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21 Jun 2017
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Jazz Jam session
18 Jun 2017
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7v7 highlights
15 Jun 2017
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Indian Idol fame Swaroop khan Live Singing on '' Lal Meri Pat Rakhiyo Lal Meri Pat Rakhiyo Bhala jhoole lalan
1 Jun 2017
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17 May 2017
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The CAT meditates
4 May 2017
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Young Boy Gets An INVASIVE TSA Pat Down!
29 Mar 2017
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10 Mar 2017
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CTV Pat Foran investigate Green Car Tires on the advantages of buying old/used vs new winter car tires
26 Nov 2016
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Song: Roop Ki Dali | Rajasthani Songs Singer: Heena Sain Album: Mane Chokho Lage Chora Tu Cha Up To Date Audio-Video: Alfa Music & Films Language: Rajasthani | Marwari Follow us on Gplus: ************/+alfamusicnfilms Like us on FACEBOOK: ********www.facebook****/alfamusicnfilms Follow us on TWITTER: ********www.twitter****/alfamusicnfilms Subscribe Us: ************/alfamusicnfilms Watch Rajasthani Video Songs with Alfa Music & Films Lyrics: Joban Mharo Morya Aayo Balama Aave Kyun Na Ab Tharo Kai Re Karu Main Lagu Re Sajan Roop Ki Dali Joban Mharo Jhola Khave Sajan Dekhe Kyun Na Ab Tharo Kai Re Karu Mai Toh Lagu Re Dhola Roop Ki Dali Aam Pakya Angoor Rasila Parnya Jhakhe Kyun Na Ab Tharo Kai Re Karu Mai Toh Lagu Re Sajan Roop Ki Dali Kajal Bindi Hota Lali Karu Singaar Ghunghto Khole Kyun Na, Ab Tharo Kai Re Karu Mai Toh Lagu Re Dhola Roop Ki Dali Saari Raata Levo Balama Sote Kyun Na Ab Tharo Kai Re Karu Mai Toh Lagu Re Sajan Roop Ki Dali Solanki Ka Geet Cassette Alfa Mein Lyade Sajan Lyave Kyun Na Ab Tharo Kai Re Karu Mai Toh Lagu Re Dhola Roop Ki Dali ------------------- For Latest Rajasthani Songs, Subscribe us on ************/alfamusicnfilms "rajasthani songs" All Rajasthani Songs for Dance are available at Alfa Music & Films "Marwari Songs" "Rajasthani Songs" "Rajasthani Song" "Rajasthani Video" "Rajasthani Video songs" "Rajasthani DJ Songs" "Rajasthani New Songs" Byan Ji Ko Moto Pet ************/watch?v=8tjgPfwDZeI Roop Ki Dali ************/watch?v=n_XjZDuqbE0 Bhandara mein nache mhari binani re ********youtube****/watch?v=SRXK9paTdFc Byan ji nakhrali diggi yatra mein Chali ************/watch?v=lTMXUvN8zbA Bhakta ne lekar saath jeen mata ka darshan pau re ************/watch?v=fOjs1vFmFWI Mordi ************/watch?v=fjd9JJGhggA DJ Shyam Dhani Ke Baje ************/watch?v=vXbHwA1ZR7M Chori patli re kaiya pargi re shyamdhani ke chal ************/watch?v=o6X5MKIlsTw Sasu ji ka jaya thara lakkhan dikyaya ************/watch?v=gqVNzfrC1FE Khatu Ka Raja Sun ************/watch?v=XwJ455-Aelw Sun Khatu Ka Re Khatu Shyam ************/watch?v=uIIo9U_ZcAk Shyana Mhara Murga Rajasthani Songs ************/watch?v=g1hOQow7BZs Bhai bhai re diggi ka raja ************/watch?v=WgFosxbs0MU
6 May 2015
