery. And for many, that confidence is the tie breaker that makes the Sig their preferred choice in defensive/offensive handguns. It is often called the worlds best pistol. Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10
12 Mar 2012
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Showing and shooting the Sig P226 Navy, a modern classic. This is pretty much the same pistol the Navy SEAL teams carry.
13 May 2013
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The Dept. of Energy (DOE) manages our nation's nuclear weapons program and armed security is vital to protecting these weapons and nuclear material. The Navy SEALS, the Texas Rangers and many federal officers use the Sig P226 for a very good reason. Accuracy and reliability.
6 Jul 2013
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A look at these two fine pistols side by side. This was a very enjoyable video to make, as these are two great pistols that are a joy to shoot. As you can see by the dates on the targets, we did this video a few weeks ago when I had the Sig P226 in hand. See Ebay links below for the two paper targets I shot in this video: Beretta Target on Ebay: *******www.ebay****/itm/290794652057?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Sig P226 Target on Ebay: *******www.ebay****/itm/290794653334?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
29 Sep 2013
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Draw and fire practice using the Sig Sauer Mosquito. The pistol is a 90% sized .22 rimfire version of the Sig P226/P220 pistols, and almost an exact size duplicate of the P229 double stack compact 9mm.
6 Sep 2009
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Paolita en sus primeros tiros, aqui en la ATO con mi Sig Sauer P226 9mm, observen el gran contol sobre el arma con cada disparo, muy buena postura, control sobre su respiracion, brazos extendidos correctamente, correcto posicionamiento del dedo en el disparador y siempre observando todo el protocolo de seguridad con armas de fuego. En este caso la pistola tuvo una falla de alimentacion, provocada por el resorte recuperador fatigado.
6 Sep 2009
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Questions, comments, or concerns? Leave a reply, send me a message, or e-mail me at: soviet21live**** For the lazy person: nexonconfigmanagergmx**** Mod:Acct.Connect::Config.Manager.RMB Mod.Acct$ "Your Nexon Passport ID" AcctPass$ "Your Nexon Passport Password" AcctMail$ "Your e-mail address" ConnectIP::99.243.322.543.33.1 RouterIP::99.243.322.582.78.1 Run_configmanager Mod.Slot1 "weaponcode" Mod.Slot2 "weaponcode" Mod.Slot3 "weaponcode" Mod.Slot4 "weaponcode" Mod.Slot5 "weaponcode" Weapon Codes SR - Sniper Rifle ___________________________ L96A1-SR001 L96A1 GILLIE - SR002 M14 [BR] - SR003 M24 -SR004 M24 WOODLAND-SR005 MSG-90 - SR006 SR25 - SR007 ST25 Sandfire SR008 AR- Assault Rifle ___________________________ AK-103 AR0001 AK-47 AR0002 AK-74U AROOO3 AUG A1 AR0004 G36E AR0005 K2 AR0006 M16A3 AR0007 M4A1 AROOO8 M4A1 CQBR AROOO9 MK16 SCAR-L AROO10 SCAR-L BLACK AROO11 SMG - Sub Machine Gun ___________________________ K1A SMG001 K7 SMG002 MAC-10 SMG003 MP5 RAS SMG004 MP5A4 SMG005 UMP SMG006 UZI SMG007 PIS - Pistol ___________________________ Anaconda Black PIS001 G23 PIS002 G23 SE PIS003 K5 PIS004 M19911 MEU PIS005 M9 PIS006 M92F SE PIS007 M9FS PIS008 P226 PIS009 USP PIS010 USP Tactical PIS011 SGUN - Shotgun ___________________________ M590 CBQ SGUN01 M590 Military SGUN02 R870 SGUN03 SPAS-12 SGUN04 SPAS-12 Stock SGUN05 MG - Machine GUN ___________________________ K3 MG001 K3 SPW MG002 M60 MG003 MINIMI MG004 MK.48 MG005 SUPP - Support/Grenades ___________________________ G7A Gas SUPP01 HB sensor SUPP02 LAW SUPP03 M16A1 AP Mine SUPP04 M18 Smoke SUPP05 M-23 Incedniary SUPP06 M67 Frag SUPP07 SA-18 SUPP08 XM84 Flash SUPP09 MLEE- Melee ___________________________ M11 Tactical MLEE01 Machette MLEE02 Ninjato MLEE03
12 Oct 2009
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I went wargaming this weekend. I was planning on filming some of it, but I ended up only being able to do a pistol game we did at the end of the day. My friend Allen is filming and You can see me with my KSC P226. Song is "Hot Action Cop" from the SWAT soundtrack
9 Jul 2012
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