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George Mihos reveals secrets of the wealthy and those financially free... Begin Your Free 60-Day "Wealth Pilgrimage" Today Start Your Journey Now At www.GeorgeMihos**** And Witness An Amazing Life Changing Event... Welcome to GeorgeMihos****! Wealth Creation Strategist & Financial Intelligence Expert Every day, a great number of people coached by George are... * Growing their wealth * Achieving greater work/life balance * Improving their relationships * Working less hours * Creating passive income * Creating multiple streams of income You'll begin to discover amazing personal breakthroughs and wealth success strategies such as... * Why your mindset is either your greatest asset or your worst enemy and how to make sure you have the RIGHT MINDSET for success... * How taking action without expectations actually increases your chances of success... * How to become successful and be rewarded by invoking natural laws that always work if you apply them correctly... * And much more – too much to mention here... Just be assured if you want a mind blowing education in achieving the right mindset then you won’t be disappointed... Helping people achieve wealth, success and life balance is George's number one passion in life.
14 Mar 2008
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Gustav Klimt lived his life like he painted it - full of intensity, sensuality and passion. In this biographical fantasy by acclaimed director Raúl Ruiz (Time Regained), Klimt (John Malkovich) recalls the decadence of his past in feverish visions from his deathbed. Reflecting on his many torrid affairs and his struggles for artistic freedom, he travels back to the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. There, Klimt is introduced to a mysterious dancer, Lea de Castro (Saffron Burrows), who emerges as his muse and the personification of his own erotic ideals and carnal desires. DVD Info: *******www.kochlorberfilms****/product.asp?id
25 Mar 2008
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Introducing a revolutionary, doctor-directed breakthrough guaranteed to help you permanently lose 10-40 pounds of stubborn fat and restore your health naturally without special foods to buy, memberships to join or excruciating and painful exercise. I developed 90 Days to True Health™ to give men and women like you everything you need to win the war against poor health, excess medication and doctor visits, failed diets, old and bad eating habits, unwanted fat and even negative thoughts and emotions so you can get slimmer, healthier, happier and sexier in 90 days or less. 90 Days to True Health™ is the culmination of my thousands of patient hours with participants who want to get healthier, trimmer and happier—safely, naturally and permanently. On 90 Days to True Health™ you'll not only lose weight, but you'll greatly improve your health. In fact, while individual results may vary, you can expect... Your stiff joints to get much more limber and pain free Your painful headaches to become less frequent and eventually vanish Your blotchy, pale skin to become smooth and lustrous Your high blood pressure and high cholesterol to get normalized without drugs Your bloating, digestive problems and gas to become ancient history Your weak heart to get strong and healthy Your blood sugar problems to become normalized the safe, natural way Your poor circulation to become free flowing Your couch potato fatigue to become renewed energy and vitality Your anxiety, stress and depression to become things of the past Your memory loss to become someone else's problem (not yours) Your flagging sex life to get reignited with passion In this video, I discuss what I feel is the most important aspect of the program... improved health and new found vitality and how my own personal health nightmare shaped my switch from a medicine only doctor to the natural health specialist I am today. For more information on 90 Days to True Health™, visit: www.truehealth****/90days
1 Apr 2008
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Some say there's no passion in modern middle-class relationships. You just need to look hard. *******www.StealThisPlay****
8 Nov 2008
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regia: Francesco Traverso montaggio: Davide Rossi attori: Massimiliano Ferrari e Alice Mancinelli location: Sestri levante -Note a cura dell'autore/regista- L'idea di base è l'ossessione che può rivelarsi come una prigione nella quale una persona si autorinchiude; il protagonista vede nel gioco con una barbie (fatto realmente avvenuto in Giappone) la sua proiezione amorosa fino ad immaginarsi nel mondo che lui stesso immagina e addirittura a credere di vivere realmente il suo isolazionismo assieme alla sua proiezione. Le due facce della medaglia sono in sintesi quello che l'amore o la passione in generale ti toglie e ti da. Tecnicamente abbiamo usato il grandangolo per distorcere un pò l'immagine (essendo essenzialmente una storia surreale ed onirica); ovviamente girato in digitale. -testo Tutto