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30 Mar 2009
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Pakistan air force intro
31 Mar 2017
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This is a real cool video. Just love the aerobatics and music at the background.Really puts the icing on the cake! (Courtesy:Fahad Masood)
23 Apr 2008
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This video is made by Major Nourhaghighi on a Persian Music in the memory of all Iranian Air Force Fighter Pilots who died during Eight years war of American & Iraq against Iran, and all pilots who died on the line of duty. This photo shows Major Nourhaghighi and Iranian pilots in Graduation Ceremony at the Pakistan Air Force Academy in 1969. Major Nourhaghighi took photos and videos at Algonquin Park, North of Ontario, Canada
25 Nov 2010
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A brief but an absolute CLASSIC clip.A full-fledge WAR is going on but in the eyes of the PAF dare-devil PILOTS,its a mere exercise!!!What character,what coolness,what looks,what GRACE!!! This clip is from the Defence Day show of 2006 which was aired on ARY. It was hosted by Noor-ul-Hasan and Dr.Muzna Ebrahim ! The pilots being interviewed are from No. 19 Sqn commanded by Sajjad (Nosy) Haider. The pilots from this No .19 Sqn had every reason to brag as they did not lose a single aircraft throughout the war! The Sqn was credited with destroying almost all the heavy equipment of 15th Infantry Div commanded Maj Gen Naranjan Prasad during his advanced to Lahore in 1965 war. On top of that the Sqn also destroyed close to 14 IAF aircraft on the ground during the renowned Pathankot raid! Once again September winds blow across the land, Once again the autumn leaves dance hand-in-hand, Once again are rekindled, the memories of sixty-five And once again the golden PAF Saga comes alive. Borders had boomed with tanks and guns To flout the peace around; Stood for defence, our motherland's sons, To never give up their ground. With resolve write large on faces all, PAF beckoned to the duties call To defend the skies `at peril of life', To blunt the enemy's blatant strife, To keep vigil and let no threat bear on us, unchecked; unmet. IAF's Gnats, Hunters, Mysteres Were instilled with the gripping fears To face our air warriors' skills, As the PAF scored so many kills, In one go five Hunters were downed; As `fighter-ace' Alam was crowned. F-104s in rocket's style Broke sound barrier in low profile. Whether it was in East or West, The Sabres passed their trying test, Daring campaign of airfield strikes, Left behind many burning sites; Adampur and Halwara Pathankot and Kalaikunda None were spared the PAF's blow As B-57s had done their show, The Lahorites in their own skies, Saw a show, unmatched by kites; Swooping on preys, `Shaheens' had won, The dogfight with their aerial guns. Thus history will never forget, The blood and toil and honest sweat, Of valiant fliers who, in their gear, Faced steepest tests, unknown to fear Their feats the history cannot hide, They are the nation's loving pride. Group Captain Asad Kazim (PAF) Pakistan Air Force A Symbol of Pride for the Nation
19 May 2009
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This is dedicated to the Pakistan Air Force and the freedom of Pakistan
9 Sep 2008
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This was a firing camp demonstration held by the PAF in 2001.It includes all the PAF combat aircraft going through various air-to-air and air-to-ground exercises. A tribute to the men in blue! The men in blue are second to none. As truly noted by the sagacious one Fuming and roaring in the sky, That is how the Shaheens fly, These fireballs which take to the air, Are launched out with full deft and care. By personnel of the air and ground, Who wanting in their work are never found As to complete the mission given, Each heart is fired with altruism Thus all officers and men in blue. With pride their jobs do carry through, Who could then ever take on this force, For history would lest take its course, To show how PAF this test did bear, By striking out the enemy in ground and air. Thus, it is the PAF team that we all revere, With a trust that couldn't be defied ever By Group Captain Asad Kazim, (PAF) Pakistan Air Force A Symbol of Pride for the Nation.
8 Jun 2009
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Pakistan Air Force Song - Hum Hain Pak Fazaia kay Shaheen ...
25 May 2009
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Pakistan Air Force created history on March 30, 2006 when four females: Saba Khan, Nadia Gul, Mariam Khalil and Saira Batool received their flying wings after three and a half years of intensive training, breaking into an all-male bastion of Pakistan's armed forces. Indeed it was a red-letter day for feminists all over the world. Both the national and the international media gave extensive coverage to the event. Even the recipient of the coveted "Sword of Honour" got ignored in the melee ...
25 May 2009
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Pakistan Air Force song "Aasman" (Sky) Sung by: The Band CALL Released on 6 September 2007 in collaboration with ISPR.
7 Sep 2009
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Pakistan Air Force Song Fizaon Se Agey
7 Sep 2009
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Jazba - Pakistan Air Force Song Singer : Shafqat Amanat Ali
7 Sep 2009
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Video showing Pakistan Air Force jets carrying out precision strikes in Swat:
7 Sep 2009
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New Pakistan Air Force Drama Sherdil. ARY Digital Films & TV Productions Pvt Ltd presents Drama Sherdil. A Mega Drama Serial Produced for Pakistan Air Force.
19 Oct 2009
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Pakistan Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon: Ultimate Fighter Jet
27 Oct 2009
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Pakistan air force 2012
28 Mar 2010
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