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IRCTC has recently facilitated the food ordering in train for the passengers travelling in train. One can order the best fast food in train of their choice at an economical price. RailRestro lists ten best fast food to order in train for tricking your tastebud.
26 Feb 2017
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Limo Rental Washington DC can make your special event or airport transportation. We are one of the Best Limo Rental Washington DC and provides services in the Washington DC. An experienced Washington DC Service provider and its driver will know the efficacy of arriving on time. Limo are available in various shapes and sizes now. There are spacious 10 passengers Limo Rental Washington DC Service to carry travelers to their event and then to their destination right on time.
2 Mar 2017
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Philippines Taxis When you want to travel in the Philippines, It's very important to not get ripped off when you arrive at the Manila Airport! It would definitely make your stay in the Philippines start with a bad day. Here's a few travel tips regarding taxis: 1. Visit the 'departures' area of Manila airport to find a taxi driver The 'arrivals' pickup area at Manila airport is filled with scammers and bad taxi drivers. (This is true with most international airports) They've got a continual stream of desperate travelers trying to decipher their Lonely Planet books and asking them for rates. The drivers know they can typically quote an insanely high price and still pick up a passenger. They will rip off any innocent-looking tourist that just recklessly jumps into any available taxi. There are many ripoff cases that happen to every tourist, the airport security are helpless in preventing them due to the sheer number of people everyday. 2. Know where you are going before getting in the taxi cab Watch your destination and current location on Google maps and watch to make sure the taxi follows the correct route. If your taxi driver sees that you have a map, he'll be less likely to drive in circles trying to rip you off! Having Google Maps on hand is not one of the travel essentials. 3. Don't put your bag in the trunk of the car Every day unknowing tourists put their bags in the back of unknown cabs. Their driver brings them to their final destination, and then hits the gas as soon as they hop out of the passengers seat. Their bag is gone, they have no idea where it's headed, and the police (of course) won't help at all! Cheers, Sean
16 Mar 2017
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We're looking for a Japanese Tabby Aircraft version of the Douglas DC3. It's never a good sign when you're looking for an aircraft underwater. We found it upside down on the bottom. You can see the landing gear with the tire still intact. I estimate this was shot down in around 1944 or 1945. You will see the landing gear retracted, so you know it was en-route some where, it wasn't coming in for a landing when it was shot down. As I go up the fuselage you will see the impact was so dramatic that it almost ripped the cockpit almost completely off the airplane. We can see the pilot seat, the controls int eh cockpit and all kinds of debris around it. There are lots of fish life around this wreck, they're definitely enjoying it. The engines must have been ripped off probably on impact. You can see parts of them laying near by on the ocean floor. This is a passenger and cargo airplane. Nothing much left int here now except a bunch of fish and what looks to be some rice wine bottles. You can see the tail wheel also in a retracted position at the back of the plain with he rubber still hanging off of it. This is an interesting wreck to see. Cheers, Sean
16 Mar 2017
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Even if you’re traveling in a group with pals or family, Seattle Airport Limo Service is there at your assistance. At times, if the passengers are more than Seattle party bus services are preferred to be availed by the clients. And the trained and highly skilled staff at Seattle undertakes the responsibility to put across their best Airport Town Car Services in front of you. Call us now to book: - 888-308-3767.
17 Mar 2017
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As part of Child Passenger Safety Month, car dealerships around the country are hosting child safety seat inspections throughout September. Thousands of dealers are expected to participate in the “Boost for Safety” awareness campaign, sponsored by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), developed in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). More than 40,000 child passengers under age four are injured or killed in car crashes annually, according to NHTSA, and over 50,000 children between four and eight years old are injured or killed riding in cars annually. Approximately 40 percent of children under the age of eight who die or suffer serious injuries in fatal car crashes are completely unrestrained. For more information on child seat safety and the “Boost for Safety” campaign, as well as a partial list of participating dealerships, please visit
6 Nov 2006
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Passengers stuck on planes. Passengers stuck on planes stuck on the tarmac. Airline delays. Lost bags. Lost luggage. Passengers stuck on Jet Blue for ten hours. Passengers need a Bill of Rights. Sure Jet Blue apologized. But did American Airline and Northwest when they stranded their passengers on planes delayed and stuck on the tarmac. Passengers on Jet Blue had no water. Had no food. Had no clean airplane toilet facilitiesPassengers who have been delayed. Passengers who have lost baggage. Passengers who are stuck on planes are mad as hell and arent going to take it any longer. Passengers are fighting the airlines back. Passengers are insisting on a Bill of Rights. What do stranded, delayed passengers hope to get from the Passenger Bill of Rights?...Airline passengers are lobbying congress to come up with a Passenger Bill of Rights. What doers the Passenger Bill of Rights do? The Passenger Bill of Rights insists airlines explain exactly why a flight is delayed, and insists that airlines provide adequate food, water, sanitary facilities and access to medical attention for passengers left stuck on planes.The Bill of Right demands airlines return passengers to terminals when delays occur and under no conditions should a plane sit on the tarmac for longer than 3 hours.
5 Mar 2007
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The funniest on the highway drivers and passengers
30 Jun 2007
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lost passenger
25 Aug 2007
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Passenger jet does crazy maneuvers during air show A big plane like that is hard to maneuver, but this guy pulls it off, no sweat
9 Oct 2007
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Widely popular with businesses, churches, and community organizations that need to transport large groups of people, 15-passenger vans are both comfortable and convenient. But the vans and people who drive them have come under the watchful eye of government agencies and consumer groups, because of safety concerns. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the risk of a rollover crash is greatly increased when 10 or more people ride in a 15-passenger van, mostly because of the additional weight. Stabilitrak, or electronic stability control, available on Chevrolet's Express and GMC's Savana, selectively applies individual brakes to keep the vehicle in line, based on the sensors in the steering wheel and the vehicle's speed. They're also equipped with enhanced technology glass, head curtain side airbags and the most important safety feature, 3-point safety belts. Passengers can dramatically reduce the risk of being killed or seriously injured in a rollover crash by simply using their seat belts. In fact, the NHTSA estimates the chances of survival are increased by 75 percent. Produced for General Motors
12 Dec 2007
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Speech by Sophia In 'T Veld MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Ongoing negotiations on bilateral agreements between the USA and certain Member States with regard to visas and PNR (Passenger Name Record) [on behalf of the Group] [Language EN original] InTVeld_080310_183853_obog_en
12 Mar 2008
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Full Transport Passenger In The World.. Amazing
14 Mar 2008
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Award-winning guitarist Pierre Bensusan teaches you how to play his song, "The Silent Passenger". This is a sample of a longer video available for download at
18 Mar 2008
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Passenger experience on Malaysia Airlines. How many stars will you give Malaysia Airlines?
25 Mar 2008
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The white Islamic convert rolled out his prayer mat in the aisle and knelt on the floor facing Mecca. Passengers watched in amazement as he held out his palms towards the sky, bowed his head and began to chant. the full story on :
3 Apr 2008
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