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Want to earn some money? This is the trick for you, fool your friends and earn some money. Verry good for parties and fun
27 Sep 2007
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Description of magic trick with 3 quarters. [Metal Beer Bottle Caps, and Metal Car Keys with no plastic also work.]With simple explanation of why it works. Easy trick. No hard sleight of hand needed, but a cool add on to the repertoire of harder coin tricks you may have already learned in METACAFE. Bill it to your audience as Remote Sensing or Clairvoyance. Science Marines can teach it to kids and liven a physics lesson. Modify the trick with your own theatrics and mumbo jumbo.
21 Oct 2007
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Do this simple tricks in parties or get togethers or among friends etc ... amaze them ... thrill them ... surprise them ...become the centre of attraction !!!
24 Oct 2007
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Stunning Resturant trick video. Revealed!. Win beers or money using this Match Trick. This trick is perfect to perform at a Gathering. Anyone can learn this awesome Match Trick. The material can be found at any party :). Only positive reactions. Find more neat little Glass Tricks at www.FunPartyTricks****
14 Apr 2008
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A little trick that you can show to your friends Nothing too difficult...
30 Mar 2008
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The Intimate Connection helps you get close to that special someone at a party (How to video coming soon)
10 Apr 2008
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A trick that involves floating money
10 Apr 2008
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this is me
9 Feb 2009
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Ever wondered what's the fastest way of opening a bottle of soda? Well, here's the answer. Best party trick ever! =)
20 Oct 2007
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Party trick I came up with.
1 Nov 2007
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a nice optical illusion and after few glases of wine, a cool party trick or a way to win a bet Enjoy :-)
25 Jan 2008
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Amazing party trick. Win bets on this trick.This trick is easy to learn! It will impress anyone. Watch this video and learn how to perform this trick. Blow out a candle behind 3 bottles. All spectators will be blown away by this trick. Fun to watch the reaction when people see this for the first time. Find this and more tricks on this web page: *******www.funpartytricks**** All tricks are free and on video.
19 Jun 2008
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Amazing cork trick. Retrieve a cork from within a bottle without breaking the bottle. Use this cool cork trick as a bet. or use the cork trick to impress friends. Truly amazing party trick Find this and more cool tricks at *******www.funpartytricks**** All tricks are free and on Video.
20 Mar 2008
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how to pierce a balloon without popping very easy to do..and an easy party trick
8 Jun 2008
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Is your party starting to get boring and you're looking for something to liven it back up again? This cool party trick is a definite ice breaker and is bound to amaze someone at your party. Learn how to pop the bottom of a beer bottle off by watching this video. Learn more How to's by visiting www.TVLesson****
1 Oct 2008
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I was in Copenhagen recently doing the Danish version of Monopoly on bicycles - a beer at each stop, first to finish gets the property card. Anyway one of the guys showed us his party trick which I have never seen before. I think you might like this one! I think the guy is called Henrik - he was a right good laugh.
5 Nov 2008
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