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4 Sep 2013
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Simon, this is the way we do it in Houston Texas; puro Pachuco style. No Slabs, Big Rims, and no gay as elbows that stick out. Fuck Slabs, Hot Rods and those Fast and Furios gay cars.
6 Jul 2012
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******* Gana Dinero creando una organizacion de consumidores de tiempo aire de prepago de todas las compañías telefonicas de México.
17 Jun 2011
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18 street gang. prison meeting in CHALATE PRISON EL SALVADOR. 18ST histoy:The Largest Gang In The Nation Walk side by side with 18 st, the deadliest gang in California, and one of it's most notorious cliques who've been actively embroiled in bloody wars with both CRIP & BLOOD sets in one of LA's most violent neighborhoods. The Eighteenth Street gang is comprised mostly of Chicano and Mexican gang members. It is estimated that it is the largest gang in the United States with over 25,000 members in Los Angeles County alone. The Eighteenth Street gang has its origins in a Los Angeles gang known as the Clanton Street Gang (named after the street around which the gang was centered). In the 1940's, Clanton Street (the street name) was changed to 14th Place due to the high number of Zuit Suit Pachucos 'hanging-out'. The Clanton gang was active in Los Angeles for decades and was comprised of several generations of well-established Mexican-Americans, i.e. they were not recent immigrants; More recent Mexican immigrants and Chicanos wanted to join Clanton but were rejected. From these rejects the Eighteenth Street gang was born. It has since grown to be U.S.A's largest street gang, with membership in the thousands at the start of the gang. While the majority of the gang's activities occur in Los Angeles, the gang is active throughout the United States and in other countries. Currently it is known to exist in Europe, Canada, Peru, Australia, and several Asian Countries. Members of the gang frequently tattoo "18" or "XV3" on their bodies and, sometimes, all over their body. The gang is divided into 6 subsets or 'sides': North, East, South, West,Central Side and South Central Los Angeles. In addition i'd like to add my own insight and observations to this gangs history. Many so-called gang experts out of ignorance and lack of street knowlege would have you believe that 18 st comprises of a collection of small gangs that some how are allies, establishing one mega gang. This is could not be further from the truth. In actuallity 18 st. is so huge that it's members are divided into cliques and the cliques are then sub-divided by hang out locations after which each sud-divided clique is then recoignized by 1 of their 6 Sides/Regions WS, SS, ES, NS, SC, CS,. In conclusion M18 in Central America is also part of the 18 st organization as an equal and same entity and not separate gang. The word Mara was introduced, due to Central Americans lack of proper pronunciation of the word street. Original definition for Mara is people (Example: Raza) but now loosely translates to gang as well.AND DON'T YOU EVER GET NEAR IF YOU DON'T BANG FOR SHIT.cause every 18streeter will put you to sleep,Shout outs to the homies from seven and Broadway St Gangsters.Shatto Parkeros.Magnolia Lokos,Rancho Park LIL LOKOS,Smiley Drive,106,Tws,Pwws,Gvls,Ggs,Pico Gangsters,7S Gangsters,and more deadliest cliques from the NOTORIOUS 18ST GANG F*CK THE REST
3 May 2009
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Dat intelligence was quite something.. Well that was 2 months of my life wasted on a video starring two silly spies and an extremely stupid heavy. I tried render the video 2 times to get rid of some Frap errors but it didn't really work. Music Used: Super Mario 64 Music - Cave Dungeon Troll - Project Dream Nutty Acres (Challenge) - Banjo-Kazooie - Nuts and Bolts Battle Room - Mario Party 3 Crocodile Cacophony - Donkey Kong Contry 2 Deku Toad - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Half-Life - Black Mesa Inbound Chemical Plant Zone (Classic) - Sonic Generations Detective Mario - Paper Mario Goomba Village - Paper Mario Terraria Soundtrack - Underground Royal Crown Revue - Hey Pachuco Creepy Castle - Inside the Trash Can Horlepiep - Spongebob Squarepants Production Music Drunk as I Like - Touhou Hisoutensoku Nutty Acres - Banjo-Kazooie - Nuts and Bolts Final Boss - Sonic 3 In Motion - The Social Network Soundtrack OST Lester the Unlikely - Washed Up on the Beach Super Smash Bros - Credits The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom- Savory Salutations Special Thanks to: Fleskhjerta and Olurhap for some sounds and music.
