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What Do Pacemakers Do?
31 Jan 2008
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No threat to pacemakers from iPods, Use smaller plates and loose weight, Apollo Hospital to provide healthcare at Delhi airport, The Crystal touch to your ailments
31 Mar 2008
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A live performance with Pacemaker, performed on Beatport's stage at Hotel National, Miami, March 29th 2008.
7 Apr 2008
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A couple of friends came by to visit us at Miami WMC 2008. Pacemaker Tonium Guetta Swedish House Mafia Ingrosso Angello Axwell Thoneick Deadmau5 Ferrer Laidback Luke Engberg Yousef
7 Apr 2008
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A trailer to the Pacemaker instruction film series "Pacemaker -- the pocket-size DJ system", featuring exclusive music by Teddybears ('Cardiac Arrest') and Illuminum ('Gone'). Film production and animation by Kristofer Ström / Ljudbilden&Piloten.
10 Dec 2009
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Happy feet hopping to Ida Engberg's live Pacemaker gig at Miami WMC 2008 (Music: VDB 'Power Ballard').
30 Apr 2008
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Dr Champion, a nationally-recognized expert in the field of bariatric surgery, explains how the gastric pacemaker can be a less-invasive solution for morbidly obese patients who are contemplating the more intensive gastric bypass surgery.
10 Jun 2008
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Andy Walker demonstrates how the Pacemaker works. For more information check out .
9 Jan 2009
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Watch a woman discuss if her pacemaker stabilized her rhythm/electrical impulses to her heart muscle. Get free facts/info on heart arrhythmia, Afib, surgery & recovery at EmpowHer, Women's Health Online.
20 Feb 2009
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THE ULTIMATE MUSIC MACHINE Pacemaker is a portable music player and mixer with all the features you need to deejay anywhere, anytime. Instead of simply listening to your music you can now completely interact with it and the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. With all the functionality of a professional DJ set-up Pacemaker is the first product in the world that truly brings DJing to the masses and right into the hands of the next DJ generation. TRACKLIST 0:00 - 0:25 Piggy Bank Robbers - Fashion 0:25 - 0:45 Yeah! Woho! - Punk 0:28 - 0:35 Sandro Monte - Era 0:35 - 0:59 Marcus Rombo - Bringing (Original Mix) 0:50 - 1:15 Sandro Monte - Era 0:59 - 1:22 Adrian Lux feat. Name The Pet - Club Kid (Club Edit) 1:15 - 1:50 Marcus Rombo - Bringing (Original Mix)
2 Apr 2009
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Jason show you the basics of the cool new Portable DJ device from Tonium. It's called the Pacemaker and this things is fun as hell to use. It basically gives you all the functionality of a 2 turntables and a mix in a device the size of an iPod.
21 Jun 2009
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In an innovative program at Nationwide Children's Hospital, surgeons are beginning to implant pacemakers in kids - not to help with their hearts but their stomachs.
1 Aug 2009
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Pacemaker's new touchscreen technology
11 Aug 2009
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St.Jude Medical - 50th Anniversary of Pacemaker
18 Nov 2009
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A quick video on using the library on the Pacemaker with the CDJ900
10 Apr 2010
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Hi, I am Raymond from Nigeria and I came to India for my mother’s cardiac Pacemaker implant surgery in Ahmadabad. My mother was suffering from arrhythmias. My doctor referred me to Forerunners Healthcare consultants. It’s the best medical services consultant in India offering service at low cost. My mother was treated at a good cardiac hospital. Forerunners Healthcare consultants made all the arrangement for us, from consulting a cardiac surgeon till the treatment was done. After undergoing many tests the doctor conformed that my mother needs to get a cardiac failure device implant. Then I agreed for Pacemaker implant. Post Pacemaker implant surgery my mother was there in the hospitals for 2 days in another room. They took care of my mom in a holistic manner and she was ready to go home after that. I really appreciate Forerunners Healthcare consultants for providing us such a nice service away from our home country. And now my mother’s life has changed a lot. She is living a normal life as before without any complication. The Cardiac Hospital was equipped with all the modern amenities and latest technical gadgets for successful treatment. Cardiac surgeons who performed Pacemaker implant surgery were highly experienced and renowned. For further information contact at, or mail your queries at or call us at: +91-9371136499, +91- 9860755000 (International) / + 1-415-599-2537 (USA) / +44-20-8133-2571 (UK) Thank You! Raymond, Nigeria
18 Jul 2010
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