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Connect Franchise channel partner say some thing our franchise consulting in Pan India. For more information about Connect Franchise Call: +91-9109921144.
28 Apr 2017
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Does your lover stay peaceful when you go into the room or does he hang up the phone? Is his tablet being used to chat with "his buddies," instead of your family telephone? Assuming this is the case, attempt to get hold of your better half's mobile phone to inspect the call log or else check out the telephone payments. When your partner invests time and energy with his companions would he say he is gone longer than regular and he is sorry for that? Has another buddy or relative as of late showed up in their life? One of the greatest indications of a deceiving spouse is the loss of enthusiasm for the family. In spite of the fact that it is frequently hard to connect uplifting news with a leaving spouse, there is improving information. Switch over fragrances or wearing it all more than regularly can be another indication of deceiving. This attention to detail must be done in light of the fact that your better half might try to demoralize you. The previously mentioned signs are only a couple of the many signs that your partner might be a con artist.
20 May 2017
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Allure Marketing Solutions deliver extraordinary web services at right time. We are ready for help business associated partner.
28 Apr 2017
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Come Scoprire Un Tradimento, Senza Ricorrere Ai Costosi Servizi Delle Agenzie Investigative. Le cause dell’infedeltà sono numerose e possono essere semplici o complicate. Le relazioni extraconiugali possono essere presenti sia nei matrimoni felici che in quelli infelici. Di solito, entrambi i partner sono responsabili per la situazione. Le cause dell’infedeltà includono: una crisi di mezz’età o una crisi di pre-mezz’età, bassa autostima, mancanza di amore e attenzione da parte del partner, rabbia, noia, essersi sposati troppo giovani, condizionamenti di gruppo, l’esistenza di un’opportunità, un matrimonio deludente e dipendenza sessuale. In generale, il tradimento rappresenta un modo per evadere dalla routine matrimoniale e dalle aspettative familiari. Tipologie di relazioni extraconiugali Qualche volta l’adulterio è dovuto a una dipendenza dal sesso o al desiderio di provare emozioni forti. Una nuova relazione fornisce passione, eccitazione, pericolo, aspettativa sessuale, una storia d’amore e, spesso, produce un aumento dell'autostima. Alcuni tradimenti sono dovuti al fatto che certi uomini ritengono che le relazioni extraconiugali siano qualcosa che ci si aspetta da loro per il semplice fatto di essere maschi. Il senso di colpa che possono sperimentare questi mariti è scarso o nullo, e spesso le loro famiglie di origine giustificano il loro comportamento. Ci potrebbe anche essere un condizionamento di gruppo. Altri partner infedeli sono spinti dalla crisi di mezz’età (per esempio dalla paura di invecchiare), dalla rabbia contro il partner per torti veri o immaginati, noia o delusione dal matrimonio o altri problemi quotidiani. Queste relazioni, spesso, iniziano solo se si presenta l’occasione.
29 Apr 2017
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Yahavi presents Party Like a Superstar by Addy Nagar ft MixSingh (पार्टी लाइक आ सुपरस्टार) Singer: Addy Nagar ft. MixSingh Producer: Yahavi Lyrics: Addy Nagar Music and Mixing: MixSingh Mastering: B Sanj Director: Akshay K. Agarwal Co-Director: Esra Jung DOP: Akshay K. Agarwal Editor & Colorist: Akshay K. Agarwal Still Design: Aman Kalsi Clothing Partner: Tiktauli, V J Kunj Mobility Partner: Luxury Ride Asst. Director: Anusheel Sehdev BTS: Ravinder MUA: Monu Special Thanks: Dhruv Singhal, Vipin Khatri, AKG Films Party Like A Superstar (Official Video) Addy Nagar ft. MixSingh | Latest Hindi Song 2017 | Yahavi
1 May 2017
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Mittha Shikhali Singer : Tanjib Sarowar Lyrics & Tune : Tanjib Sarowar Music : Sajid Sarker Label : Cd Choice Flute: Kamrul Ahmed Cast : Tanjib & Oshin Director : Raihan Rafi Edit & Color Grading : Simit Ray Antor DOP : Nazmul Hasan Art: Nayeem Zaman Production: Kanon Films Digital partner : Qinetic Network
2 May 2017
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Join Truelove2 an online Love Chat website where you can search your soul mate or fun loving partner free of cost. Hurry up! and start a new journey.
