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Auto accident pain can suddenly be a problem in Miami. Any trauma or injury suffered could be relieved with the care of chiropractors. This video shows how you can find help for auto accident pain in Miami. If auto accident pain affects your body, try Miami chiropractic for a natural solution. Miami Auto accident pain, video, Auto accident pain, south Florida, injury
8 Oct 2008
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Tried medicine, acupuncture, EVERYTHING? Chiropractic care could be the relief for car accident pain in Miami! This video shows the benefits- experience, technology and caring. Find a direct way to help car accident pain in Miami. Chiropractic clinics will ease your car accident pain in Miami. Miami Car accident pain, video, Car accident pain, south Florida, injury
8 Oct 2008
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Injured in an accident? Strained yourself? Suffering back pain West Palm Beach? This video introduces the solution to your back pain in West Palm Beach. Your spine doesnt need to suffer! Get rid of back pain West Palm Beach- see why Chiropractic Centers of South Florida have the relief you need. West Palm Beach Back Pain, video, Back Pain, south Florida, injury
8 Oct 2008
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Back hurts? Pain in the neck? See a chiropractor! Skip acupuncture or medicine. Go direct to the source with spinal decompression. Miami- build a foundation from the backup. Chiropractic clinics can map out care with spinal decompression. Miami residents know spinal decompression. Try us Miami! Spinal Decompression Miami, video, Chiropractors Miami, car accident, Chiropractic Miami
14 Oct 2008
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Ulcer at Work is an artistically made educational video with superb Film Noir style moviemaking. Steve Hall, an ambitious executive, notices a pain in his side, but doesn’t let it deter him from showing up his coworkers and stressing out over problems at home. In the end, an animated scene reveals that Steve has developed a duodenal ulcer. After Steve passes out from the pain, his is forced to see the doctor, who diagnoses the ulcer. He warns Steve that ulcers come from “the wrong kind of feelings.” When Steve is with his family, it is easy to see where some of these feelings come from. Steve’s family “doesn’t exactly hate him,” but they are only interested in the fact that he brings home a paycheck and presents. His kids are greedy little brats and his wife is a nagging compulsive shopper. After Steve has another “episode” at home, the doctor pays a house call. He blames Steve’s wife for her role in his ulcer and warns her that if Steve were dead or unable to work, her status as a poor widow would not be very pleasant. This film effectively teaches about Ulcers and stress, as well as providing wonderfully visually engaging entertainment.
21 Oct 2008
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7 Nov 2008
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MonaVie presents a great opportunity to feel good, be healthy, and make an extra stream on income! What more could you ask for? The compensation plan is solid, the product is great tasting, and the health benefits are staggering. Just this morning I received a call from someone who tried MonaVie last night, and this morning she woke up without the usual pain in her hands and arms! Amazing!
11 Nov 2008
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The best-selling animal advocate Temple Grandin offers the most exciting exploration of how animals feel since The Hidden Life of Dogs. In her groundbreaking and best-selling book Animals in Translation, Temple Grandin drew on her own experience with autism as well as her distinguished career as an animal scientist to deliver extraordinary insights into how animals think, act, and feel.Now she builds on those insights to show us how to give our animals the best and happiest life—on their terms, not ours. It’s usually easy to pinpoint the cause of physical pain in animals, but to know what is causing them emotional distress is much harder.Drawing on the latest research and her own work,Grandin identifies the core emotional needs of animals.Then she explains how to fulfill them for dogs and cats, horses, farm animals, and zoo animals.Whether it’s how to make the healthiest environment for the dog you must leave alone most of the day, how to keep pigs from being bored, or how to know if the lion pacing in the zoo is miserable or just exercising,Grandin teaches us to challenge our assumptions about animal contentment and honor our bond with our fellow creatures. Animals Make Us Human is the culmination of almost thirty years of research, experimentation, and experience. This is essential reading for anyone who’s ever owned, cared for, or simply cared about an animal.
