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FAQ Q: Where are the two hot girls? A: On the left-hand side of the screen. You just can't see them. But they're there. All hot and young and stuff. Too bad for you... Q: Is this supposed to be funny? A: Yes. It is dumb humor for smart people. Q:'re saying that if I don't think this is funny then I'm dumb? A: Look at the silly monkey! Q: Can I have the last two minutes of my life back that I just wasted watching your stupid video? A: Sorry. Time travel is currently impossible. But in the future, ABSOLUTELY! We're sure you'll use it wisely next time. Q: Why don't you get a life and stop wasting your time making these lame videos that aren't funny? A: Master says we must make videos. We must do what Master says. Q: Are you on Facebook and MySpace? A: Yes! Join us, won't you? 2-Hot-Girls-in-the-Shower/1148 6109210 lsInTheShower Q: I want to ask 2 Hot Girls a question. Where should I do that? A: [email protected] If we don't answer you in one year, you get a free toaster! Q: Are the questions you answer actual questions from fans or do you make them up yourselves? A: Yes.
soniyo kisi no aina sona vi nahi hona chahida
9 Dec 2010
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