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This video shows how to start with your homegrown magic mushrooms grow kit obtained from Magic-Mushrooms-Shop****. Watch part II of the video to continue.
19 Mar 2011
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The second part on how to prepare your grow kit for the cultivation of magic mushrooms. After this you need to wait only about three weeks before you can harvest the first flush!
28 Feb 2010
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Here we show you how to pick the mushrooms when they are ripe. Pick them when the membrane connecting the rim of the hat connecting the stem starts to rip. We also picked the smaller pinheads as well. Normally you can wait until they develop a bit more. We took the kit out of the growbag to show you a better picture. DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF! It will risk infection of the grow kit and will endanger future harvests. Just open the growbag from the top and pick them by sticking your (clean) hand in.
16 Dec 2010
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For the colder time of the year it might be difficult to keep the temperature optimal for the mushrooms grow kits. We offer a thermo mat which is easy to use and re-usable. The thermo mat brings the temperature in the kit to 23°C and keeps is constantly. It is easy to use and uses little electricity so you can keep it on at night.
28 Feb 2010
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