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Blessed Is the Match is the first documentary feature about Hannah Senesh, the World War II-era poet and diarist who became a paratrooper, resistance fighter and modern-day Joan of Arc. Safe in Palestine in 1944, she joined a mission to rescue Jews in her native Hungary. Shockingly, it was the only outside rescue mission for Jews during the Holocaust. Hannah parachuted behind enemy lines, was captured, tortured and ultimately executed by the Nazis. Her mother Catherine witnessed the entire ordeal - first as a prisoner with Hannah and later as her advocate, braving the bombed-out streets of Budapest in a desperate attempt to save Hannah. With unprecedented access to the Senesh family archive, this powerful story unfolds through the writings and photographs of Hannah and Catherine Senesh.
14 Jan 2009
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Stephen Howell and the rest of the paratroopers were headed for an emergency landing that they feared would kill them all. Could it have been an innocent prayer miles away that prevented the crash?
16 Feb 2009
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What better way to get into the woods than on a bicycle. Andrew shows you the Paratrooper rugged mountain bike with front disk brakes and 24 speeds By turning one quick lever, the X5 Paratrooper folds in less than 30 seconds into 3' x 3' pack that can be dropped from a plane, thrown in the back of car or a tossed into a canoe. This is the ultimate Bushcraft transport. Purchase from *******www.azbushcraft****
6 Aug 2009
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It is near the end of WWII. The Germans have lost most of France, and the Allied forces decide to give them the final hit. They plan to drop thousands of paratroopers in Holland and keep a few key positions there, until reenforcements arrive. The most important spot is the bridge of Arnhem; once it's captured, it can block everything west of Germany
13 Aug 2010
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A brand new video is introducing the new faction in Armaversum - British Armed Forces. Next in the line-up of military simulators, this huge add-on for the recently released Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead deploys on August 26th and delivers a new campaign, numerous single missions and a brand new faction, expanding upon the already epic collection offered up by Arma 2's mil-sim sandbox. Players take on the role of British paratroopers and engage the enemy on an asymmetric battlefield. Less than two months after Operation Arrowhead successfully routed the Takistani military regime, NATO coalition forces face a large-scale outbreak of guerilla insurgency. A mechanized force of British troops is about to deploy and embark upon a large-scale counter-insurgency campaign, which will define the future of the coalition presence in Takistan: Operation "Crimson Lance". BAF provides an opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Takistan in even more depth, and offers the chance to hop across the border to Karzeghistan in the Shapur e-Dalanper region - a brand new area included as bonus content. A small, strategically important area, Shapur consists of pockets of densely developed settlements and industrial complexes within its regional boundaries, located just on the Karzeghi side of Takistan's volatile borderlands. Unprecedented freedom of movement, action and tactics - together with hundreds of unique models and epic sandbox-style maps - create the most authentic military simulation game available in the world today: war without the training wheels. With British forces moving in to initiate a counter-insurgency campaign, players can outfit themselves with Multi-Terrain Pattern uniforms and DPM smocks designed for arid desert areas. Amid the array of the available armaments are the trademark L85A2 infantry assault rifles, machineguns in the form of the L86A2 Light Support Weapon, the L110A1 and the legendary GPMG, along with the L115A1 Long Range Rifle and the formidable AS50 for snipers. Vehicles include the modernised Warrior and Jackal 2 MWMIK armored trucks, with air support provided by Apache AH1 gunships and AH11 Wildcat multirole helicopters. The Merlin HC3 and Chinook HC2 are the backbone of airborne troop transportation. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is available now! Check out the project´s homepage www.arma2**** and learn more about Arma 2: Combined Operations - a unique collection of the original Arma 2 and the massive standalone expansion pack, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. Arma 2: British Armed Forces will be deployed exclusively for the PC on 26th August 2010. It will be available for GBP 7.99/EUR 8.99/USD 9.99
20 Aug 2010
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Wa WA Punx Hooty Hoo from the album Hip Hop Kicks now on itunes ***********/us/artist/wa-... Wa WA Punx Hip Hop Kicks is a unique mix of alternative hip hop offered up with a block-rocking mix of fresh cut lyrics and cutting edge beats. In its kaleidoscope of deep fried old school funk and hip hop beats, Hip Hop Kicks presents an album awash with driving verses and seductive choruses. Hip Hop Kicks feels like slipping into your favourite pair of classic beat up hi tops. This song is written and produced by Wa WA Punx, made up of Dylan Rippon and Cory Jarnagin, aka Cory J. The transatlantic duo have blended old school hip hop with a punk rock sensibility and have created seamlessly catchy tunes, perfect for promo makers looking to lace their production with electropop, rock, 70's funk and classic hip hop. Composer