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This video contains all the Final Smashes from every Character in Super Smash Bros Brawl. This list is in order of appearence. 1. Mario: Mario Finale 2. Bowser: Giga Bowser 3. Peach Peach Blossom 4. Luigi: Negative Zone 5. Donkey Kong: Konga Beat 6. Diddy Kong: Rocket Barrel Barrage 7. Link: Triforce Slash 8. Toon Link: Triforce slash 9. Zelda: Light Arrow 10. Sheik: Light Arrow 11. Ganondorf: Beast Ganon 12. Samus: Zero Laser 13. Zero-suit Samus: Power Suit Samus 14. Yoshi: Super Dragon 15. Meta Knight: Galaxia Darkness 16. Kirby: Cook Kirby 17. King Dedede: Waddle Dee Army 18. Fox: Landmaster 19. Falco: Landmaster 20. Wolf: Landmaster 21. Pikachu: Volt tackle 22. Pokemon Trainer: Triple Finish 23. Lucario: Aura Storm 24. Jigglypuff: Puff Up 25. Captain Falcon: Blue Falcon 26. Lucas: PK Starstorm 27. Ness: PK Starstorm 28. Ice Climbers: Ice Berg 29. Ike: Great Aether 30. Marth: Critical Hit 31. Pit: Palutena's Army 32. Wario: Wario-man 33. Olimar & Pikmin: End Of Day 34. Mr. Game and Watch: Octopus 35 R.O.B: Diffusion Beam 36. Solid Snake: Grenade Launcher 37. Sonic The Hedgehog: Super Sonic
26 Jan 2013
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KnightWing flies you through the Lore of Kid Icarus in (nearly) just one minute! Have Fun! Subscribe for a new episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! ******* Follow us on Twitter and send us suggestions PolarisTweets! More Lore here ******* Written by Phil ***********/polaris Voiced by KnightWing ***********/knightwing01 Edited by Schroeder ***********/thewarpzone Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross ***********/vghangover *******www.vghangover**** Transcript: LORE - Kid Icarus Lore in a Minute! In a time when God and Man lived together in harmony, there existed a kingdom named Angel Land. Two beautiful goddesses ruled over this kingdom; Palutena oversaw the light and Medusa governed the darkness. Palutena ruled from her Palace in the Sky, showering mankind in light so they could grow food but Medusa enjoyed drying up the crop and occasionally turning people into stone. Palutena, upset that her work was constantly being undone, transformed Medusa into a monster and banished her into the Underworld. No longer a beautiful goddess, Medusa swore revenge and raised an army of monsters in the Underworld. Medusa then mounted a surprise invasion on Palutena's palace, defeating her army handily and securing the Three Sacred Treasures: the Mirror Shield, Arrow of Light, and Wings of Pegasus. Imprisoned in the Palace of the Sky, Palutena enlisted her personal bodyguard, Pit, to defeat Medusa and her army. With the help of Palutena's bow and arrow, Pit escaped from the Underworld where he was held prisoner and set out to retrieve the Three Sacred Treasures, rescue Palutena, and restore light to Angel Land. Have fun! --- Who is Polaris? ******* Want more from Polaris? Twitter: ******* Facebook: ******* Google+: ******* Instagram: ******* Tumblr: *******
30 Oct 2013
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