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Shakira is a young girl from the Bronx who has joined the neighborhood gang for friendship and protection. But the crimes she commits as part of the gang lead to consequences she isn’t willing to face. Forced into the ‘Scared Straight’ program she meets a former gang leader who begins to show her a different way of life. For Shakira this is just the start down an unlikely road to redemption.
2 Mar 2010
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Alyson Hannigan looked ecstatic to be part of the gang at the American Reunion premiere in Los Angeles.
20 Mar 2012
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The clip part of the gang from Sin nombre (2009) My lips became sealed at this moment... ...when I tried to say goodbye. and how would my soul be if... ...I will live far away from you. Come to my side, ..****e life of my own being.
27 Oct 2011
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The clip Shaggy's inspirational speech from Scooby-Doo (2002) with Linda Cardellini If Mondorajagaga wanted Scooby, why'd he invite the rest of us? It doesn't matter. We gotta, like, go save Scoob. Shag, our area of expertise is nut jobs in Halloween costumes. We're supposed to be heroes, man. So I'm going to do what I always do. I'm going to eat myself a Scooby Snack and I'm going to save my best pal. Velmster? You think I'm going to fall for that? Giving me my own nickname? Trying to make me feel like... ...part of the gang? We could make a plan. What can I do? The only thing I'm good for is getting caught. But you never let that stop you before. And if that's not a true hero, then I don't know what is. Let's get jinky with it.
20 Nov 2011
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Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Fardeen Khan Somebody empties bank accounts of many people, including Babu Anna, an underworld don, via an Internet theft. The police are clueless about the robber, while Anna wants revenge. In another story, Jai Malhotra lives with his best friend, Sonia. He meets Neha Mehra and falls in love with her instantly. At first Neha rejects Jai, but later she falls for him too. One day, Jai sees Neha having a breakdown after getting a phone call. She tells him that her dead father owed money to Babu Anna's gang. To repay the amount, he became part of a gang of criminals who were responsible for the Internet thefts. After his death, the gang is now pursuing Neha to recover the money. Jai spots a rich man named Vikram Singh and decides to steal money from him. However, Vikram catches Jai. On learning the whole story, Vikram reveals that he is also a part of the gang and agrees to help Jai. In return, Jai has to take the blame for the thefts. Jai agrees, gives the money to Neha and turns himself in. Jai is to be presented for the trial, but Anna has sent his men to kill Jai. The bid fails and Jai runs to Neha's apartment, only to find both Neha and Vikram waiting for him. He is horrified to learn that they indeed stole all the money and Neha's love was just a ruse to con him to take a fall. Jai escapes from the apartment, but is shot by a police officer in the train. Even though his body isn't found, he is presumed dead. One month later, Neha and Vikram start getting anonymous phone calls. Neha believes that the calls are from Jai and that he is still alive. Jai, who is very much alive is bent on getting revenge on both Neha and Vikram. Jai makes life miserable for both Vikram and Neha. He tricks them in such a way that Anna too gets a whiff of the affair. In the end, Anna holds all three of them hostage and demands his money. Jai cleverly deflects Anna and forces Vikram to transfer Anna's money back into his account. Catching him unawares, Jai and Vikram finish Anna and his gang. In the melee, Vikram has Jai cornered. After the shootout is over, Vikram and Neha mock at him. Jai coolly executes Neha, shooting her in her head. In a fit of fury, Vikram guns down Jai. Jai mocks at Vikram and dies. Later, a news reveals that somebody has made a very hefty and generous donation to the PM's Relief Fund. Vikram is shown heading somewhere in a boat in the end.
5 May 2013
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