Information: Dylan Rippon is a British avant garde musician who currently fronts the London-based tri Bears From Labrador. He is a prolific songwriter and has collaborated with a who's who of the commercial world. Cory Jarnagin is a Seattle, Washington based hip hop artist whose lyrics fuse wit and cultural relevance with a 90's hip hop aesthetic. He frequently composes a ukulele, and performs to a boom box recording of his beats. Lyrics: HOOTY HOO I make a groove, make it move Make 'em move with the groove Make it hooty, make it hoo Make it hooty hoo When I do what I do I stay true to my rules never waiver on the flavour No blue suede shoes No diggity, no Dr. Seuss I just sharp shoot So lace up your boots paratroops I get a bump from Colbert Cash crisp like cold air There's a perfect circle in every square It's all Oregon country fair And I'm always prepared to grow a beard and be a shepherd With post apocalyptic Hip hop acoustic Eclectic musings with electric music I got this feeling and it just ain't right I'm goin' crazy on it every night So in the flow when the beat gets tight Gonna' make it, shake it, down with my own thing I speak frankly, Sarah tall and plainly Strangely gangly, funk gone gamey Ancient symphonies, LSD epiphanies Third class amenities on this train to infinity Histories, mysteries, Seattle I'm listening To Amarillo gorillas and a bowl of Rice Krispies Piggity pork chop, snap crackle pop TMZ it's me and I'm ready for my close-up I got this feeling and it just ain't right I'm goin' crazy on it every night So in the flow when the beat gets tight Gonna' make it shake it, down with my own thing
8 Dec 2011
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Shoot paratroopers with your cannon before they raid your buildings and destroy your cannon! This CGR review of Commando Raid for Atari 2600 has gameplay from this Atari VCS game cartridge showing game play in action as Commando Raid is played! Works with Atari joystick controllers and gets repetitive, but it's still fun and easy to find these days. Shoot helicopters and the occasional airplane as well. Score points, blast androids and eat oatmeal. Atari!
7 Aug 2012
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Summary of The 508th Connection by Zig Boroughs When I arrived home after my army discharge in 1945, the challenges of adult civilian life excited me tremendously. I passionately anticipated living as a husband and father, no longer separated by the Atlantic Ocean and a dangerous war from my wife and child. I eagerly plunged into active civilian employment, impatient to establish a career of peaceful service to humanity. Although the experiences and feelings of World War II affected by attitudes and ideals, my energies were so devoted to other interests, the memories of the war years were pushed into an inactive part of my brain. For many years I thought very little about the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, and I lost contact with all but one of my paratrooper buddies. Then at 11:00 PM, Christmas Eve 1983, a memory of Christmas Eve 1944 forced its way to the surface. My wife and I were visiting with our daughter, Gini, and her family. We were waiting for our grandchildren to go to bed so that Santa Claus could prepare for Christmas morning. Noticing that it was 11:00 PM, I announced, “Let me tell you what I was doing at this hour thirty-nine years ago!” I told the story “Burial and Birth,” which you may read in this volume. When I finished the story, Gini told me, “Dad, you should write this story and send it to all our family members.” Once I wrote one story, the dam burst and a floodgate of stories awoke in my memory, which resulted in the book, A Private’s Eye View of World War II. Many details had faded with time, and I needed to check with my paratrooper buddies to get my stories straight. Senator Strom Thurman’s staff helped me locate Jim Allardyce, secretary of the 508th Parachute Infantry Association. Allardyce provided a roster of the association membership with their addresses. This enabled me to verify or correct my stories, A Private’s Eye View of World War II. Other veterans of the 508th began to tell me their stories. Some suggested that I write another book and tell their experiences, which resulted in The Devil’s Tale. For over twenty years, I have collected information from others. The most important source of information has come from the 508th veterans. Since I have been associated with the 508th Parachute Infantry Association, I have met hundreds of fellow veterans of the regiment and have listened to their stories. Through the association, I have also met friends of the 508th from England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Israel. These friends have also given me valuable information. I have chosen the title The 508th Connection to give credit to all those who have so generously helped as friends and as sources of information. The “connections” are much more than sources for writing a book. They are friends whom I treasure. They are closer than friends. We are family. The 508th Connection tells the stories of the lives of men of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Eighty-second Airborne Division. As you read the stories in The 508th Connection, you will become connected with their lives—in the barracks, in the pubs, and on the battlefield. The stories are both entertaining and educational. They will capture your heart, your imagination, and your understanding of what it was like for the paratroopers to live through the horrors of war while keeping their sanity and humor. There are humorous stories, romantic stories, and battle stories, stories about being captured by the enemy. There are stories of men who killed to survive, who lived in foxholes, who helped and were helped by local people. Throughout the book, we connect with the paratroopers who relied on each other for survival. This is their story. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.xlibris****/Products/SKU-0121823050/The-508th-Connection.aspx
