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This FUNNY VIDEO will make your day. it is very hilarious. Pastors like it.
25 Jan 2018
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Tip 1: Never Think “Church,” Is A Building. Warning: the actual church is the congregation, (people of God) and going to church has given many people the false idea that their spiritual lives consist of a weekly service. Leaving the rest of the week to live for themselves. Tip 2: Avoid Churches That Only Do “Topical Study,” Look For A Chapter By Chapter, Verse By Verse Method Of Study. Tip 3: Be Sure To Find A Church That Equips Every Believer To Make Disciples. Bonus tip: the great commission (the mission of the church), is to make disciples. Find the church that is serious about its mission rather than doing other things instead. Tip 4: Don't Get Distracted By The Many Good Causes, The Churches Aligned Themselves. Social justice, feeding the homeless, etc. Find a church that has the single focus on fulfilling the great commission. Tip 5: Look For The Gospel, Clearly And Articulately Delivered. Note: the definition of the gospel is in 1 Cor. 15:1-4 Yet, after 40 years of church experience, I find very few pastors or layman who can clearly and accurately articulate this life-changing message. Tip 6: Train For The Work Of The Ministry. Tip 7: Look Outside Of The Normal. *If you have any church experience, did it prepare you to make disciples? The most startling thing to realize is the words of Christ to our modern “normal,” church. Yea, though I stand at the door knock… He is outside knocking…. In sum finding the church is simple when you apply these seven tips. So, let me leave you with one last tip… Look for a church that will challenge you. You know the saying “no pain–no gain.” You need to be challenged so you can grow.
23 Jan 2018
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New video out for Saturday night "2/17/2018" giving my thoughts on advice asked on paying back student loan debt and if their is an option to get a quick fix and eliminate it. Brutal answer from your favorite fire & brimstone pastor
18 Feb 2018
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Entrevista concedida pelo voluntário Adonis Silva de Oliveira, realizada pelo jornalista Dr. Cezar Freitas. Ele fala sobre a situação crítica da associação Emanuel, pede ajuda a comunidade e aborda acerca das inúmeras atividades desenvolvidas pela entidade. Ainda, destaca a importância das colaborações destinadas a eles pela sociedade. Associação Emanuel é um lar onde vidas que foram rejeitadas pela sociedade são amparadas incondicionalmente. Esta é uma obra Divina conduzida por um ex-morador de rua, Pastor Araudo Ulguim, que hoje faz por vidas o que um dia fizeram por ele. Dá oportunidade de uma vida digna a todos os desvalidos e através da Palavra de Deus, vem ensinando aos seus abrigados a importância do amor de Deus em suas vidas.
18 Feb 2018
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FMX star Dan Pastor at the X games.
29 Jun 2006
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My pastor ( and dad) was teaching one day when a guitar fell behind him
26 Apr 2007
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Practicas detección explosivos, pastor aleman
4 Jun 2007
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Practicas pastor aleman detector explosivos
4 Jun 2007
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exposicion nacional de cria 2005 de pastor aleman en españa
28 Jul 2007
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Profile of Alex Pastor, Spanish rider. Alex rides for Naish and lives in Tarifa
7 Jan 2008
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Pastor Alemao Capa Preta Pegando Pedra... *******www.disy****.br/
11 Jan 2008
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Pastor D takes a moment to guide you in the subject of faith.
12 Jan 2008
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