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The clip Julie moves out from Parenthood (1989) with Dianne Wiest, Martha Plimpton. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. What did you say to me? Goddamn it! You get back here! Open this door! Goddamn it to hell! I would just like a little respect! Not a lot, just a little! Do you know why I'm having sex with machinery? Because your father left to have a party and I stayed to raise two kids! I have no life! Goddamn it! What are you doing? I'm leaving before we say things we'll regret. You're gonna say something worse than the battery remark? Tod and I are in love. It's not "going steady" love. It's love. I need him. He's my life. He touches me, and I quiver. Oh, would you give me just a small break? See? You can't handle it. Tod's working now. We'll find a place to live somewhere. Hi, Garry. Hi. I'm moving out, Garry. Bye. You've upset your brother! Julie, I'm telling you... if you walk out of this house, don't ever think about coming back. Fine. Honey, I'm always here if you need me. Sweetheart! Honey, be careful. If you want anything, just call me! Bye.
6 Apr 2012
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