cambia forma tranne tra di noi Mentre un raggelante vuoto m'incendia l'anima Dammi l'emozione che non cambi mai Quando tutto si trasforma in un lampo di noia E tu stai comoda .. euforia .. stordimento? E la mente ora lancia fiamme .. la mia mente ora grida allarme L'emozione taglia le distanze .. le due facce della medaglia Tutto cambia forma tranne la realtà Mentre un raggelante vento mi taglia l'anima Dammi una ragione che non cambi mai Quando tutto si nasconde in un giorno di noia Ma tu stai comoda .. euforia .. sentimento? E la mente ora lancia fiamme .. la mia mente ora grida allarme L'emozione cambia le distanze .. le due facce della medaglia! Le due facce della medaglia .. le due facce della medaglia! -traslate- "The two sides of the coin" Everything changes shape except among us While a ragelate empty i fire the soul Give me the emotion that is not changed ever When everything becomes a flash of boredom And you're comfortable .. euphoria .. Stunning? And the mind hours launches flames .. my mind cries hour alarm The emotion cuts the distances .. the two sides of the coin Everything changes shape except the reality While a raggelante I wind cuts the soul Give me a reason that is not changed ever When everything is hidden in a day of boredom But you're comfortable .. euphoria .. sentiment? And the mind hours launches flames .. my mind cries hour alarm The emotion change distances .. the two sides of the coin! Both sides of the coin .. the two sides of the coin
11 Jul 2008
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Boys are masculine and girls are feminine boys are handsome and girls are beautiful boys are attractive and girls are charming Ieeel the words attached to girls are exhilerating and stir up passion in me Girls irrespective of their color race or age have someting in them that make thhe boys ta take a special interest and kindles a true desire to get closer to get closer both physicslly and mmentally Long live girls and long live courting
21 Jul 2008
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*******www.1ruleand7principles.ning**** Having fun makin web2.0 video livin ones passion in the moment with principles of life. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Aug 2008
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In this episode Joey explains how to feel the passion in your playing.
8 Aug 2008
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Get this full lesson at: *******www.ivideosongs****/song/rock/electric-guitar/hit-me-with-your-best-shot/pat-benatar/7680.aspx Hit Me With Your Best Shot was recorded by Pat Benatar on her 1980 album Crimes of Passion. In this iVideosongs title, instructor Rob Schumann shows you how to play the rhythm parts and guitar solo from this early 80's hit. While beginner-level players will find the power-chord-based rhythm parts quite accessible, intermediate-level players will find the original guitar solo from the recording to be a fun challenge. This medium-tempo song is played on an electric guitar in standard tuning.
10 Sep 2008
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Helene Cooper is "Congo," a descendant of two Liberian dynasties -- traced back to the first ship of freemen that set sail from New York in 1820 to found Monrovia. Helene grew up at Sugar Beach, a twenty-two-room mansion by the sea. Her childhood was filled with servants, flashy cars, a villa in Spain, and a farmhouse up-country. It was also an African childhood, filled with knock foot games and hot pepper soup, heartmen and neegee. When Helene was eight, the Coopers took in a foster child -- a common custom among the Liberian elite. Eunice, a Bassa girl, suddenly became known as "Mrs. Cooper's daughter." For years the Cooper daughters -- Helene, her sister Marlene, and Eunice -- blissfully enjoyed the trappings of wealth and advantage. But Liberia was like an unwatched pot of water left boiling on the stove. And on April 12, 1980, a group of soldiers staged a coup d'état, assassinating President William Tolbert and executing his cabinet. The Coopers and the entire Congo class were now the hunted, being imprisoned, shot, tortured, and raped. After a brutal daylight attack by a ragtag crew of soldiers, Helene, Marlene, and their mother fled Sugar Beach, and then Liberia, for America. They left Eunice behind. A world away, Helene tried to assimilate as an American teenager. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill she found her passion in journalism, eventually becoming a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. She reported from every part of the globe -- except Africa -- as Liberia descended into war-torn, third-world hell. In 2003, a near-death experience in Iraq convinced Helene that Liberia -- and Eunice -- could wait no longer. At once a deeply personal memoir and an examination of a violent and stratified country, The House at Sugar Beach tells of tragedy, forgiveness, and transcendence with unflinching honesty and a survivor's gentle humor. And at its heart, it is a story of Helene Cooper's long voyage home.