18 Jun 2013
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The Battle of Arnhem, fought in the early autumn of 1944, remains without a doubt the most hotly debated battle of the North West European Campaign, both then and now. From its inception in the sixteen canceled airborne operations during August, we will chart the problems, many of which were ignored by men desperate to get into battle, the compromises and mistakes that pitched lightly armed and ill equipped paratroopers and glider infantry into an unequal struggle against an SS panzer troops. We follow the eight mile route that 2 Para took to reach the bridge at Arnhem, slipping through the German defences. Meanwhile, the remainder of the force tangled with 9th SS Hohenstaufen Panzer Division, whose presence in the woods north of Arnhem had been dismissed as a figment of an intelligence officers’ imagination. The film reaches a finale as 2 Para isolated from the rest of the Division and with the US Airborne and XXX Corps stalled at the Nijmegen Bridge, fights a bitter battle for survival that ultimately ended with the message ‘Out of ammunition. God save the King.’ Buy this DVD now at *******
28 Jun 2013
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In 1941 Dr RV Jones became convinced that the Germans had developed their own radar system that would account for increasing RAF bomber casualties. The hunt was on! Eventually an enemy Würzburg system was located on the cliffs of Northern France at Bruneval and seizing it would be the solution to overcoming the enemy radar problem. A joint operation was planned by HQ Combined Ops that would involve all three Services, including the newly raised and barely parachute qualified C Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion, Commanded by Major John Frost. The planning went well but the rehearsals involving the Royal Navy were all disastrous. As the narrow window of moon and tide approached it was decided ‘to bash on’. Nine of the twelve sticks of Paratroopers were dropped by 51 Squadron and the Germans were caught napping on a winters night. However, they quickly responded and the Paras had a serious fight on their hands to keep the enemy at bay while the experts, who the Paras had orders to kill rather than let fall into enemy hands, dismantled. With the enemy closing in the job was done and the force started to withdraw but elements of Frosts plan were beginning to unravel. It seemed that they may be blocked but with the Paras converging on the beach they secured their escape on the badly delayed Royal Navy landing craft. In Britain’s darkest hour the success of the Bruneval raid was just what Churchill needed and the information gained saved the lives of many aircrew. Buy this DVD now at *******
28 Jun 2013
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Montgomery’s brainchild, Operation Market Garden, was designed to end the war by Christmas 1944 and clear away Hitler’s V weapons from the North Sea Coast. Following the collapse of the German Army in Normandy and its flight back across northern France, it seemed that a bold move to seize the three major and numerous other waterways across Holland would place the Second British Army beyond the Rhine. This would deliver Germany’s powerhouse the Ruhr, put the Allies on the North German Plain and the road to Berlin. The Allies had, however, outran their supplies and the Germans were staging an amazing strategic recovery. The BHTV team, made up of leading historians and battlefield guides, probe the controversial background to Operation Market Garden. Early afternoon on 17 September 1944 the 101st US Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles), who parachuted onto Drop Zones dictated by the air planners wish to avoid ‘unnecessary casualties from flak’ around Eindhoven, had been denied a coup de main against the first significant canal bridge at Son. With plenty of warning of the approach of the US paratroopers, the Germans blew the bridge arguably dealing Market Garden a potentially mortal blow. Meanwhile, XXX Corps were having trouble of their own after a start at 1430 hours. A mixture of SS and Fallschirmjger troops despite a bombardment halted the breakout of the Guards Armoured Division in its tracks! However, by nightfall the Irish Guards were through the German defences and had reached Valkensward 10 miles along the 60 mile route to Arnhem. The delay in reaching and bridging the canal at Son was significant but German resistance was hardening as troops were rushed to attack the airborne carpet and single route the British intended to use across Holland. With the bridging operation complete the Grenadier Guards Group covered the next 30 miles to Nijmegen in little over three hour. Market Garden looked as if it were back on schedule despite the setbacks and Arnhem was only ten miles further on. It was one thing to reach Nijmegen in forty hours but for the American Paratroopers holding the route open proved to be a different matter! The road north across Holland quickly earned the well deserved nick name ‘Hell’s Highway’. The paratroopers had to constantly fend of the growing number of enemy troops who were mounting increasingly strong attacks from east and west. Lacking numbers on the ground and transport it was an unequal battle to keep the road open. The Germans only had to get within firing range of the road elevated across the surrounding flat terrain to effectively close the vital highway and starve the troops fighting to reach Arnhem of all kinds of combat supplies. The team will examine successes and failures on Hell’s Highway to find out whether the reasons for failure can be found on here or was it soldiers of two nations fighting alongside each other to execute a fatally flawed plan? Buy this DVD now at *******
