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The Perfect Hidden Deck Fasteners Our slogan says it all... Do It Once, Do It Right, Do It Out of Sight!™ The IPE CLIP® Company manufactures Hidden Deck Fasteners that have up to 3 times the strength of other hidden deck fasteners. Our unique deck fastener design allows for fast and easy installation, while giving both the do-it-yourselfer or expert deck builder a professionally finished look. Fastener installation slots can be cut using a standard biscuit jointer or router. To ease installation pre-grooved decking can be purchased at a variety of lumber yards. After the installation of IPE CLIP® brand fasteners no screws are visible to detract from your deck's appearance, and the worry of snagging a nail head on your feet is eliminated! The square design of our IPE CLIP® Extreme™offers unparalleled strength in harsh environments like extreme cold or intense heat. Our hidden deck fasteners are the only deck fasteners available with fiberglass reinforcement and with a stainless steel insert molded inside to provide superior holding strength in brutal climates. Our deck fasteners are available in a variety of colors to match the natural or weathered appearance of your hardwood or composite deck. Make sure your new deck is safe, long lasting and looks its best with IPE CLIP® hidden deck fasteners.
Guess what country this is. Why does anyone act like this? here the first song, Handlebars, By the Flobots the second song manic street preachers--if you tolerate this gnooze from the end begets violence, hate begets hate, neither should be preemptive, or you seal your own fate, soon some may come, to steal you away, if you lay down to their force, you might not live another day. Jesus isn't coming to save you stock up NOW, don't wait, get everything you will need to survive for the next few months, or you're foolish. we just bailed out wall-street, the pentagon, and they're planning on buying up the country soon, Paulson is your new king, I hope you don't owe much on your mortgage because they may soon be calling in the repo man to come snatch your land, if you live somewhere they want to develop on. IF YOU PLAN ON VOTING FOR BARACK OBAMA OR JOHN MCCAIN, I STAND MY GROUND WHEN I TELL YOU YOUR AN IDIOT, DON'T EVEN TRY TO ARGUE WITH ME ON THIS. THEY BOTH HAVE A LOT OF TIES TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT CAUSED THIS MESS. IF YOU JUST GOOGLE EITHER ONE OF THEM AND LOBBY MONEY WITH IT, YOU WILL GET A SHIT-LOAD OF HITS, STOP WITH THE DAMN PARTY BLINDERS, THERE ARE 4 OTHER PEOPLE ON THE BALLOT IN ENOUGH STATES TO WIN, PICK ONE OF THEM, THEY ARE PRETTY CLEAN RIGHT NOW join the thirdpartymovement on facebook. and freeamerica on ning. this liknk vv the story on martial law this stuff out too, Scott Loper millennium act global poverty act Kyoto hr1955 USA180 hr323 Zbigniew Brzezinski patriot act habeas corpus Tri Lateral Commission NAFTA Bilderberg Group Bohemian Grove Security and Prosperity Partnership act NASCO NWO Bill Cooper Howard E. Hunt David Rockefeller The Rothschilds Prescott Bush Keating 5 Songbird McCain Clinton Cronicles Chemtrails Fluoride Mercury Vaccines Depleted Uranium Cancer virus solar warming fiat money Fiat Empire Money Masters America; Freedom to Fascism Zeitgeist Endgame Gnostic Gospels Ron Paul Mike Gravel Ralph Nader Cynthia McKinney Jesse Ventura 9/11 was known beforehand, but by whom? northwoods put options on the airlines trucks under the world trade building 7 thermite/thermate bomb on Washington bridge Oklahoma City bombing ^^extra bombs^^ 4 dead in Ohio Waco ^burning children^ Japanese internment FEMA camps FEMA tunnels Russian Alaskan tunnels project paper clip lindberg Eisenhower JFK II RFK Sirhan H.R.6166, H.R.4088, H.R.1955 , H.R.3773, S-1959, 2433, EX.ORDER 12919, Military Commissions Act, Battalion 316, Global Poverty Act , bilderberg, T.I.'S, GANGSTALKIN G, codex alimentarius, george shultz, milton friedman, felix rohatyn, jACOB rOTHCHILD, warren buffet, dAVID rOCKEFELLER, GREG SCARPA, RAMZI YOUSEF, John O'Neil, Harlan Girard, monsanto poison food, E951, BUSINESS PLOT, CFR, RFID, PATRIOT ACT, NORTH AMERICAN UNION, BERRYVILLE, GREEN MOUNTAIN ALABAMA, MT. WEATHER, HAARP WEAPONS, chemical trails, OP. AJAX, OP.GARDEN PLOT, OP.CABLE SPLICER, MKULTRA, ABU MOHAMED AL AMRIKI, KALID BIN MAHFEVZ, ZAIMAN AL ZAWAHIRI KLA, BCCI NETWORKS, V2K, MARK KLINE, EXECUTIVE ORDER JULY 17 2007, ORDER OF DEATH, HERMAN OBERTH, KNIGHT OF MALTA, 34 u.s. pRESIDENTS DIRECT ILLUMINATI, U.S.GOULAGS NWO New World Order Project for a new American Century P-nac any comments I don't like may be deleted, this is private property, trumps your free speech, too many bad comments and your blocked.