17 Jul 2013
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mujer acepta el reto de el pachuco
5 Jul 2011
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Video Somos Pacifico hip-hop rap r&b pop world music alternative folk electronic soul blues jazzGospel Soul Funk Jazz Blues Jersey Long Island Columbian Chocquibtown sidestepper salsa rock Talib Nas Jay Z Biggie Notorious Big L Tupac 2Pac Amel Blige Joss Stone Alicia Keys Norah MC Foxy Brown Lauryn Hill Badu Kanye Common Kelly Aaliyah Game Salsa Boogaloo R&B Aaliyah NYC Cali Deuschland German Cumbia Villera Caribbean dutty wine Jamaican dancehall ragga reggaeton Currulao Latina Hip Hop HipHop Rap samba tango sonora sonidera acordeonero norteno duranguense Banda Espana Culcha Candela Side Stepper Colombiana Casino Cubana Boricua Rican Mexicana Bugalu Calena Shakira Beyonce Tropical diwali charanga pachanga hispanic rhythm dance dancing cabaret rueda brasileira JLO Lopez brazilian mayan merengue daddy omar tego celso guasca paisa Mana Africana sexy afro chicano Tupac NWA Kanye Jadakiss New York Mos Def 2Pac Game Cent Rakim LL Michael Cholo Pachuco eastsidaz Jackson Harlem Brooklyn Queens Nelly Snoop Dre Wutang Gang Starr Hi Tek Big L Immortal Ciara Joropo flamenco Punta ecuatoriana DMC Beastie Eminem Mafia Nubian Akon Bone Thugs Ludacris Lavoe Fania Yayo Barreto drumming chicas Yolanda Adams Aventura Wisin Looney Tunes Vallenato neo Timbaland Pharoahe Monch Fat Joe Lil Wayne Chamillionaire SWIZZ BEATZ goyo tostao slow pereira, choco buenaventura prieto raza cuba anabel javeriana universidad calle francia oxmo puccino
19 Dec 2010
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Fruko y sus Tesos (pachuco)
19 May 2011
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Here is the video of a song form one of my favorite movies ever... "Hey Pachuco", of "Royal Crown Revue". from the Soundtrack of "The Mask" starring Jim Carrey. The lirics are below! ...................................................................................................................................................................................... Aqui esta el video de una cancion de una de mis peliculas favoritas... "Hey Pachuco" de "Royal Crown Revue" del soundtrack de la pelicula "La mascara" estelarizada por Jim Carrey. La letras esta abajo! Lyrics: Summer '43 the man's gunnin' for me Blue and white mean war tonight They say damn my pride and all The other cats livin' down the east side Or maybe just my brim's too wide Hey Marie you better grab my jack And zip gun for me 'Cause I'll face no shame Tonight's the night I die for our name Well I like to be swingin Dancin and singing Just having a good time Free to do whatever Now more than ever Ive got to stick with that gang of mine
14 May 2011
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Cruisin' Oldies (one of my fav)
18 Nov 2009
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Para reír, y reír de buena gana, Don Francisco Presenta dedica su show al mundo del humor con Irán Lovera, Rubén Cerda, Luís Alcaraz, Gonzo Show y muchos más. Ver más videos de Don Francisco Presenta en ***********/show?p=sVJLvcSIKpI