3 May 2017
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Как АИР обманывает партнеров! How AIR deceives partners!
14 May 2017
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CSCP – a gold standard for Supply Chain Professionals. Fhyzics, an International Channel Partner (ICP) of APICS, USA offers end-to-end support in your CSCP journey.
18 May 2017
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In India mostly marriages are arranged by parents. In India marriage are done by caste system. The upper caste families did not want to marry their children outside their community and caste. Love marriages are not allowed in India. But now the Indian families are familiars with the concept of love marriages. In India there are too many website for marriages but apna humsafar is best free matrimonial, Punjabi matrimony, online matchmaking shadi marriage site in Punjab and all over india. apnahumsafar is best marriage bureau in Jalandhar Ludhiana Amritsar Pathankot Chandigarh Jammu Punjab and all over India. You can find your love and enjoy your life with your life partner. apnahumsafar is believe that both marriages (love and arranged) are good if we found life partner. In Indian society love and arranged marriages are still a debatable topic. Indian peoples are still confused between love marriage and arranged marriage. Media and education changed Indian peoples mind. but some people still think that love marriages are wrong and they preferred arranged marriages. Young and educated peoples realized that they have the right to choose their life partner without any social pressure and apnahumsafar is the best way to find your life partner. because apnahumsafa is best free matrimonial, online matchmaking, Punjabi matrimony, marriage, shadi site in India. In arranged marriage parents deciding your life partner, but in love marriage you choose your life partner. In arranged marriage both( girl and boy) of you know each other after marriage, but in love marriage both of you know each other before marriage. In arranged marriage both families always stand for you in all situation , but in love marriage they will never stand for you. In arranged marriage before deciding anything the parents check the family background and financial stability which is very important for successes marriage, but in love
19 May 2017
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Longines has not just been a renowned Swiss Watchmaker; it has also been an official timekeeper of various sports events across the world. The thrill and precision on field have always inspired brand to take its innovative journey further. The association with sports has been proven effective for designing watches that have a timeless appeal in every art of glamour. Longines thinks that sports convey elegance, and wearing that elegance seems to be the symbol of the winners. Longines’ partnership with sports started in 1878 with the launch of the first Chronograph watch by the brand. Since then, the brand has experienced many exciting movements as the timekeeper of various world championships of sports. Retaining the same elegance, the brand proudly fulfilled all the parameters stated in the sports world and enjoyed to accompany the wrists of champions. Longines’ connection to the equestrian sports dates back to 1878 with the fist introduction of the chronograph watch having jockey and his mount engraved on it. In 1912, the company had been recognised officially as the timekeeper of horseracing with partnering international jumping competition. The brand has also partnered The Roland Garros Tournament as the official timekeeper since 2007. To celebrate this partnership, Longines also introduces two exceptional timepieces that remind of the clay courts of Roland Garros through the design. The brand also accompanies the skier participated in Alpine skiing competition with the timepieces strictly for the discipline of sports.
20 May 2017
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You have to trust your partner. But even if you do, watch your back...
6 Apr 2006
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A good partner is essential.