19 Jun 2009
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LOU DOBBS U.S HELPING FUND IRAN NUKES keywords: Movement, A.R.M, Alex Jones, New World Order, Illuminati, NWO, Skull and Bones, Bush, 911 Conspiracy, The Civilians Military, Militia, American Resistance Movement, Revolt, Bilderberg, CFR, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Loose Change, End Game, Terrorstorm, Patriot Act, HR 1955, 911 was an inside job, truth, iraq war, black water, free masons, Ron Paul, New World Order carbon tax CO2 Global Warming is a fearmongering scam. The sun is getting hotter. Alex Jones is just one source. Police State is just making some X-military clones. MK Ultra mind control. Income. John F. Kennedy or JFK CIA FBI international bankers Rothschild David Rockefeller. Chemtrails chemical trails from jets. Air Force United States Army Navy Marines National Guard. NORAD stood down. Fake war in Iraq and Afghanistan but the human deaths are real. Corporations own a market for every physical item on this Earth. Immortal Technique is trying to push the revolution into the streets. I don't know if I can agree with that. People go to work all day Jedi Mind Tricks are alright. Vinnie Paz in shit. Paris is OK. Sick Since and Ill Bill all good. 911 or September 11, 2001 was the greatest world scam to take place in a very long time, no matter what your take on the conspiracy theorist or theories America American Turn off the TV and the news. Project Paper Clip Operation Northwoods George W H Bush Bill Skull and Bones Bohemia Grove secrete societies Freemasons mason Masonic Temple Mormon. Government in schools. Mercury Vaccines. Nazi Hitler Every one is in a rush. Drugs marijuana blunt alcohol tobacco National ID Cards in May 2008. Elections are rigged. Real ID Act congress president. Obama and Mccain are clones. Republicans and Democrats are the same. Council on Foreign Relations. Club of Rome. Trilateral Commission. Federal Reserve illusion money dollar fall. Graph and carts. Round Table. Cocaine Mushrooms Crack Heroin Meth. 666 Mark of the Beast Christian Catholic Muslim Jewish Jew inside job protest fight Last Days Jesus Christ God. The second coming. North American Union. South American Union. APEC. European Union. All Seeing Eye. Devil Lucifer. Traffic cams cameras intersection cops clowns jester CFR is weak NAU One World Government
1 Dec 2008
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This package of 2 lovely cartoon bear paper clip are designed so exquisite that you will love them very much. It is designed with ruler function at the back of the bookmark and it looks quite absorbing. Essential to readers. Source: *******www.sourcingmap****/mini-lovely-cartoon-bear-wooden-bookmark-paper-clip-2pcs-p-25176.html
26 Nov 2008
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*********** - Learn about the Dahle line of Paper Shredders in this quick 3 minute Video. *******www.monomachines****/Shredders/Dahle.html Dale Document destroying machines can shred everything from paper to credit cards, cds and paper clips.
5 Jan 2009
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It's me with my iPhone, duh! This video was made a long time ago when I actually had service on this thing. Now, because I have low finance, I have converted my iPhone to a really cool iPod Touch with a Camera by cancelling my service and taking out the SIM card by use of a paper clip. Hee Hee :)
20 Jan 2009
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Here at BHB Reptiles we get a lot of visitors, and I get the chance to go around and show off a lot of really cool snake projects that I'm working with. I figured that I would show you guys the collection as if you came to visit me in person. Nothing scripted, just me going around pulling some of my favorite reptiles out and telling you a little about them. We also have another round of SnakeBytesTV Jeh-Party where the loser gets blindfolded and must find a paper clip in with a mean snake! follow me at: *******www.twitter****/snakebytestv our community: *******www.snakebytestv.ning****
18 Feb 2010
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Hi Fellows, This is Harprit Singh. I have just posted an article on my blog on the benefits that one get when they have their home business. In a home business while filing taxes you can claim your mortgage, your bills, your dinners, gas, car mileage, car repair, home office, property depreciation and even a paper clip. Read my full article here ******* If you are serious about starting Your Own Internet Marketing Business From Home sign up here www.MillionDollarResidualPlan**** Take care, Harprit Singh Facebook: *******www.facebook****/hapishyguy Twitter: *******twitter****/HarpritSingh ---- Confused, boggled, too much information, reading too many emails, don't know where to start, can't focus, not getting leads, have failed in past, not making enough money, not making money at all, need consultation ------ call me (516) 515 1059
14 Mar 2010
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www.Pokerwagers**** Lucky Disc Portable Poker A disc with ten playing cards printed around it is shown. Disc turned face down so backs of cards show... A spectator then eliminates five of the cards by clipping them with five paper clips,leaving five cards for himself..when hands are shown,performer always wins. May be repeated over and over...