26 Nov 2012
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Cruisin' Oldies Get your '52 chevy and a zoot suit and go cruise with your hyna on the boulevard. =Cd. Juarez~El Chuco=
15 Nov 2011
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Diez Años De Rock en tu idioma 1 D1 01 La Celula Que Explota (Caifanes) 02 Es Tan Facil Romper Un Corazon (Miguel Mateos) 03 Kumbala (Maldita Vecindad) 04 A Cara O Cruz (Radio Futura) 05 El Microbito (Fobia) 06 Viento Loco (Git) 07 Mama (Los Amantes De Lola) 08 Bailando En Las Veredas (Raul Porchetto) 09 Matenme Porque Me Muero (Caifanes) 10 años de rock en tu idioma 10 Mi Aguita Amarilla (Los Toreros Muertos) 11 Juegos De Amor (Neon) 12 La Negra Flor (Radio Futura) 13 Camila (Fobia) 14 Quiero Una Novia Pechugona (La Trinca) 15 Maria Rosario (Los Amantes De Lola) Diez Años De Rock en tu idioma 1 D2 01 Cuando Seas Grande (Miguel Mateos) 02 La Negra Tomasa (Caifanes) 03 Es Por Amor (Git) 04 Pachuco (Maldita Vecindad) 05 Veneno En La Piel (Radio Futura) 06 El Diablo (Fobia) 07 Tratame Suavemente (Los Encargados) 08 Beber De Tu Sangre (Los Amantes De Lola) 09 Atado A Un Sentimiento (Miguel Mateos) 10 años de rock en tu idioma 10 Viento (Caifanes) 11 Yo No Me Llamo Javier (Los Toreros Muertos) 12 Morenaza (Maldita Vecindad) 13 Escuela De Calor (Radio Futura) 14 No Hay Nada Eterno (Neon) 15 Encuentro En El Rio Musical (Virus) Diez Años De Rock en tu idioma 2 D1 01 Persiana Americana (Soda Stereo) 02 Ni Tu Ni Nadie (Alaska Y Dinarama) 03 Devuelveme A Mi Chica (Hombres G) 04 Si Yo Fuera Mujer (Patxi Andion) 05 Perdi Mi Ojo De Venado (Caifanes) 06 Sin Aliento (Danza Invisile) 07 El Cumpleaños (Fobia) 08 Bienvenidos (Miguel Rios) 09 En Algun Lugar (Duncan Dhu) 10 años de rock en tu idioma 10 Llamame Si Me Necesitas (Miguel Mateos) 11 Mojado (Maldita Vecindad) 12 Voy A Buscar (Bon Y Los Enemigos Del Silencio) 13 Don Juan (Los Amantes De Lola) 14 Dejala Tranquila (Ritmo Peligroso) 15 Solin (Maldita Vecindad) Diez Años De Rock en tu idioma 2 D2 01 Detras De Ti (Caifanes) 02 Lobo-Hombre En Paris (La Union) 03 Viviendo De Noche (Veni Vidi Vici) 04 Triste Cancion (El Tri) 05 Como Pudiste Hacerme Esto A Mi (Alaska Y Dinarama) 06 Lucha De Gigantes (Nacha Pop) 07 Mi Sombra En La Pared (Miguel Mateos) 08 Nada Personal (Soda Stereo) 09 Los Dioses Ocultos (Caifanes) 10 años de rock en tu idioma 10 La Muralla Verde (Enanitos Verdes) 11 Corazon De Tiza (Radio Futura) 12 Santa Lucia (Miguel Rios) 13 Apañon (Maldita Vecindad) 14 Gastame (Neon) 15 El Final (Rostros Ocultos) Diez Años De Rock en tu idioma 3 D1 01 No Me Importa Nada (Luz Casal) 02 Ay Que Pesado (Mecano) 03 Bailando Sin Salir De Casa (Ole Ole) 04 Nos Siguen Pegando Abajo (Miguel Rios) 05 Tres Lunares (Kerigma) 06 Cuentame Tu Vida (Caifanes) 07 Irene (Bon Y Los Enemigos Del Silencio) 08 En Esta Ciudad (Cecilia Toussaint) 09 Lagrimas Al Suelo (Nacha Pop) 10 años de rock en tu idioma 10 Es Por Ti (Complices) 11 Contaminando (Ritmo Peligroso) 12 