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Hia everyone, Hope you are all keeping well? Just wanted to drop in and have a wee ramble about bits and pieces silly and serious. I have Bebo now.. yes I know I am late but well I got there in the end. *******www.bebo****/LaurenL... Check out this Bebo page, Natalie & Sinead made it for me and they would love for you to join. *******www.bebo****/panacea81 Ok, I am off for now but hopefuly tonight Il get a few more looks up and running. New Barry m dazzle dusts are gorgeous! if I must say so myself. *******barrym**** Remember if you do order? you may as well get your free gift with orders £5.00 or more so pop in your promotion code LAUREN Take care and see you all soon, Zoom zoom!
24 May 2009
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Join the makeup community here :) *******www.facebook****/pages/Panacea81/27172667317?ref=nf WOWZAZ I have over 135,000 subscribers and its all thanks to you all. THANK YOU X ................................ Hia everyone, Hope you enjoy my youtuber request for a Lady gaga makeup inspired look. Thanks so much for subscribing, watching rating and for being just fab
25 Apr 2009
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Join the makeup community here :) *******www.facebook****/pages/Panacea81/27172667317?ref=nf Hia everyone, Hope you enjoy my cute pin up glam look for a night out. The products used are: kheils smoothing balm boots no7 peach stila eyeshadow pot moose taupe stila convertable eyeliner pen onyx boots metalic eyeliner blue my own blush coming soon my own eye primer concealer coming soon my own lipstick coming soon MAC lipliner devlish boots no7 lipgloss marshmallow Thanks so much for subscribing watching rating and being just fab Zoom zoom
25 Apr 2009
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Hia everyone, *******www.facebook****/pages/Panacea81/27172667317 Come and join our make up community on facebook. Upload or photos, show your talent for makeup and enjoy the discussions. I hope you enjoy my foundation contour highlight and blush video. Products used are Khiels soothing balm MAC face and body foundation Boots no7 Skin illuminater peach Paula dorf cheek creme playmate My own line blush coming soon Benefit high beam Thanks so much for subscribing watching rating and being just fab. Zoom zoom
18 Jan 2009
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Join the makeup community here :) *******www.facebook****/pages/Panacea81/27172667317?ref=nf Hia everyone, Hope you enjoy my Katy perry hot n cold 2nd look inspired tutorial
18 Jan 2009
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Hia everyone, *******www.facebook****/pages/Panacea81/27172667317 Come and join our make up community on facebook. Upload or photos, show your talent for makeup and enjoy the discussions. Hope you enjoy my version of the Glamorous purple smoky eye makeup tutorial. I absolutely love this look. Products used are MAC beigeing shadetsick MAC pigment helium Bare minerals sugar plum eye shadow MAC pigment pink opal MAC boot black eye liner MAC mascara x black Stila convertible eye pen onyx GOSH ...
28 Mar 2009
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Hia everyone, Thanks so much for subscribing:) My Guardian beauty column and exclusive tutorials are here. *************/lifeandstyle/2009/jan/30/lauren-luke-youtube-makeup check our makeup community out here *******www.facebook****/pages/Panacea81/27172667317?ref=nf Hope you enjoy my Mardi Gras festival look. The products used are: My own eye primer coming soon MAC pigment bright fuchsia MAC pigment naval blue MAC liquid liner boot black Stila convertible eye pen onyx MAC pigment pink opal MAC mascara plush lash black MAC lipliner, not sure its rubbed off :) Barry m lipgloss 1 My won blush coming soon I really hope you enjoyed this video, keep your look requests coming :)
2 Jun 2009
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Hia everyone, So many of you are asking, Where to buy the kits? *******shop.bylaurenluke****/products.html Up and coming live tutorials & lots of chat :) *******www.blogtv****/People/panacea81 Hia everyone, Hope you enjoy my Sunny vintage glamour makeup tutorial. I used: My own line eye primer Stila eye shadow ~Sun eye shadow My own line vintage glams~ Red wine eye shadow My own line fluid line~ Raven black MAC mascara x black MAC blush~ stark naked Rimmel lipliner~ cafe Naturals by boots lipstick~ fig leaf ELF lipgloss~ Stay tuned for loads more new style videos plus NEW LIVE TUTORIALS ON BLOGTV :) I will still be doing my usual amount of youtube videos as normal. Please enjoy, rate, comment and subscribe! Zoom zoom!