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Children will enjoy non-stop happy songs, funny baby songs, nursery rhymes and kids music songs from HooplaKidz, here comes the best of Hooplakidz happy songs, funny baby songs "Happy Songs for Children" features "If You're Happy" "Head Shoulders" "Rig a Jig Jig" and other top nursery rhymes collection made for Hoopla Kidz to enjoy and learn as they sing out loud! These are specially handpicked happy baby songs for children by HooplaKidz creator, designed to make your child happy. "Happy Songs for Children, Funny Baby Songs" Cartoon/Animated English Nursery Rhymes And Songs For Kids 1. If You're Happy (0:03) 2. Head Shoulders (1:31) 3. Rig a Jig Jig (3:59) 4. Zoo Song (5:41) 5. Mary Had a little lamb (8:12) 6. Ringa Ringa Rosses (9:38) 7. I had a little Turtle (10:20) 8. Hokey Pokey Song (11:48) 9. Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhyme (13:18) 10. 12345 Once I Caught A Fish Alive (14:47) 11. Five Little Monkeys (16:07) 12. Simple Simon (18:19) 13. Old King Cole (20:31) 14. I'm A Little Teapot (22:39) 15. Pat A Cake Nursery Rhyme (23:28) 16. Lavender's Blue (24:53) 17. Jack and Jill (26:57) 18. One Two Buckle My Shoe (28:28) 19. Old MacDonald had a farm - Nursery Rhymes (29:30) 20. One Two Buckle My Shoe (32:27) Subscribe to the HooplaKidz Childrens Youtube Channel ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ******* Nursery Rhyme Playlists: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Nursery Rhymes – ************/playlist?list=PLV3Gd8vEgOrj-E9pNphCq8AQSU33idm_D Baby Songs – ************/playlist?list=PLV3Gd8vEgOrj1F10ZL5p7vzijRZrWZJTQ Children Songs – ************/playlist?list=PLV3Gd8vEgOriNsEjHFsOz90LJGA9XsOEZ Kids Songs – ************/playlist?list=PLV3Gd8vEgOrjGZpzkmqXMJw9Nsd-ceHXm Lullabies – ************/playlist?list=PLV3Gd8vEgOrgLBgwLfhZ2LDXpilUlJrAH ABC & Phonics – ************/playlist?list=PLV3Gd8vEgOrguVz7lMzfc0b73VLLcg7BL Play Doh – ************/playlist?list=PLV3Gd8vEgOrhqc88LOxTwR6RWKrsAdrMx Loom Bracelets – ************/playlist?list=PLV3Gd8vEgOrjTYiw2lOzywteX6C0ZKs6s Check out HooplaKidz Latest Long-Play Videos ----------------------------------------------------------------- Five Little Monkeys ******* Kids Music ******* FunTime with HooplaKidz ******* ABC Songs Collection 2 ******* Nursery Rhymes Playlist ******* Animal Sounds ******* Rhymes Collection ******* Baby Songs ******* Phonics Songs Collection ******* Top ABC Songs Collection ******* Top 25 Nursery Rhymes Collection ******* Kids Dance Songs Collection ******* Lullaby Songs Collection ******* Color Songs ******* Alphabets Songs Collection ******* Number Songs Collection ******* Twinkle Twinkle & More Nursery Rhymes ******* Wheels on The Bus & More Nursry Rhymes ******* ABC Songs ******* Popular Nursery Rhymes ******* Join HooplaKidz on Social Sites: -------------------------------------------- Become a Hooplakidz Fan on Facebook: ******* Follow us on Twitter ******* Add us to your Google+ Circle for NEW Nursery Rhymes! ******* HooplaKidz on Pinterest ******* Download HooplaKidz Albums on iTunes: --------------------------------------------------------- 1. Hooplakidz Nursery Rhymes Vol.1 iTunes: ******* 2. Hooplakidz Nursery Rhymes Vol.2 iTunes: ******* 3. Hooplakidz Nursery Rhymes Vol.3 iTunes: ******* 4. Hooplakidz Nursery Rhymes Vol.4 iTunes: ******* 5. Hooplakidz Original Children Songs iTunes: ******* 6. Hooplakidz Christmas Songs iTunes: ******* Download HooplaKidz App ---------------------------------------------- ******* *******
10 Jan 2015