25 Nov 2008
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Coralie Wales, President of Chronic Pain Australia, talks to us about chronic pain in the workplace and its main cause, how it affects productivity and how best can it be managed. Website: *******www.nationalworkerscomp****.au Contact: +61 2 9080 4090
4 Dec 2008
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To be sure... you'd have to do a whole bunch of pissy DNA testing which would be a pain in the proverbial thesarseus. If I were you, buddy, I'd just sit there and laugh at "Hero Lloyd." What a dick. I'm not your buddy, guy. EITHER
23 Dec 2008
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*******www.LivingSunFoods**** In this episode I test out copper bracelets and whether they help to relieve pain in the body. Upon researching this old folk remedy I came upon a few interesting facts. Copper has been shown to inhibit bacterial growth, used medicinally for thousands of years, and there have been claims that it relieves symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Copper is also an essential trace mineral present in all body tissue. Along with iron it helps with the formation of red blood cells.
25 Dec 2008
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Green screening is a pain in the !#$ to get right, but pretty cool when you do. Here's how I did it for about $150. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Jan 2009
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Track ten from Dan Bull's 2009 album Safe. Safe is available to buy on CD from or to download for free in mp3 format from I be allowed to voice my opinion to you Today I feel like I made a choice And now there's no turning back Isn't it great when you're a failure in life And all that you've aimed for's gone away from your sights Whilst your top eight mates are plain sailing through life It's grey when you're bright but unable to quite Make it through the day without evading the strife I stay awake through the nights, lay in wait for the light Brain vacant despite the debates in my mind Like maybe my plane may have strayed from its flight Failed to pervade and faded from the sky Dan Bull's a candle with no flame to ignite It's painful to write, I strain just to type A page full of lines and I've drained all my pride Eyes dry, I'm unable to cry Time flies and I trail behind You may say it's my fault, maybe you're right Maybe it's myself to blame for my plight I overdose and close my eyes 'Til I'm comatose and slowly rise Over rows of roads and signs Flows, tides froze in time From lows to highs until there's only skies No lonely lives cloaked in phony lies No disguise, the skies are open wide It goes as no surprise No surprises, no alarms No-one cries, I'm going calmly I'm dazed, I seem to spend my days in a daydream I've been this way way before the day I was eighteen Haters say to me I waste the space to breathe wait for the train to Leeds with my claims in my case and leave Please, believe me, I'd say I agree Let them eat cake? I'll take it and eat it Jeez, even taking a beating's a great deal easier Than waking up each day in a place full of fears And praying for amnesia with a faceful of tears The pain's so severe that it aches and it sears Peel away the veneer, the real state's revealed I've been patient for years, just waiting to hear Someone say that it's OK, that I'm safe cos they're here But it's blatantly clear that that day's nowhere near I hate to tempt fate but I'd be grateful for either The faith of a believer or to fade away and disappear I overdose and close my eyes 'Til I'm comatose and slowly rise Over rows of roads and signs Flows, tides froze in time From lows to highs until there's only skies No lonely lives cloaked in phony lies No disguise, the skies are open wide It goes as no surprise No surprises, no alarms No-one cries, I'm going calmly So I'm closing my curtains and making my bed Cos no-one on earth knows the pain in my head No-one knows of the hurt or the strain or the dread Though I'm over the worst I can't face things ahead I'm escaping instead, I'm leaving this place Erasing my thread and I'm cleaning my slate Safe now I've fled, serene and sedate There's no waking the dead when they beam into space I've seen into space, shaken hands with the stars And the feeling's great when you're landing on Mars Dreamy and weightless in ambient dark Only hearing the sweetness of transient harps With my hand on my heart I assure you it's bliss Soaring back to the starkness before you existed Before you were born, before you were kissed Before you were torn from the immortal abyss I overdose and close my eyes 'Til I'm comatose and slowly rise Over rows of roads and signs Flows, tides froze in time From lows to highs until there's only skies No lonely lives cloaked in phony lies No disguise, the skies are open wide It goes as no surprise No surprises, no alarms No-one cries, I'm going calmly I'm at the last act No now amount of dark can harm me
6 Jan 2009
