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make a simple cell phone antenna out of a paperclip that will boost your cell phone signal strength a lot!
2 Nov 2007
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It's a simple guide telling you how to make the picks with paper clips then open a simple masterlock with them.
15 Apr 2007
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A must know quick tip! Only got one battery in your remote control? No Problem. A magic quick fix to use your remote in a battery crisis or on the road in a hotel. AA and AAA remotes for all devices. Go try it for fun!
16 Dec 2007
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How to make an amazing toy: Let me show you how to make it in ONE mins with TWO paper clips, it can jump up to 2 meters high...I was one of the PRO player during my school time.
7 Oct 2007
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Takao Sakai, professor of mechanical engineering at the Tohoku university in Japan, has proposed an ingeniously simple solution. His top consists of a sector of a circle, from which two connecting spokes lead back to the main shaft, or rotating axis
5 Jun 2006
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******* Download 30 more videos that teach how to pick a lock, any kind of lock imaginable with complete full detailed step by step directions
6 Apr 2009
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Easy to perform bar trick with paper clips. Enjoy
2 Dec 2007
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Fire safe are there to contain important documents shame they are so easy to pick with just a paper clip
13 May 2007
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Learn To Hack a Glue Gun and turn it into a Small Electric Stove to heat up your food. Did I mention its cheap to make and very helpful for when you don't have anything to cook you food with. Find out how by watching this video.
10 Sep 2008
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Make a pouch with an ordinary sheet of paper (unwanted printouts or anything similar) to store coins, paper clips, tiny screws etc.
15 Jan 2007
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This video demonstrates the effects of surface tension. Used by insects like pondskaters, it is a phenomenon we rarely notice. Adding a small amount of soap to the surface weakens the surface tension so the clip falls through. Set to the music of "Dance of The Sugar Plum faries" (royalty-free) hope you like it! Please give me some feedback, r atings and comments welcome
19 Feb 2007
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Office cash boxes are normally used to keep small amount of cash for the office easily picked with a paper clip tho
10 May 2007
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