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Wifeofnalts put ear rings in Katie's ear. So I decided to take Patrick to get a tattoo. It was a temporary Henna Tattoo (also called Hana) that is painted on, and lasts two weeks. Unless your 8-year-old wipes it off before the prank because it smells like poop. It doesn't hurt. I just thought there'd be more drama if you actually believed I'd get my son a real tattoo. So I asked him to fake it. Did he fool ya?
30 Oct 2008
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Here's me painting on Ruakaka Beach in New Zealand. See the painting progress step by step.
30 Sep 2008
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Artist CORY TREPANIER'S INTO THE ARCTIC Video Journal Series... In his studio in Caledon, Ontario, Cory shows his process for re-stretching a painting that began in the field, but didn't fit the shape of the canvas. He also gives some insight into the materials that he chooses to paint on.
31 Oct 2008
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The panting is soso but it's still a nice video ! paint on a glass from a walmart desk
9 Nov 2008
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Dudes are really shocked by a big spider as they consider that it´s only a perfect painting on the wall!
19 Jan 2009
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It was this shock of the new that led to many a trespassing adventure and a lifelong fascination for graffiti. "One day a young boy said to me: ‘why don’t you photograph graffiti?’ He opened his note book and showed me his drawings. The minute I understood that there was a systematic designing and painting on the wall I became fascinated." Photojournalist Martha Cooper was one of the first to recognize the creative power of the New York graffiti scene. In the seventies she started photographing the first generation of spray can artists, now three decades later she is called the Grande Dame of Hip Hop Documentation and has produced a series of much celebrated photo books like Street Play and Hip Hop Files. We talked to Martha Cooper about the early days, about the excitement of going into the railway yards at night, about the way graffiti was used as a secret language between the different NY boroughs. The pictures shown during the interview come from her first book Subway Art, which she published together with that other famous chronicler of street life, Henry Chalfant. One of her latest projects is We B*Girlz in which she presents strong, smart, independent B-Girlz and other Hip Hop females as role models for upcoming generations and to show everyone that there is a significant place for women in this worldwide culture. In addition, We B*Girlz wants to preserve the history of women in Hip Hop by encouraging everyone to collect and archive materials from back in the days and to document the scene as it exists now. Pretty Cool People Crew: Interview: Sarah Domogala, Camera/Sound: Steffen Haars, Editing: Niels de Roos & Geert van de Wetering
3 Dec 2008
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American Artist Works--Portraits, biomorphic figures,fantasy-- in oil paintings on paper david hart hartistry
11 May 2009
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American Artist Works--Portraits, biomorphic figures,fantasy-- in oil paintings on paper david hart hartistry
7 Dec 2008
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Illusory paintings on the sidewalk by Julian Biver. You can dowload this video from *******depositfiles****/files/0jrcq42xw
13 Dec 2008
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painting on gold leaf Homage Charlie Chaplin
4 Jan 2009
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*******the-carhartt-coats.blogspot**** Proper clothing when going to work or when going for some other formal meets outdoor is very important. Clothes give away the true personality of a man. Tight clothes are a strict no-no. When you wear clothes, it should look as if they are laid on you rather than look as if painted on your body.
10 Jan 2009
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This is my first succesful painting on MS Paint of a sword. :)
31 Jan 2009
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