17 Sep 2006
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U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Partners with Ad Council and DreamWorks to Combat Childhood Obesity PSAs featuring Shrek characters urge kids to "Be a Player. Get up and play an hour a day." WASHINGTON, D.C., February 1, 2007 / PRNewswire / – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Ad Council joined with DreamWorks Animation SKG today to launch a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to help address childhood obesity. Featuring characters from the movie Shrek, the PSAs are an extension of HHS' ongoing "Small Step" Childhood Obesity Prevention campaign, which encourages children and families to lead healthy lifestyles. HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt unveiled the ads at a press conference in Washington, D.C. this morning. The new PSAs, using the slogan "Be a Player: Get up and play an hour a day," urge all children to engage in physical activity. The PSAs will complement the current "Can your food do that?" PSAs which promote the benefits of eating healthy foods. Created pro bono by ad agency GSD&M, the ads include television, outdoor ads and web banners, which direct children and families to visit HHS's newly redesigned website,, for suggestions on a healthier lifestyle. The Cannery, a west coast online development firm, created the new homepage, along with a kid's website at, which includes games and activities to support the new PSAs. "We are pleased to collaborate with DreamWorks Animation SKG to address childhood obesity and possibly thwart the onset of chronic disease," said HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt. "I hope to find innovative ways to work as partners with many other companies in creating a culture of wellness. I am a strong supporter of the President's HealthierUS initiative and encourage all Americans to be physically active every day; eat a nutritious diet; get their preventive screenings; and make healthy choices." According to HHS' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of young people who are overweight has more than tripled since 1980. More than 10 million school age children in America–18 percent are considered overweight. In addition to the psychological and social issues of stigmatization, overweight children are at far greater risk of growing into adults who have cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases that may reduce the length and quality of their lives. During the event, Secretary Leavitt announced campaign support from member companies of the Ad Council's Coalition for Healthy Children. The Coalition was initiated in 2005 to help combat childhood obesity by developing consistent, research-based messaging for marketers, media, government agencies, non-profits, academics and the private sector. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provided support for the Ad Council's research and development of these health messages, which will ultimately be disseminated to the public by Coalition member organizations such as PepsiCo, General Mills, Kraft Foods, Kellogg, Coca-Cola, SUBWAY, McDonald's, American Heart Association, Girls Scouts of the USA, Shaping America's Health, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Univision Communications. During 2007 and 2008, the Coalition will provide messaging and creative material for its members to utilize in their own communications, including an online presence across major marketers, non-profits and government agency websites, in-store and on-pack promotions sponsored by advertisers and significant media commitments. These materials will support the work of HHS and extend the "Be a Player" message, some of which will reach consumers in the first quarter of 2007. Further details regarding Coalition member support can be found in the accompanying quotes from organization spokespersons. "Despite all of the emphasis focused on childhood obesity in our country during the last several years, many children and families are still not making the necessary changes to lead healthy lifestyles," said Ad Council President and CEO Peggy Conlon. "We are delighted to continue our partnership with HHS with this new series of PSAs that are both motivating and entertaining for children. I am confident that this work, combined with the wonderful efforts of our Coalition, will have a significant impact on this epidemic." Using the Ad Council's model, all of the PSAs will run and air in advertising time and space that is donated by the media. Several media companies have made commitments to donate time and space to support the PSAs. These media companies include Nickelodeon, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Turner Broadcasting System, Univision Communications, Discovery Communications, Azteca America, Comcast Spotlight and Cox Communications. "DreamWorks Animation is pleased to support HHS and the Ad Council on this important initiative," said company chairman Roger Enrico. "We can think of nothing more important than the well-being of our children. It's a delight for us to be able to share Shrek, Donkey and other great movie characters to help encourage kids to play and be active." "We were honored to be asked to help with this campaign with some new partners and DreamWorks," added Roy Spence, president and founder of GSD&M. "Using Shrek and all the wonderful characters in this creative collaboration was the perfect way to show children why it's important to get out and play." In addition to the new Shrek creative, the Ad Council and HHS are continuing their Small Step Obesity Prevention PSAs with new work (television, radio, outdoor, Web) expected to launch in April 2007. In an effort to further the reach of these ads and generate excitement among youth, HHS will partner with YouTube for an online video contest beginning in Spring 2007 that will encourage participants to submit videos based on the Small Step content. The Obesity Prevention campaign launched in March 2004, targeting adults, and focuses on the power of small steps taken regularly. The campaign expanded its target to children in the fall of 2005 and currently aims to encourage all children and families to lead healthy lifestyles. Since the campaign launch, the PSAs have received more than $270 million in total donated media support. Additionally, the campaign website,, attracted an average of 190,000 visits per month during 2006. For more information about the Childhood Obesity Prevention campaign, and to learn how kids and adults can lead a healthier lifestyle, log onto
7 Feb 2007
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this is a simply card trick that you can do, during the trick you and your partner will look like you have a psychic link.
11 Feb 2007
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Our UCA Partner Stunt Bid Video from 2006
11 Mar 2007
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