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Scuola Barrili-Paganini 2009 Incontri multiculturali 2009
5 Jun 2009
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Scuola Barrili-Paganini Incontro Multiculturali 2006/2007
12 Jun 2009
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Musikunterricht in Hamm , Musikschule in Hamm , E-Gitarrenunterricht in Hamm , Schlagzeugunterricht in Hamm , E - Bass Unterricht in Hamm , Blockflötenunterricht in Hamm Viele Instrumente für jedes Alter, Anfänger und Fortgschrittene ,, Gitarrenunterricht , Schlagzeugunterricht.
29 Sep 2010
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Kuwaiti guy shows off his skills on playing the violin
7 Feb 2007
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duelo de crossroads de steve vai y karate kid :p, disculpen mi ampli no anda bien, saludos desde salta argentina
1 Mar 2008
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中国造的提琴品质很好 , 我的学生使用的正是中国的厂制提琴.Violinist : LEE ROU 李柔 11 year old ( USJ Subang Jaya ). 力行华小学生 . Started learning violin at 5 year old. Performed Sarasate Carmen Fantasy for school concert at 9 year old. LEE ROU's first public performance ( live recording ) 25-july-2005 in Petaling Jaya Civic Hall. Malaysia. She was suffering from bronchitis and still under medication during the performance and uses $20 (USD) factory made violin and $5 (USD) bow to perform this piece,not Stradivarius :) SJSE : (603) 03 - 56349754 ( USJ Subang Jaya ) Thanks for visiting my violin channel , for piano channel please visit ***********/user/lengpiano : ) ................................................................................................... 马来西亚, 大马, 音乐, 小提琴, 钢琴, 华小, 学生, 演奏, 演唱, 音乐教育, 教育, 音乐课程, 课程,音乐课, 音乐教学, 教学, 学习, 华人, 網誌, 音樂, 藝術,艺术, 表演 ,华人演奏会,演唱会,音乐会,马来西亚演唱会, 电影 , 影片 , 短片, 多媒体, 多媒體, 網路, 网路, 制作, 活動, 活动, 中心, 課程, 作品, 製作, 制作, 電視, 电视, 广告, 广播, 传媒, 傳媒 . Malaysia Malaysian website internet multimedia youth kid kids music academy performance performing arts festival education , music Malaysia Malaysian live concert musicians musician choir song keyboard piano dance festival culture cultures cultural SRJK SJK(C) student students kid kids children children's child child's music Musical group instrument instruments programme program album performance lesson class classes audio video TV broadcast movie clip clips film industry Commercial media multimedia centre debut mtv live concert . 力行华小 SJK(C) LICK HUNG . 首邦力行华小 梳邦力行华小 . lick hung Chinese Primary School . 首邦 华小 Smk Seafield USJ Subang Jaya . 薩拉沙蒂 卡門幻想曲 帕格尼尼 钟 Pablo de Sarasate Carmen Fantasie Carmen Fantasy Zigeunerweisen Gypsy Airs Zapateado Tarantella Romanza Andaluza Malaguena
25 Apr 2009
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4 Jun 2009
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More: *******www.jackdemare**** This song is available on website.
20 Jun 2011
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TABS: ***********/watch?v=_Eyw8jfP3w8 Hey Fellas, Lets put emphasis on the alternate picking technique which most of us guitarist utilize something like eighty procent of the time we play guitar... So its a good thing to master. As I also explain in the video one of the main challenges in the pattern is the dubble outside picking pattern that really calls for precise picking motion. If needed divide the pattern up in two parts ore more to master it faster and when you know it by heart start using the metronome, what this does other than tighten your playing is a really nice way to keep score on your progress. see you soon
14 Jan 2012
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Soloist, Ursula Parker (6 years old) is playing Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A minor, 3rd movement. She is also an actress.
7 Nov 2012
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Pretty brazilian model in HD video with the background sound What you need INXS. Tribute to Michael Hutchence.
1 Feb 2013
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Pretty acctress in HD video with the background sound "Rock in USA" (John Cougar)
5 Jul 2013
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Playing Paganini's 5th Caprice. Amazing.
25 Jul 2006
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Caprice No.24 - Niccolo Paganini
24 Jul 2006
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Pacific Union College Music Department presents: Violist Joyalene Ng; "Music for the 20th Century Romantic," Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008. Paulin Hall Auditorium. "Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881) was a great Belgium Violinist. Vieuxtemps wrote this piece as homage to Niccolo Paganini. It was not published until after his death. Although this song is really beautiful, it is very tiring to play, especially at the end. Fortunately for my sake, the piece is quite short."--Joyalene Ng
19 Nov 2008
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Video review of the 2 star Hotel Pagani in Amsterdam. Click here for more info: *******www.hotelvideoreviews****/netherlands/amsterdam/hotel/7870/Hotel-Paganini.html
12 Jan 2009
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