14 Sep 2010
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Russell Simmons hosts celebrity V.I.P. event held in Westwood, CA. in support of his new website globalgrind**** and his efforts to lead "A Countdown to Change". Russell shares with De Veaux of Pax Stereo his mission and passion in support of Barack Obama's efforts for change and the various artist contributions.
2 Nov 2008
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If you are considering starting your own home business please feel free to contact me at *******www.LifestyleAndaHomeBusiness**** I will be happy to show you ways to achieve your dreams and desires. Best wishes to you from Jim Mounas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I’m Jim Mounas I live in magnificent Melbourne in Australia. I am here to offer advice today on ‘going into business’, More to the point, I am aiming at internet business and specifically working from home as opposed to the more traditional jobs and types of business’ out there. I myself am a full-time stay at home Dad. I’m able to work my business comfortably, looking after my 3 very young children, whilst my wife continues to follow her passion in the workforce on a part-time basis. We are able to do this largely due to the lifestyle & opportunities that this type of business presents. Personally, I’d much rather be doing this than going through the rigours & routine of the workforce as I’d done for the bulk of the last 20 years or so. Now…Most people believe that the company they choose is the most important decision they have to make. Sadly this is rarely the case and Really they should first look for a good sponsor and support network. No matter how good the business opportunity is your sponsor will be your key to a successful home business. Your sponsor should be your foundation and your rock, Helping you build a successful home business. Your sponsor should be supplying the life blood to your business. In terms of support; they should be passing down huge amounts of back up, care and knowledge. And this will be your cornerstone for the success of you and your business. All this support should remain in place at least until you have your own successful business. Now ….if you are looking for a sponsor and a business like this And would like to take a look at what I actually do in business, You can look up at the right hand side of this video, Go thru; sign up for a free tour… And there’s no obligation to you whatsoever…. Importantly too, you should know that we won’t share any of your information with anyone else. Take a look at the presentation. And see for yourself if this business is for you. You’ll decide this for yourself – no one else will of course. If it is for you or even if you think it could be, Please give me a call, send me an email or go to *******www.LifestyleAndaHomeBusiness**** or You can contact my Personal Business Assistant via the link in your free tour. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Mostly what I’d like to do is to actually be of help to you. Be a part of your success and be with you when you become a successful person in this business. It’s been nice talking to you today. I look forward to hearing from you. Jim Mounas
19 Nov 2008
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Someone was thoughtful enough to share something with me that has changed my life forever. I call it a gift because it really has transformed me and given me hope and passion in life once again. Now, I want to pay it forward and share it with you too.
12 Dec 2008
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www.whitedovebooks****** - exists to help people develop their own unique talents, abilities and passion in order that they may lead more meaningful, joyful and fulfilled lives.
6 Dec 2008
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*******www***smeticplastics**** Bethesda, Maryland, plastic surgeons Franklin D. Richards, M.D., F.A.C.S. and A. Dean Jabs, M.D., F.A.C.S. perform many procedures at Cosmetic Surgery Associates. At the practice of Franklin D. Richards, M.D., F.A.C.S. and A. Dean Jabs, M.D., F.A.C.S., Cosmetic Surgery Associates, our Bethesda, Maryland, plastic surgeons offer numerous procedures for the face, body, and breasts. With board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), Drs. Richards and Jabs can provide excellent results. Dr. Richards brings 20 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field to all his patients, along with his experience as past President of the National Capital Society of Plastic Surgeons and current position as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Our cosmetic surgeon has a passion in breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, and minimal incision face and neck lift surgery. Feel free to browse Cosmetic Surgery Associates Web site and schedule your appointment. You can also view before and after photos to see some the great results past patients have experienced.
3 Feb 2009
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A Reallity Show honhaar by passionsadcom,
14 Mar 2009
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