28 Jun 2013
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Following on from BHTV’s earlier film in the Market Garden series on the story of Hell’s Highway, the series reaches the battle to seize the great Bridges over two of Europe’s largest water ways; the Maas and the Waal at Nijmegen. Here the 82nd US airborne were, as elsewhere, denied coup de main attacks to seize the bridges by the air commanders. While the Grave Bridge was captured, confusion in US orders meant that the barely defended bridge in Nijmegen was only attacked when the Germans had taken the opportunity to reinforce the garrison. The resulting battle to regain control of the situation is an epic of Anglo-American military history. With the 10th SS Frundsberg Division marching south to block the Allied advance, the British Guards Armoured Division delayed by a blown bridge on Hell’s Highway arrived and were pitched into a quick attack fighting alongside the American Paratroopers but this quick attack failed to grab the bridges. A better organised and supported attack was needed the following day. The key was to be a river crossing by 3rd 504th Parachute Infantry that British General Miles Dempsey described as he watched as ‘unbelievable’. With the Guards and 82nd closing in on the bridges from both sides the German defence crumbled. Even though the Bridges were in Allied hands the 82nd was being assailed by counter attacks from every point of the compass and Hell’s Highway had been repeatedly cut behind them and the life blood of an armoured division was being choked off.rnrnOur team of expert soldier/historians explain this amazing story in impeccable detail whilst not avoiding the controversies of this battle, which are so often divided on national lines, and have concentrated on military logic to cut to the truth. The DVD also boasts the first on screen interview with Lord Peter Carrington who crossed the Nijmegen Bridge with the first wave of British tanks. Buy this DVD now at *******
28 Jun 2013
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Vector Pilot review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR shirts, hats, mugs & gear! *******www.CGRstore**** Vectrex vector graphics clone of Konami's 1983 arcade game, Time Pilot! Fly your space ship through time and battle biplanes, jets, helicopters and UFOs. Collect paratroopers for big points and enjoy those amazing VECTREX visuals and sound design!
28 Jan 2014
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I made this movie as a tribute to our paratroopers. I tried my best to tie in the lines of the verses with the pics but there where just some spots where I couldnt find the right pics. I used pics from WWII to today. Song: Blood on The Risers, sung by the 82nd Airborne Chours. Lyrics: He was just a rookie trooper and he surely shook with fright as he checked all his equipment and made sure his pack was tight He had to sit and listen to the awful engines roar, And he ain't gonna jump no more. CHORUS: Gory, Gory, What a helluva way to die Gory, Gory, What a helluva way to die Gory, Gory, What a helluva way to die He aint gonna jump no more. "Is everybody happy?" cried the Sergeant, looking up. Our hero feebly answered "yes," and then they stood him up. He jumped into the icy blast, his static line unhooked. He aint gonna jump no more. CHORUS He counted long, he counted loud, he waited for the shock; He felt the wind, he felt the cold, he felt the awful drop; The silk from his reserves spilled out and wrapped around his legs. He aint gonna jump no more. CHORUS The risers wrapped around his neck, connectors cracked his dome; Suspension lines where tied in knots, around his skinny bones; The canopy became his shroud, he hurtled to the ground. He aint gonna jump no more. CHORUS The days hed lived and loved and laughed kept running through his mind; He thought about the girl back home, the one hed left behind; He thought about the medicals and wondered what theyed find. He aint gonna jump no more. CHORUS The ambulance was on the spot, the jeeps were running wild; The medics jumped and screamed with glee, they rolled up their sleeves and smiled; For it had been a week or more since last a chute had failed. He aint gonna jump no more. CHORUS He hit the ground, the sound was splat, his blood went spurting high; His comrades they were heard to say, "A helluve way to die"; He lay there rolling round in the welter of his gore. He aint gonna jump no more. CHORUS There was blood upon the risers, there were brains upon the chute; Intestines were a-dangling from this paratrooper suite; He was a mess they picked him up, and poured him from his boots. He aint gonna jump no more. Gory, Gory, What a helluva way to die Gory, Gory, What a helluva way to die Gory, Gory, What a helluva way to die He aint gonna jump no more.
24 Jan 2009
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Wonderful video of Airborne Paratroopers doing a mass jump from an Air Force C-130 plane.
24 Jan 2009
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Life in the army doesn't always go to plan. Watch these series of paratrooper mishaps
18 Feb 2009
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