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Song: Reengas mein bheru ji tharo devro re | Rajasthani song Singer: Rajan Sharma | Marwadi Song Album: Ringas Ka Bheru Ji Dukhe Chha Mharo Pet Audio-Video: Alfa Music & Films Lyrics: Beerbal Singh Shekhawat Language: Rajasthani / Marwari A Rajasthani Super Hit devotional song. Subscribe us to watch more videos on YOUTUBE: ***********/channel/UCZYM7fv_jo8U7RwcQAh-ubA?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on FACEBOOK: ********www.facebook****/alfamusicnfilms Follow us on TWITTER: ********www.twitter****/alfamusicnfilms Watch: Bhandara Mein Nache Mhari Binani : ******* Watch Rajasthai Video Songs with Alfa Music & Films. Lyrics: Reengas mein bheru ji tharo devro re, Are bheru ji, dwaja toh farukhe asmaan re, Dungar ka raja, musanya bheru, matwala bheru, Maharaja mhara, thari jai jai bola, Reengas ka bheru helo mharo sunjo re, Dur dur se aave thare jatri re, Are bheru ji koi toh lyave chha motor car re, Koi pedal aave, koi beth rail mein, joda su aave, Thari jyot jagave, jadula lyave, Bheru ji thara bhagta ne samabhl lijyo re, Shiv Shankar ko, tu chha bheru ladlo re, Are bheru ji jagdamba bhawani rehati saath re, thari dwaja farukhe, thare chosat jogan, thare chhappan kalwa, rajasthani videos songs, bheru ji mhara, Chandi ka ghughra paglya mein pehar lijyo re, Beto toh mange chha thasu banjhdi re, Are bheru ji ann dhann baluda ri maay re, Maharaja mhara, mane beto deeje, chori mat deeje, Tadke de deeje, mharo helo sunje, Banjhad ke beto gaudi mein khila deejyo re, Gajro toh fulya ko lyawa haath mein re, Are bheru ji, long patasa narela ko bhog re, Thare pua papdi, daru ki botal, yo kalo bakro, Antar ki seesi, bheru ji mhara, Matwala bheru mansa puri karje re, Ayoda bhakti ki lajja rakhjyo re, Are bheru ji birbal ki karjyo naiya paar re, Thare mangal gau, thare sees nawau, mela mein baje, Alfa ki Cassette, Alfa ki CD, Rajan ki naiya paar toh lagaje re, "Alfa Music and Films" "Marwadi Song" "Marwari Songs" "Rajasthani Video Songs" "Rajasthani Dance" "Rajasthani" "Ringas ka bheru" "rajasthani videos" "Musanyo bheru" mata songs, rajasthani dj mix songs Watch DJ Per Nachayo Saari Raat: ******* ******* ******* ************/watch?v=6NMv2fm_foI&list=TLGZJUs9WlxbA Other great song: "Bhai bhai re Diggi ka raja" rings me bheruji tharo devro re Click to watch: Paga Mein Bandhadu Thare Ghughra Bheru Ji: ******* Roop Ki Dali ************/watch?v=n_XjZDuqbE0 Byan ji nakhrali diggi yatra mein Chali ************/watch?v=lTMXUvN8zbA Bhakta ne lekar saath jeen mata ka darshan pau re ************/watch?v=fOjs1vFmFWI Mordi ************/watch?v=fjd9JJGhggA DJ Shyam Dhani Ke Baje ************/watch?v=vXbHwA1ZR7M Chori patli re kaiya pargi re shyamdhani ke chal ************/watch?v=o6X5MKIlsTw Sasu ji ka jaya thara lakkhan dikyaya ************/watch?v=gqVNzfrC1FE Khatu Ka Raja Sun ************/watch?v=XwJ455-Aelw Sun Khatu Ka Re Khatu Shyam ************/watch?v=uIIo9U_ZcAk Shyana Mhara Murga Rajasthani Songs ************/watch?v=g1hOQow7BZs Bhai bhai re diggi ka raja ************/watch?v=WgFosxbs0MU
4 Jan 2015
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“Determined to make it as an actress in Hollywood, Sarah Walker spends her days working a dead-end job, enduring petty friendships and going on countless casting calls in hopes of catching her big break. After a series of strange auditions, Sarah lands the leading role in a new film from a mysterious production company. But with this opportunity comes bizarre ramifications that will transform her both mentally and physically into something beautiful… and altogether terrifying.” Alex Essoe, Noah Segan, Pat Healy, Amanda Fuller, Shane Coffer, and Fabianne Therese all star.