Me Duele La Cara De Ser Tan Guapo (Los Inhumanos) 13 Twist'asloca (Heroes Del Silencio) 14 Entre Dos Tierras (Heroes Del Silencio) Diez Años De Rock en tu idioma 3 D2 01 Rufino (Luz Casal) 02 A Quien Le Importa (Alaska Y Dinarama) 03 Obsesion (Miguel Mateos) 04 Oiga Doctor (Joaquin Sabina) 05 Amame En Un Hotel (Cecilia Toussaint) 06 La Flor De Bagdad (Los Amantes De Lola) 07 Abre Tu Corazon (Los Rostros Ocultos) 08 Dios Bendiga Los Gusanos (Fobia) 09 Relojes En La Obscuridad (Nacha Pop) 10 años de rock en tu idioma 10 Me Quieres Cotorrear (Kenny Y Los Electricos) 11 Corazon De Neon (Orq. Mondragon) 12 Maldito Duende (Heroes Del Silencio) 13 Un Poco De Sangre (Maldita Vecindad) 14 A La Orilla De La Carretera (Jaime Lopez) 15 Dime Jaguar (Jaguares)
26 Jul 2013
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The Mask (1994) Starring: Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Peter Riegert, Peter Greene, Amy Yasbeck Directed by Chuck Russell
13 Feb 2012
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GTA 4 Transmissions 2 - IS HERE!!!!! This Transmissions video is made using Grand Theft Auto IV. The video has high speed police chases, green Infernus, stolen bus, fast and the furious race, black batmobile, helicopter without the roter, someone burning alive, stabbing people, the Statue of Happiness, motorcycle pulling a wheelie, a fat truck backing up, a cemetery, bobbing head, beating up someone, jumping fences, pigeon killing, getting drunk, lap dances, Super Mario, bike helmet, white limo at Rockstar Cafe, doors wide open, sideshow, muscle cars doing donuts, picking up a hooker, a fat prostitute, a girl giving head, a stripper dancing on the pole, driving drunk, fucking a pussy, car getting jacked, driving car into ocean, ice cream truck mr tasty, pushing a shopping cart, bowling and getting a turkey for the gobble gobble achievement, falling off the Empire State Building or the Rotterdame Tower, Sniper on the clock tower, Dukes of Hazard going off unique stunt jump, playground swingset glitch launching a car across city with the black magic, attacking pig with a bat, Get Rich or Die Trying Reference, shooting shotgun at sky, car crash and explosion in slow motion, dead and made it to the carnival, flying across water in a helicopter, and high speed smash into a wall. Track List In Order of Appearance: 0:01 Da Shootaz - Grand Theft Auto 0:20 NWA - Fuck Tha Police 0:26 Eagles - Life in the Fastlane 0:31 ICP - Night of the Axe 0:37 Ludacris - Act the Fool ( Theme from 2 Fast 2 Furious ) 0:43 Batman - 60's Theme Song 0:49 Tom Petty - Free Falling 0:59 ICP - Burning Up 1:09 ICP - I Stab People 1:11 ICP - Mr. Happy 1:16 Britney Spears - Toxic 1:24 Juvenille - Back That Ass Up 1:34 ICP - Cemetery Girl 1:40 Blakmail - Declared Dead 1:42 ICP - I Didn't Mean to Kill Him 1:51 ICP - Night of the Axe 1:53 ICP - Chicken Huntin 1:56 Xzibit - Alcoholic 2:07 2 Live Crew - Me So Horney 2:22 Nintindo - Mario Brothers Theme 2:35 Mistah F.A.B. - Helmet on My Head 2:37 Royal Crown Revue - Hey Pachuco ( Theme from The Mask ) 2:43 E-40 - Tell Me When to Go 2:45 Traxamillion - Sideshow 2:50 E-40 - Muscle Cars 2:59 ICP - Cherry Pie ( I Need A Bitch ) 3:09 ICP - Fat Sweaty Betty 3:16 Too Short - Blowjob Betty 3:22 T-Pain & Mike Jones - I'm In Love With A Stripper 3:37 Afroman - Let's All Get Drunk Tonight 3:44 Twiztid - I Don't Care 3:48 ICP - I Be Fuckin 3:57 Gary Numan - In Cars 4:09 Pixies - Wave of Mutilation 4:16 Mac Dre - Ice Cream II 4:26 Paul Engemann - Push it to the Limit 4:30 ICP - Bowling Balls ( With sound from Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode, The Dressing ) 4:37 Dark Lotus - Falling 4:48 ICP - Rolling Over 4:50 Boondox - My Van 4:53 ICP - The Tower 4:58 Waylon Jennings - Good Old Boys ( Theme of Dukes of Hazard ) 5:06 ICP - Southwest Voodoo 5:28 ICP - Piggy Pie 5:41 50 Cent - Whip ya Head Boy 5:47 ICP - Angels Falling ( Remix ) 5:50 ICP - News at 6 O'Clock 5:53 ICP - Pass Me By 5:58 Zug Island featuring ICP - Fly Away 6:03 ICP - Cherry Pie 6:06 ICP - Jump Off 6:07 Micheal Hunter - Soviet Connection 6:15 ICP - Jump Off 6:15 Da Shootaz - Grand Theft Auto Thanks to these very helpful friends of mine. For if it weren't for them this video wouldn't exist. BRUT4L CARNAGE (SCARFACE) BRUT4L HOMICIDE BRUT4L MASSACRE DTOx0o JOEY o0 I DABOMB I NASARE77 o iSM4CK o Phoenix Arbiter ScubaDan T0NYT0MA The 559 Juggalo (Murduh The Innocynce) TizTid Lewn778 TomVercetti ECM WH1T3CHOC0LATE The Insane Clown Posse also inspired allot of the clips, so more thanks to Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope and everyone else at Psychopathic Records. Keep with the Wicked shit we will never die alone juggalos are ever strong and we will all carry on. In Loving dedication to all the Juggalos and Homies out there, Much Clown Luv, -Andrew Daniels
24 May 2009
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Link de descarga:*******www.mediafire****/?ahf77lx6ygs6b7p - Aqui les dejo los track list - 1- Bailando de caballito - 2- No bailes de caballito - 3- La bota - 4- Feliz Feliz - 5- Mari la orgullosa - 6- Yo quiero quebrarte, Los Felinos - 7- Jingo - 8- Al gato y al raton, Machos - 9- La chica fresa, Banda Zeta - 10- Las chicas modernas - 11- Zapatos de bailador - 12- Pachuco bailarin, Viento negro - 13- El popurri de mr Charro, mr charro - 14- Mambo ok, Banda texana - 15- Vueltas y vueltas, Banda Degollado - 16- La conga, Banda Sapo - 17- La cuca, Pequeños Musical - 18- Tenis Magicos - 19- Pachuco bailarin, Banda Pachuco - 20- La guera Pachanguera, Banda rino - 21- Hotel California, Banda Zeta - 22- Al suelo guera, Tequilas Band - 23- La parranda, Toros Band - 24- 2 de te, Andariego`s Band - 25- Muevelo bailalo gozalo, Toros Band - 26- Fin de semana. Banda Camino - 27- Señor Apache, Banda M-1 - 28- Esa no no no, Pequeños Musical - 29- Ponganse botas quitense tenis, La Onda Vaselina - 30- Oye como va, Banda M-1 - 31- La morenaza, Jalisco Band - 32- Que bonita te vez, Banda M-1 - 33- Caballo negro, Banda Caballo negro - 34- Btas Cowboy, Los Ilustres.
17 Dec 2012
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