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The Musik (Pakistani music channel) VJs
1 May 2009
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Amjad Ali playing Rabab, a traditional Pakistani instrument.
1 Jun 2007
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17 Sep 2009
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Horoon in egypt some pakistani music with Arabic mixing
21 Mar 2008
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MQM TERRORISM IN KARACHI ON 12 MAY !!!! MQM terrorist group in karachi lead by and un educated and nihayat he ghaleez leader name Altaf Hussain. he is a blood sucker of people in karachi. they beg vote on the gun point and says that 21 million people are on their side. They actually don't know that everyone hate Altaf Hussain (MAzloomon ka kaatil hai altaf hussain!!!) and MQM because when he sees the work is done he kills his own people, why on 12 May they failed to stop firing in karachi because they wanted to kill and harrase the public in karachi , dozens of tankers and busses have been burned and more then 43 people died and 22 people wounded, ishrat ul ibaad and wazir e aala sindh was just watching their people killing every one. Government found a lot of ammunation in the Lal Masjid but how about the dozens of heavy weigth ammunation ak-47, pistols , tt, shot guns, etc and guns thousands of bullets that have been used in the karachi on the day of 12 may, Musharaf is just taking side of Altaf Hussain and MQM because he wants his government. MQM is the facist party in all over the pakistan and specially in karachi, musharraf find terrorist in waziristaan but the actual terrorism and terrorists are in karachi which he can't see is he blind? yes he is because of his power. he does everything on the finger of bush kills his own people. 12 May is the day when MQM made a biggest mistake in their political history each and every seen of their gun man been captured on the cassete and played live on ary and aaj tv. now even the middle class or even nuetral people of karachi now knows that MQM is the facist party, Altaf Hussain says that someone else is firing on them , if they have their government rangers, power, police force then why did they let it happen, because they are the actuall terrorists... but now the history can not rewind and it can not come back the reputation of MQM in the eye's of every Pakistani is intensively degraded and can not be cure... May allah help pakistan to stop mqm terrorism in karachi..... more tags, ak47 ak-47 khail tamasha mqm altaf group geo pakistani capital talk ary aaj tv muttahida qumi moment vs jamiat jamat-e=islami jamat mma muslijm league phadda must see hello altaf fun entertainment simpson family toyota saloon corola bikes cd 70 honda bike musharraf musharaf islamabad lahore karachi new karachi north karachi manghopeer pahar nice very tires machine gun aaj tv siren popon governmnet lal masjid attack ghaddar-e-pakistan MQM altaf kaatil of 23 people in karachi drugs jaish mujahid pakistani pakistan lahori maza geopakistani aamriyat jihaad jihad jahil jihalat show stage punjab lahore choudhary mushahid muhammad rasool guns gunz gangs ahliyan e karachi residents of karachi listen hear bombardment friing blood aag khoon tail petrol gasoline hampton busses seats aaj geo tv ary tv ary one nova hyderabad gali bikes toyota corola hukoomat justice aitraz ahsan chief justice islamabad iftikhar choudhary iftikhaar society quran qur'an hyderabadi poetry mushaira patli gali contest suite dhaishat gardi khoon kharaba speed time need ghareeb kamzoor for speed gulbarg chorangi ammunation ammunition amunition amunation gangster no help airport ishratul ibaad arbaab rahim lango stick fight mqm is responsible for killing inncoent people in karachi on 12 may 2007 summer imraan khan qaazi hussian qazi hussain balloch balochistaan bazm e saathi new karachi no cap for the police rangers foog army kalashankoof terrible fighting hum pakistani music muziq cricket soccer footbal fotball sandle chappal mosque masjid pols roads dawood saith malir maleer muttahidda qoomi moment ghaddar-e-pakistan sharif qoomi mafad mafaad assemble senate palastine irq iran kashmir afghanistan america usa u.s.a cnada u.k uk mqm killing in karachi on 12 may 2007 karachi mqm 12 may ataf killer bhagura kutta kaatil blood islam choudhry muslim bush musharraf musharaf lahore pakistani..
30 May 2008
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lean period in bollywood because of IPL, Sanjay Dutt's political ambitions not welcomed by his dad's constituency, Kareena Kapoor has her hands full, Pakistani music director makes Indian singers croon for his Pakistani play
3 Jun 2008
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Hindi Radio Video Tutorial Shows how to Listen Online Hindi FM Radio Stations on Computer. Download Hindi Radio Software from *******www.hindi-radio****/download/setup.exe and Start Enjoying Hindi FM Radio Stations on your Computer now without Downloading any Songs on your Computer Listen Online Live Hindi FM Radio Stations. Hindi FM Radio Software works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Listen Hindi FM Radio Stations broadcasting from India as well as Online Hindi FM Radio Stations broadcasting from different Countries of the World. Download Online Hindi Radio Software now to Listen Online Non Stop Hindi FM Radio Stations on your Computers or Laptops. Listen Bollywood Music, Classic Music, Bhangra, Punjabi, Urdu, Pakistani Music, and much more with Hindi Radio Software. Listen Radio Mirchi (, Radio Nimbooda, Mera Sangeet and much more on your Computer.
13 Jul 2011
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About Atif ch musical career started under a tree from UNIVERSITY with his first single, 'Aashiyan'. Initially released virally "'Aashiyan"'. became a mainstream success earning a spot as Best Song of 2012. Description Atif Ch is an upcoming young and talented singer. Aashiyaan is his debut track and few more tracks are in development phase and will be released very soon. Music has been produced by Haroon Sheikh (AAG BAND). Video was shot by Adnan Kandhar Chopped by Pixels and Directed by Salman Sirhindi. Band Interests promote pakistani music Band manager, zaid bin akmal
9 Mar 2013
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stage dance
9 Nov 2008
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*******www.apnachill****/ - atif aslam - kuch is tara apnachill****
13 Jun 2009
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*******www.apnachill****/ - IMIK Akhiyan Milaley
7 Sep 2009
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1 Nov 2009
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university of balochistan boys, quetta balochistan university boy, jhall magsi boys (samad_magsi1984yahoo****)
7 Nov 2009
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India's Bollywood and India's Music Industry have stolen many Pakistani songs and they gave no credit, no acknowledgement, and no money to the original Pakistani singer or song writer. Here are some examples, there are many more Pakistani songs India has stolen.
12 Jan 2010
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India's Bollywood and India's Music Industry have stolen many Pakistani songs and they gave no credit, no acknowledgement, and no money to the original Pakistani singer or song writer. Here are some examples, there are many more Pakistani songs India has stolen.
12 Feb 2010
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*******www.apnachill****/ - Mizraab Kitni Saadian
4 Nov 2010
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