14 Nov 2014
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EL CAJON - August 21, 2011 - An officer is shot right in front of a news camera. The entire event is caught on camera including shots fired, officer rescue, SWAT standoff, house fire, helicopter water drops, and more. The suspect, Kevin Collier, shot his 1-year old daughter, his mother-in-law and then police showed up (SDNV too). Upon arriving, officers were met with gunfire from the suspect who had a rifle. Officer Jarred Slocum was leaning over the bed of a pickup truck with only his head exposed. He was struck in the left temple and it exited the rear of his skull. He was NOT shot in the neck, as it appears and was initially perceived. The suspect then set the house on fire, before shooting himself. The fire department could not approach because officers could not confirm if the suspect was dead or not. Firefighters are not going to walk up to a home with the possibility of a man inside with a rifle. Officers requested Mercy Air for transport, but instead took the wounded officer by ground in a patrol car as it would be much quicker. This was on a dead-end street, so the rescue of having to pass the line of fire was very risky. A gas line explodes at one point (bluish smoke). SWAT set up and work with the fire department to help slow the rate of spread. Two helicopters begin water drops, which I have never seen before on a structure, only brush fires. Officer Slocum is doing well, but has decided to "medically retire" from the El Cajon Police Department, move, and go back to college. The officer who was with him, Officer Tim McFarland, was a rookie at the time and was being trained by Slocum. So if anyone wants to badmouth him, keep in mind he was still learning the ropes and in my opinion did everything right. Officer Slocum's wound, although severe due to the location, had very very little blood loss. So for those appauled that none of us applied pressure, quite frankly it wasn't neccessary. The bigger threat was the active shooter vs only a few officers. And for all you anti-cop commenters, keep in mind, officers are still people with families. The men in this video are excellent officers. Some important points: * The officer was shot in the left temple, not the neck. Period. I was there. I shot the video. It looks like he was shot in the neck, but he was in shock and holding the wrong area. You can see the exit wound in the back of his head in the video. See the followup interview with both officers if you still don't believe he was shot in the temple. * The officer was actually shot 1/2 second before the video begins. Enable HD and pause the first few frames. You see him getting up from the chain link fence. He was thrown back from the force of the shot and kind of bounced off the springy fence. He then gets up and returns fire. * This is not fake. Google "Jarred Slocum" "Tim McFarland" "Prince St" etc and you will find that every major media agency in the world ran this story. To fake such a video would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. ***********/search?q=8/21/2011+shooting * The suspect lit the house on fire, then shot himself. Police did not burn the house down. FOLLOWUP INTERVIEW WITH THE OFFICERS MONTHS LATER: ***********/watch?v=MYMnpqq3Kzk "Slocum, 28, said the bullet pierced his left temple, cracked his skull, severed arteries and came out behind his other ear. He said his doctors said his recovery so far is a miracle." *******www.utsandiego****/news/2012/may/18/shot-officer-asked-my-time/ El Cajon Police Chief Pat Sprecco said "That'll be used as a training tool for a long time", referring to the footage. 1033 Prince St, El Cajon *******
2 Nov 2014
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A young American backpacker, Allie (Tammin Sursok), falls in with a mysterious group of ex-pats living in Bangkok who perform on a provocative interactive website called "Cam2Cam." The seductive allure of Bangkok along with the strange sexual magnetism of the group's leader, Marit, turn Allie's world inside out. In a city where foreigners come to re-invent themselves, Allie learns, too late, that nothing is what it seems.
29 Jul 2014
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27 May 2014
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