11 Jul 2010
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Hi I'm Dean Liou. During the day, I work as a Senior Web Application Developer at a large electronics manufacturer in Southern California. I got started into modding because I wanted something "fun" to bring to the LAN parties I attended back when I was living in Texas: Quakecon, if you're curious. Ahh, those carefree days as a college student seem so long ago. These days I don't attend LAN parties anymore since I'm married and have a 1.5 year old daughter. In fact, nearly all of my free time these days is spent with my family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Interesting bit of trivia is that I'm also the inventor of the iPhone Paper Clip Stand (Google it) and the GoGoStand (gogostand****). My personal site where I keep my mods is www.envador****
2 Sep 2010
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Hi I'm Dean Liou. During the day, I work as a Senior Web Application Developer at a large electronics manufacturer in Southern California. I got started into modding because I wanted something "fun" to bring to the LAN parties I attended back when I was living in Texas: Quakecon, if you're curious. Ahh, those carefree days as a college student seem so long ago. These days I don't attend LAN parties anymore since I'm married and have a 1.5 year old daughter. In fact, nearly all of my free time these days is spent with my family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Interesting bit of trivia is that I'm also the inventor of the iPhone Paper Clip Stand (Google it) and the GoGoStand
14 Sep 2010
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Brought to you by *******www.MyBinding****, this video highlights the features of the Fellowes Powershred PS-60 Strip Cut Paper Shredder. This smaller device is designed to handle the moderate shredding needs of any home or small office. For more details and product specifications, visit: *******www.mybinding****/.sc/ms/dd/ee/46903/Fellowes-Powershred-PS-60-Strip-Cut-Paper-Shredder Or, if you have questions about this or any other Fellowes product you can feel free to give us a call toll-free at 1-800-944-4573. We carry a full line of shredders, supplies, and more from Fellowes. You can also find us online on Twitter, Facebook, or our blog. Twitter - *******twitter****/mybinding Facebook - *******www.facebook****/MyBinding Blog - *******www.mybindingblog****/ Here is a transcript from this video: *The Fellowes Powershred PS-60 Strip Cut Paper Shredder is designed for moderate shredding needs in the home or office. *It's easy to use, with auto start/stop and reverse functions, and a sheet capacity gauge to prevent paper jams. *The 9" paper entry easily accepts letter or legal size documents. *The PS-60 shreds up to 12 sheets per pass – up to 130 sheets a minute. *The durable steel cutters easily shred credit cards, staples, and paper clips. *The PS-60 is a great buy in a small paper shredder for your home or small office. Take a look at it today!
28 May 2011
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BY MIKKEL NOEL LANZKY The European Union won’t demand further recapitalization of the region’s banks for fear of causing a new recession. That’s the message from an EU banking committee this week. European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet says he sees no need to further recapitalize because the measures already in place are having the expected effect. Jean-Claude Trichet: “The securities markets’ program strictly aims at correcting malfunctioning of markets. The prohibition of monetary financing underlines precisely the fact that budgetary discipline is of the utmost importance." (EUX.TV) This position is in stark contrast to one held by the head of the International Monetary Fund -- Christine Lagarde. Speaking at the US Federal Reserve’s annual forum in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this past weekend, Lagarde warned of renewed recession. The Telegraph notes her concerns: "Developments this summer have indicated we are in a dangerous new phase. The stakes are clear. We risk seeing the fragile recovery derailed. So we must act now." The Globe and Mail says -- that’s a nice way of saying -- the stuff’s about to hit the fan, translating Lagarde’s words this way.... “... the European banks can’t be held together with Crazy Glue and paper clips much longer and that if they aren’t fixed soon, we’re heading for another whopper of a financial and economic crisis.” But in a talking with the San Fransisco Chronicle, European Economic Commissioner Olli Rehn supports the ECB President, saying of the current recapitalization process: "EU banks are significantly better capitalized now than they were one year ago. As the necessary recapitalization of EU banks proceeds, we expect their funding conditions to improve." CNBC senior editor John Carney says the EU -- or individual European governments -- could be considering a regular bailout of European banks. “So perhaps the European financial authorities are abandoning the backdoor in favor of the front door: bailing out the banks directly. This could save European banks while letting the weaker countries default, which would hurt the non-bailed out holders of the defaulted debt...” And The Telegraph’s Andrew Lilico says -- instead of banks recapitalizing and further constricting -- the weak should just be allowed to fail. So that the whole of Europe can get stronger. “Banks do not need increased capital requirements. Instead, they need proper resolution mechanisms, whereby they can be allowed to go bust, safely, with losses for lenders instead of taxpayers and the wider macroeconomy.” Transcript by Newsy.
31 Aug 2011
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