4 Jun 2009
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Hia everyone, My Vanity Fair article :) yippppeee! *******www.vanityfair****/online/style/2009/03/lauren-luke.html My OFFICIAL website *******www.bylaurenluke**** My Twitter for daily ramblings *******twitter****/panacea81 The products used are my own sample conceler primer my own sample slate sparkle eye shadow cover girl light blue from the palette of three loreal cream eyeliner black my own sample mascara thick black my own sample terracotta red lip stain MAC hello kitty powder blush Tahitian sand I have loads more coming up including hauls of all kinds of make up brands. Loads more gossip makeup tips tricks and looks Zoom zoom
22 Aug 2009
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Hia everyone, Brush sets available again :) *******stores.ebay******/Beauty-Direc... Due to high volume sales and working them on my own I couldn't keep it up on top of everything else going on right now so I have given my business to a close friend who has an ebay account. There are lots of brush sets left and there will be lots more coming so just ask for your preferred set and I am sure they will order them in for you. *******www.facebook****/pages/Panacea81/27172667317 Come and join our makeup community on facebook. Become a fan, send in your pictures, Join in on the discussions or place your requested looks in the comment boxes for me to see easier :) I hope you enjoy my Bollywood bridal inspired makeup look. The products used MAC shadetsick beigeing MAC pigment white MAC pigment golden lemon MAC pigment forest green MAC pigment teal MAC liquid liner boot black Stila convertable eyeliner onyx MAC mascara x black Alternative colours can be found easily in the 120 or 88 pro palettes which can be found on ebay. Always check sellers feedback before buying for your safety. Thanks so much for watching subscribing rating and just being fantabulous. Zoom zoom
10 Nov 2009
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Hia everyone, Come and join our make up community here where you can send your pictures of inspiration or requested looks. *******www.facebook****/pages/Panacea81/27172667317 Come and join us in our little make up community where you can join in on the discussions, make new ones, Add your eye makeup photos or whatever you like. I hope you enjoy my smoky green eye make up tutorial. There will be a fire nymph inspired look coming up soon too. These looks are ideal for parties or for the people who dont mind making a statement with their make up like me.
13 Nov 2009
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Hia everyone, Follow me on twitter *******twitter****/panacea81 Hope you enjoy my messing around make up look. I was thinking along the lines of playboy bunny pink style make up so hope you enjoy :) Product details coming soon
23 Jul 2010
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Hia Everyone, Hope you enjoy the much requested Katy Perry California gurls make up look. Follow me on twitter, I reply :) *******twitter****/panacea81 This is the look I recreated *******twitpic****/2082f3 Products used: manly pro palette peach and pink all over eye lid area mixed together to make a coral colour which I didnt have :( Then take a brown and apply gently to the outer corners and blend well inwards to create a defined eye shape. Take a liquid black liner and apply from the inner corners out, then quarter way from outer corner join the liner up to create a winged effect. Take some fluttering lashes, I used Ardell 105's and apply the glue along the top, leave to go tacky before applying them to eye lid. This helps them stick quick without moving around and making a mess. Take a golden bronzer and apply to the outer temples and down just under cheek bones for a sweep of colour. Take a coral colour lipstick, I used MAC costa chic and apply to the whole lip area. Then finish off with some clear lipgloss to give the shiny wet look, I used my own line bylaurenluke lipgloss. Thanks so much for watching, subscribing, commenting and being fabulous! Zoom zoom! Lauren.
22 Aug 2010
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Hia everyone, *******twitter****/panacea81 In between videos follow me here, Id love it and I reply like mad :) Come say Hia and tell me all about your day. The website details as promised for pre orders and contact *******www.bylaurenluke****/contact.html I really hope everyone is keeping well? & I hope you all let me know. Drop in and say Hia to me, Id love that. Hope you enjoyed my Lady Ga Ga inspired makeup look today. I twisted it a bit but if you want the real look, opt for a more matte pink and black instead of the shimmer smokey effect. Also doing the thunderbolt on the cheek wasnt an option today because I dont have the goods for it. The products used are MAC shadestick beige ing My own line bylaurenluke**** makeup samples MAC stately black eye shadow from hello kitty MAC pink opal pigment My own line creme blush sample MAC sweet thing lipstick Collection 2000 lipgloss 41 Stila convertible eye pen onyx Thanks so much for watching, It means the absolute world to me and when I see your feedback on my channel and know you have enjoyed my videos. Thats priceless to me. Zoom zoom!
29 Jun 2011
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Hia everyone, Follow me on Twitter, *******twitter****/panacea81 I really hope you enjoy my Cheshire Cat make up inspired look. If you havent allready subscribed, please do as it means a lot to me and really does make a difference having your support. The products used are: Bylaurenluke primer MAC pigment bright fuchsia Deep purple -Manly palette 120 pro from ebay dead cheap :) Bylaurenluke Fierce violets- porcelain dust e/shadow MAC bootblack liquid liner MAC 239 brush Bylaurenluke fluffy brush De beauty false lashes - loads of affordable sets online Bylaurenluke Fierce violets - crushed lilac e/s on cheeks for highlight No 7 natural collection light pink MAC lipstick profusion Thanks so much for always being there when I make new videos. I always hope you enjoy so let me know, leave me a comment or even a video response just to say Hia :) Zoom zoom! Lauren
15 Oct 2011
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Hia everyone, *******twitter****/panacea81 In between videos follow me here, Id love it and I reply like mad :) Come say Hia and tell me all about your day. I really hope you enjoyed my bridal wedding day makeup tutorial Spring is here and summer is coming. There will be loads of you going up that Aisle so hopefully my video might help you. The products used are My own line concealer eye primer MAC paradisco eyeshadow hello kitty My own line sparkling choclate eyeshadow sample Estee Lauder eye pencil coffee Stila eye pen onyx MAC pigment pink opal MAC pigment fairylite MAC blush margin Boots n07 lipliner natural collection lipstick Thanks for watching and subscribing but most of all for still enjoying my videos nearly two years on. Thank you. Lauren.
28 Oct 2011
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