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With the advent of Operation Barbarossa in June 1941, Afghanistan found itself rocked by a more serious international shockwave. The Soviet Union the great opponent of the British Empire in central Asia and ally of Afghanistan's German friends suddenly became an enemy of the Germans and a friend of the British. There was no longer any hope of playing the British against the Soviets. Soon afterward came the joint Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran, an event which thoroughly alarmed the government, and at which point Afghanistan was surrounded by Allied-controlled territory. It became all too apparent to Kabuls government that it could suffer the same fate as its western neighbor and the government had no choice but to accede to the joint Anglo-Soviet demand in October 1941 for the expulsion of all Germans and Italians. Although due to Afghanistan's officially neutral status small diplomatic staffs were permitted to remain, by the end of the month 206 Axis nationals had departed for neutral Turkey. Some additional Italian and German diplomatic personnel were expelled in September 1943. Afghanistan retained its neutrality but, surrounded by the possessions and occupied territories of the increasingly powerful Allied states, it became a neutrality which was as much enforced as chosen. Kabul never declared war on Germany and never broke diplomatic relations with Berlin unlike a good many other powers did near the end of the wat. Had the Wehrmacht defeated the Soviet Union, however, and had panzers appeared on its northern border, Afghanistan would not have hesitated to declare war against the Allies to gain all it could from British India.
11 Sep 2017
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Another demo of panzer gecko; It will be released on the next concert.
3 Sep 2006
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Phil und Paul Panzer
4 Jul 2007
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the panzerlied sang in german over multiclips of the battle for smolenz any neo nazi comments will be deleted
15 Sep 2007
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First video in the 'Producer in a Box' videos which shows an overview of the Panzer Tactics DS WWII warfare game.
8 Oct 2007
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Overview video of the 150 units in Panzer Tactics DS for Nintendo DS
15 Oct 2007
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An overview of the special units in Panzer Tactics DS for the Nintendo DS
6 Nov 2007
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1/35th scale models of german panzers and other armoured fighting vehicles I made
28 Nov 2007
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Panzer Dragoon opening for SEGA PC/SEGA Saturn
23 Mar 2010
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***NO ROM/ISO REQUESTS***I've been working hard on Cxbx in my free time lately, and I've managed to get the infamous SEGA title known as Panzer Dragoon ORTA in-game! The bugs are heavy, but it's progress. The sound is almost perfect and stutter free. It's far too slow to be playable in-game. The bugs are quite unpredictable, and eventually, the sound buffer cache will overflow! I had to display some graphics in wireframe and point mode so you can actually get a view of the 3D graphics since a 2D quad is covering everything in normal mode.For more progress on Cxbx and updates, check out my blog: *******shogun3d-cxbx.blogspot****/Thanks for watching!
23 Mar 2010
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Deutschland panzerlied
6 Jun 2010
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Sammle nützliche Informationen über 1/87 Panzer Tank. Dieser Artikel gibt Ihnen viele nützliche Informationen.
20 Aug 2010
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