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Even the sharks can enjoy this
5 Apr 2006
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See exclusive RARE footage of the Concorde in action departing Kai Tak. Many airlines in this production are now classics due to the gradual rollover to more modern fleets. Watch Cathay Pacific and Dragonair Tristars, classic 747s of Thai Airways, Cambodian 737s, Air Hong Kong, Federal Express's only fully painted 747, a rare visit by China Xinhua, and many MD11s. As a nice addition there is a military representation by aircraft such as RAF and USAF P3 Orions and a visit aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. If you love the history of Kai Tak, you'll love this production! If you like this video trailer you can buy full version of this production at www.airutopia****
20 Dec 2006
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The 9.6 oz Ruger LCP is another excellent choice as both an officer's backup gun or a civilian's primary carry gun. As stated in the review video, a 24/7 carry system generally has to be comfortable for its user to employ high percentage carry. And the LCP is indeed comfortable in carry. It is a close copy of the Kel-Tec P3-AT but does incorporate a couple of notable improvements: a memory groove above the magazine release, a convex shaped manual slide lock (should be function as last shot hold open as well!), a recessed mag release button, more precise molding on frame (glass-filled nylon), excellent build quality, and a slightly smoother trigger. For these reasons I do slightly prefer the Ruger LCP over the Kel-Tec P3-AT (with more competitors on the way) since their cost is similar. But the LCP also shares several of the design limitations inherent in these sub-compact polymer pistols: like low contrast milled-in sights, stiff DAO trigger, and mag release that can be easily actuated with the thumb. The sights are unimpressive and provide little precision. But with proper trigger control, the Ruger LCP with its 2.75 barrel is capable of impressive accuracy for its category. Expect to spend some time mastering this trigger and learning to maintain sight picture throughout the pull (rec. dry fire practice with snap caps for this). Rapid firing benchrest groups with the LCP (or any tiny pistol) is pretty much impossible but rounds can easily be kept into a plate sized area with practice. Field stripping, like the P3-AT, is relatively easy and reliability was excellent on this LCP with NO stoppages experienced. However some firing of your defensive load choice should be performed to ensure function. As noted in the table top review, Ruger has instituted a recall for early Ruger LCPs due to reports of ADs when dropped on hard surfaces (no details provided by Ruger). Factory upgrades to these models include a new hammer mechanism, heavier firing pin spring, and a titanium firing pin and these upgraded pistols can be identified by a diamond stamping in the portion below the hammer (pistols with the 370- serial number prefix need modification, 371- and subsequent models do not). I applaud Ruger for the recall and it does not affect my very favorable impression of the model. A nice Ruger soft case and lock (unneeded) are included with the LCP. Downsides of the LCP are few but might include non-functioning checkering on the grip, fewer factory accessories (vs Kel-Tec), and the mag release can still be accidentally actuated during firing (I think all these small pistols should have a heal mounted mag catch). But that's about it. Overall it's an impressive little gun that sets a new standard for super compact pistols that can comfortably and reliably serve as part of your personal defense systems. /////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 9 of 10
2 Feb 2010
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Acer Aspire P3
23 May 2013
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Awan Dania Siri 2 *******www.videokl**** Episode 1 Awan Dania 2 kembali! Kali ini, Dania bertukar tempat kerja kerana menghormati persahabatannya dengan Hana. Di tempat baru, dia dikelilingi rakan yang baru juga, di samping berdepan kerenah seorang jejaka kaya, Benjy, yang menagih cintanya.
29 Sep 2009
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L'information sur Samsung's dernier lecteur MP3, le YP-P3
4 Feb 2009
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5 Nov 2011
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Nice 360 degree spins
5 Apr 2006
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29 Jul 2008
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12 Oct 2010
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Entertaining your eyes and ear!!
12 Mar 2009
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"Enjoy" sur le YP-P3
4 Feb 2009
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What they didn't show in Office Space - Awsome Explosion done with mortar shells. Computer was an old P3 - Ashes to Ashes
31 Oct 2007
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shop online China wholesale Mobile cell phones Available - WWW.YOKAMI.COM Banoo Main teri Dulhan 5th March 2008 P3
6 Mar 2008
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P8 Posiedon Replaces P3 Orion.
29 Jul 2008
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Aeronave completa by HANGAR FS Team com P3AM-BR FAB7200 já com as novas cores utilizadas pela FAB definidas para aeronave que irá substituir os P-95 Bandeirulha na função de patrulha Maritima. Quando a FAB retomou o projeto, os novos requisitos sofreram modificações. A escolha acabou recaindo sobre o veterano P-3 Orion, derivado do famoso avião civil Lockheed Electra II. O P-3 é uma excelente aeronave de combate ASW, vigilância e patrulha marítima. Porém, é uma aeronave que já está no final de sua carreira nos diversos países em que é operado. Além disso, a versão recebida pela FAB está entre os Orion mais antigos do mundo em operação.O P-3 é um avião multimissão com capacidade para operar quaisquer missões de Patrulha e em outras de interesse específico da Força Aérea, porem mesmo assim a FAB já encomendou um estudo para o desenvolvimento de uma nova aeronave patrulha que substituirá a frota de P3 no prazo de 15 anos. 6 países operam hoje cerca de 420 aeronaves P-3 em missões de patrulha marítima. O P-3 tem autonomia para operar até 16 horas em vôos a baixa altitude e transportar, além da tripulação, cerca de 10 toneladas de armamentos, o equivalente a duas aeronaves Bandeirante de Patrulha, usadas hoje pela FAB. Recentemente FAB comprou dos EUA um lote de mísseis anti-navio Boeing AGM-84 Harpoon, como forma de equipar a sua futura frota de aeronaves de patrulha Lockheed P-3AM Orion, cujo primeiros exemplares modernizados devem ser entregues no final deste ano para a FAB, para serem operados pelo 1°/7° GAv Esquadrão Orungan, sediado na Base Aérea de Salvador.
2 Apr 2009
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