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Ever wanted to make your videos look like cartoons? There's a simple, straightforward way HOW and NOW: Cartoonr from NewBlueFX. I featured this earlier in my roundup, "4 free Sony Vegas plugins you should know about". And what happened next? I ended up purchasing their whole collection — the $500 "BIG KAHUNA" bundle — for use on my video projects, and am presently part of the NewBlueFX team! Many videos you see from me involve NewBlueFX in some way, so if you've wondered, "Wow, how'd you do that, Torley?"… herein is your answer. :) Most plugins are a pain in the ass to use (designed for impractical geekage, not everyday usage) and aren't available for a variety of hosts. This was the problem I kept coming across with Vegas, until I came across the breadth and depth of NewBlueFX's collection. They're priced a lot better than a lot of what I've seen, and I can now say that through experience with conviction. Cartoonr is a free download which works in Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, etc. and as I show you in a little under 7 minutes in GLORIOUS HIGH-DEFINITION ABOVE!, it's a snap — or is that sketch? — to use. Once you have Cartoonr loaded, you can apply it in a couple seconds, then dial in settings shortly thereafter. It's rewarding to use on everything from digital camera clips (as I show) to higher-res (pro) material to video game and virtual world machinima. Should you desire more control, the newly-released Paint Effects includes Cartoonr Plus, which gives you "better line drawing and image shading". Paint Effects is the evolution of digitally-generated natural media effects, which've graduated from still canvases (like in Corel Painter and ArtRage) to motion pictures. If the old masters had been alive to see this… well, I reckon it would go somewhat like that scene in Bill & Ted featuring Beethoven on synth. DA BOTTOM LINE: no cheap tricks, no sad gimmicks — well, Cartoonr is rather purty — and what you see really is what you get. If you make something cool with Cartoonr, including "Take On Me" parody videos, please let me know in the comments or send me a message and I'll share it with our team o' video effect gurus. Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Jul 2009
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They're afraid to tell you the truth: trimming a baby's nails is a huge pain in the cuticles. The Gear Daddy reviews two tricked out baby nail trimmers, sporting features like magnifying glasses and LED lights. Your guide to a tear-free newborn nip/tuck. DadLabs ep 452 brought to you by Baby Bjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Jan 2009
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couple of years ago Vladimir Estrin, who is a professional dancer instructor and performer, has injured his hip and had a hard time performing and conducting lessons. Vladimir was seen by many different doctors. Some treatment that were prescribed helped but not for a very long time. The pain in a hip was coming back as the injury persisted. Doctors prescribed pain killers. Some even prescribed routines. But they were not very effective. One of Vladimirs friends recommended him to see Boris Prilutsky. From the first session Vladimir saw the difference in recovered range of motion and reduced pain. Boris showed Vladimir how to stretch, and do the movements properly. This made Vladimirs job much easier. When Vladimir returned to Boris for more treatment, rather than schedule multiple treatments Boris suggested Vladimir a self-massage protocol and the set of special exercises that he could do at home. In other words Boris taught Vladimir the same routine that he otherwise would have performed himself in the medical office. Today Vladimir doesnt have the pain in his hip any longer. This allows him to maintain a very busy and active instructive and performing schedule. In order to prevent possible injuries he starts his day from the routine and self-massage and exercises that Boris has proposed him. (bodybuilder or flex or flexing or muscle or bod ankle ankle massage boris prilutsky calf self massage compartment syndrome cuffs dennis tinerino disc herniation rehab disk hernia treatment gcse sports injuries hamstring isometric rehabilitation isometric stretching leg muscles rehabilitation ligament rehab ligament tear treatment ligament tear up low back injuries masaje massage massage boris medical massage medical massage sports injuries medical massage techniques meniscus treatment mr america muscle muscles neuromuscular reeducation neuromuscular therapy post isometric relaxation to calf reducation legament croisé reeducation du ligament rehab a disc injury rehabilitation of sport injuries relaxation techniques sports relaxing techniques for sport rotator cuff seft post isometric relaxation self massage self massage techniques self shin splint massage shoulder massage sport injuries sport injury calf sport strtching sports injuires: calf sports injuries sports injuries treatment sports injury sports massage sports sprain sprain sprain sprained stress fractures stretching for sports tendinitis massage tendonitis stretching the warm up for sport treating sports injuries treating sports injury trigger point massage trigger point therapy trigger points hamstrings hams ham leg pain deep triggerpoint treatment self warm up sportsclass
21 Sep 2010
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