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*******www.sportparagliding****/ Pilots Timothy Green / Mike Fifield. D Bag drop from a tandem paramotor. Drop altitude 7100ft.
6 Jan 2008
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trabzon da sürmende şener bayraktar paramotor uçuşu
15 Jun 2009
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Cornel Anderson test-flew the GoPro Hero HD sportscam mounted on top of his paramotor. the 170 degree field of view is spectacular.
10 May 2010
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The real truth about this amazingly designed paramotor the Flat Top. How it has been expanding the reach of paragliders, is seriously easy to launch off the ground and should be the ultimate paramotor for the sport of powered paragliding. Eddie is a great pilot and loves to fly his flat top paramotor, once again showing the real freedom you can have with this super design.. This pilot soars with the lightweight design of the Flat Top frame. This is a very expieranced Paramotor pilot who was trained to fly paramotors. Just an amazing design!
15 May 2012
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Watch as the Flat Top Paramotor out shines all of its competitors, the latest Flat Top Paramotor has the greatest safety and durability in today's paramotor market. Do you wish that you could have views and the freedom like our Flat Top pilot? To get flying now visit: *******www.ftparamotors****/flat-top-ninja-paramotor/ ***********/watch?v=r5p6nKm-cxY ********vimeo****/40737462 *******www.dailymotion****/video/xqceeu_flat-top-worlds-safest-paramotor_sport *******www.stupidvideos****/video/sports/Flat_Top_-_Worlds_Safest_Paramotor/
25 Apr 2012
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I flew a near perfect cloverleaf task in 53 seconds at the comp in Beijing of which I am quite proud, on my Macpara Spice22. I flew a very relaxed pace cloverleaf, not wanting to risk missing any of the pylons, i.e. aiming for accuracy at the risk of losing some time. The best time flown at the Beijing comp was 45 seconds (fastest ever in the world). The one I flew was the best time I had yet recorded, but it shows I need to shave off at least 8 seconds, which is 15% faster! The question is: Do you fly faster and end up with wider turns, or fly slower and able to make tighter turns? Or a combination, speeding up on the short straights, then slowing down into the turns? The latter makes sense, but hitting the speedbar and dumping it again that close to the ground makes for an exhilirating experience not without its dangers. Though this video shows that I used the speedbar quite agressively, this was more for altitude control than for speed modification, as well as to "whip" around the turns (dumping the speedbar at the apex of the turn tightens the turn without risking stalling the inside wing). Paramotor: PAP 1400 with ROS125 fitted with the 130cm Helix composite prop. Wing: MacPara Spice22 The trimmers were set at 50% I weigh 88kg, so the wing is on the small side for me which is my personal preference. Comment from experienced PPG pilots welcome.
17 Apr 2008
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Paramotor World Championships Beijing, China - 2007 Slideshow of the South African team in Beijing.
9 Feb 2009
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Tvärs genom hela Sverige med Paramotor 32,6 mil 5tim 20minuter
13 Jan 2009
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Yamaç Paraşütü , mikrolayt, paramotor ile Alanya Toroslar'ın zirvesinden Akdeniz'in kumsallarına saatlerce havada kuşlar gibi süzülerek inmek , doğanın yeşil ve denizin mavi tonunun kucaklaşmasını gökyüzünden izlemenin ayrıcalığını yaşayabilirsiniz.
31 Dec 2009
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Our aerobatic friends were selected to discover the island of Phuket in Thailand. They participated in a contest, of which the shown scenes happened during their second day. Voting has already ceded, they were amongst the Top 4 Teams! The first half shows Phuket Old Town, where Mathieu had his transport tied down by the infamous "Men in Brown", the local Police. The second part is where Emilia and Mathieu go airborne in their private flytoys, called "Paramotor". Mathieu and his Emilia show us Phuket, like hardly anybody has seen it before! This wasn't a part of the contest, but they live their life in 3-D. Good luck and happy landings at all times!
14 Feb 2010
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Flight over Sao Conrado mountain and beach. The camera is attached to the wing facing down. A HOW TO DO IT is at the end of the clip.
17 Apr 2007
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Paragliding SIV Course with Fly Adventure Paragliding School Peru. A group of pilots developing their flying skills in Ibarra, Ecuador. Check out our website www.flyadventure**** or email emmfinityflyadventure**** for more info!
27 Feb 2008
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Paragliding in Huancayo Peru with friends and Fly Adventure Paragliding School Peru. Check out our website www.flyadventure**** or email emmfinityflyadventure**** for more info!
27 Feb 2008
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Paragliding in Pachacamac Peru with friends and Fly Adventure Paragliding School. Check out our website www.flyadventure**** or email emmfinityflyadventure**** for more info!
29 Feb 2008
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