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A parking violation leads to all sorts of trouble for a pair of Green Country firefighters.
30 Apr 2010
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See newest bits *******www.dorkly****/originals Those fighting green monsters are real sticklers about parking violations. Geek out with us... FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/dorkly TWITTER: *******www.twitter****/dorkly DIGG: *******digg****/dorkly
28 Jun 2011
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The clip FBI investigates from Where the Money Is (2000) Aren't you supposed to read me my rights? No, ma'am, you're not a suspect. Yeah, but... aren't you supposed to read me my rights? Yeah, we got a moving violation on her last year... fifty in a thirty-five zone... failure to complete traffic school and multiple outstanding parking violations. He has good breeding. How do I know? His bearing. You can tell a lot about people by their bearing. I kinda hate to admit it, but I think he got my watch. Ladies, please. This is a crime scene. You're kidding me. They've ruined the career of a promising young nurse. Carol Ann McKay had a future. You're not kidding?
17 Nov 2011
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The clip arrest from Car Wash (1976) Do you own a Cadillac with the license plates YNL 877? I sure do. You're under arrest. Turn around, please. For what, man? Over 37 parking violations you haven't paid. Oh, I gave my sister-in-law the money this morning to pay it all. Is there any other way we can straighten this out, Officer? I gave a certified check. I would've brought it myself, but I had to go to work. Tell it to the judge. Wait a minute! I would've brought the check myself! Hey, Slide, are you going to the slammer? Hey, look! Call my sister at the May Company. Better not look in his locker See you on visitin' day! Hey, call my sister at the May Company. I guess this means all debts are cancelled. No, it don't! Get back to work. Come on. Wash cars. Wash the cars. Call her! Huh? What's the number of the May Company, huh? Which one? I don't know. Any one.
17 Nov 2011
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Bugatti Veyron ブガッティ・ヴェイロン 16.4 BUGATTI 2億円相当の ブガッティ・ヴェイロンが駐車違反でロックをかけられてる。オーナも見ましたが、なかなかのオーラ出してました。チェコ wheel lock Parking violation Luxury model Ferrari Lamborghini Bentley 300km/h Money can't buy you a parking space: £1million Bugatti owner lands parking fine Last updated at 15:56 28 January 2008 Read more: *******www.dailymail******/news/article-510793/Money-buy-parking-space--1million-Bugatti-owner-lands-parking-fine.html#ixzz1Yi7qsEnh 8.0L W16 クワッドターボ 736kW(1001PS)/6000rpm(ドイツ馬力のpsに換算すると約1015ps) 1250N・m(127.5kg・m)/2200-5500rpm 正式車名の「16.4」はV8気筒×2のW16気筒+4ターボチャージャーであることを表している。ミッドシップマウントされた8.0Lの排気量を持つW型16気筒エンジンは4基のターボチャージャーにより過給され、1001馬力を発生する。厳しい冷却条件を満たすため冷却水は50リットル、エンジンオイルは23リットル必要である。製造時、このエンジンはすべて8時間のベンチテストにかけられた後、6500rpmのレッドラインで数分間回される 4輪駆動で、発進から100km/hまで2.5秒で加速し、200km/hまでは7.5秒、300km/hまでは16.7秒、0-200mは6.6秒(到達速度188km/h、カーグラフィック誌計測)、0-400mは9.95秒(到達速度235km/h、同誌計測)、そして最高速度は407km/hに達するとメーカーより発表されている。ただし最高速に達するまでには11km、そこからのブレーキングに500mが必要なため、最高速を出すには最低11.5kmの直線が必要になる。また407km/hのトップスピード時の燃費は0.8km/Lであり、100リットルの燃料タンクが12分で空になり、その間の走行距離はわずか80kmである。組み合わされるトランスミッションは7段DSGである。 Bugatti Veyron против полиции 布加迪威龙与警察 布加迪威龍與警察 Bugatti Veyron nobis DENUNTIATOR
16 Apr 2013
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Drill Sergeant Catches IDIOT in the act of parking illegally in a Handicapped Spot (GRAPHIC) I got permission from the "Drill Sgt." to reuse this video if your interested in helping catching IDIOT's parking illegaly in a Handicap spots Handicappedfraud**** was launched as a community service effort to end the misuse of handicapped parking spaces and placards. The disabled have run out of places to park, as their designated handicapped parking spaces are being taken by fraudulent individuals. Our cities are being robbed of serious metered parking revenue to to this abuse as well. The police are far too valuable and busy to stake out parking lots to ticket handicapped parking violators. The abusers go largely unpunished. It's time for our community to become the ambassadors for our cities, and report handicapped parking violators when they see it. Remember that we can not know somebody's personal situation. Many handicapped people are hassled over their lack of a visual disability by well meaning citizens. Posting your handicapped parking violator report will allow the DMV to do their job, and keep you out of a personal confrontation. We have received hundreds of emails from handicapped individuals applauding this effort, and want to continue to serve them and our communities in a peaceful and positive way The HandicappedFraud iPhone application is the fastest and easiest way to report placard and handicapped parking abuse. *******www.handicappedfraud****/ The Sgt nor I have any affiliation to handicappedfraud**** Cheers, Rick SGT,'drill Sergeant',handicapped,illegally,parked,parking, idiot,caught,catches,police,911,ticket,fine,robbed,car,sergeant,youtube,video,violation,violators
12 May 2013
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