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*******www.heygorgeouskids****/parentresources.htm Hey Gorgeous Kids offers information about parenting and child development as well as fun games and article resources for kids.
8 Feb 2009
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This educational video discusses the three methods of social control in 1950's United States: American customs (what we usually do), American morals (what we should do), and American law (what we must do). A group of teenagers serve as a microcosm of society, with the parents as the governmental authority. The story is about the group and how their teen curfews are causing difficulty at work (they work at the "Teen Canteen") and at home. The adults are ready to give parenting tips about curfew that mirror American laws. The teenage behavior is pretty tame by today's standards, and it's interesting to see how different parenting and parenting resources were in the fifties. To get to the heart of the matter, the teens and the adults responsible for them have a discussion and decide together what to do about this teenage behavior problem. The youngsters make the right choice, falling in line with their parents' wishes and social conformity in general. This film is an excellent examination of social control theory and how it was perceived and presented in the 1950's.
21 Jul 2008
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*******www.Pampers**** A newborn checklist for a content baby can be found at Pampers Village. Our child parenting resource lets moms and dads can obtain advice and child care guides from newborn heart rate and newborn eyes specialists. We know youre dedicated to maintaining a content baby, so grab your newborn checklist at Pampers Village today!
19 Oct 2010
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*******www.Pampers**** Baby proofing plus guide: Finding a baby proof TV and more with the information youll find at the Pampers Parenting Network. When it comes to baby safety, parents can obtain the best information on the nets number one parenting resource for baby proofing safety. Check out this clip and visit our website for our baby proofing plus guide: Finding a baby proof TV and more.
17 Jan 2011
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Parenting Resources
12 Dec 2016
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TheRJCarter has continued his harassment of a LoganSperman2 and a children's group on YouTube by spamming his defaming stories on internet sites. On January 28, 2008, an "article" full of lies and distortion was published by an Internet site, The-Trades****: "Editorial: YouTube: Pedophile Playground by RJ Carter" This is typical of YouTube Yahweh Clan and EncyclopediaDramatica members. ===================================== Report abuse, don't ignore it. To report abuse on YouTube: ***********/support/youtube/bin/ Inform the police of serious threats and stalking. If you are a minor, tell your parents. ===================================== Some current Encyclopedia Dramatica (EDiot) Yahweh Clan channels: EDiothede Cuppeecakes Doja187ytv runnydiahrea FUBUXGEAR longdongil TheDynaRoo TheRJCarter OurTubesSexOffenders DeadPedoSociety ThorPEDO468 jimjones2781 - (suspended as rapist187, Knife4Iogan & blackorifice2k) ===================================== The YTV, Logansperman2, Irish282, Dynacatlovesme, CobaltDiselenide and other channels are helping to expose the truth about these problems. For further information on the YouTube Yaweh Clan (YTYC): ***********/user/CobaltDiselenide ***********/user/DynaCatlovesme ***********/user/YtVhome ***********/user/Irish282 ===================================== DynaCatlovesme Irish282 Logansperman2 YouTube child safety online parent resources pedophile playground RJ therjcarter troyriser Yahweh ytyc predators clan hate YahWeh Clan Carter cyberbullying cyberstalking dramatica encyclopedia encyclopediadramatica
31 Aug 2010
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