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24 Nov 2017
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16 Nov 2017
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This kid strongly believes in DBZ from his heart, thus his attempts continue to become a Super Saiyan. But his expressions awfully resemble the sound of race-cars.
13 Nov 2017
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This glass walk path is cracked every time you step on it. Don’t know who the genius behind this great idea was.
6 Nov 2017
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The situation when all the spots are taken and it is the last parking spot but you are not the only car searching to park.
28 Oct 2017
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Two guys on two-wheeler stop on the road, shoot a guy couple of times and smoothly goes on to their path. The ending though is shocking.
26 Oct 2017
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Occurred on August 21, 2017 / Salem, Oregon, USA Info from Licensor: "Because Salem, Oregon was the first capital city to be in the direct path of the solar eclipse, I decided I had to be there to witness this historic event. In particular, I wanted to be in my favorite place in Salem, the huge 'Eco-Earth Globe' in Riverfront Park. This is literally a larger-than-life globe, about a story high. I love being near the globe because it makes me feel a part of a 'world consciousness,' and I wanted to be there in particular during a time when world consciousness was focused on Salem, Oregon. I wanted to be there at a time when the whole country, and the whole world, was thinking of the state I live in. So, I positioned myself near the huge globe about a half hour before the eclipse was scheduled to begin. I noticed that beside me stood a couple who seemed to be rather excited, and a little nervous. We were all excited about what was going to happen, but the lady in this couple seemed to be particularly energetic and enthusiastic. I knew that because I was only using my iPhone, the quality of video or picture I would be able to get of the eclipse would not be very good. I figured I'd leave the good scientific, high-quality photos to NASA. I thought it would be more fun to get a shot of my own reaction to the eclipse, while standing in front of the Echo-Globe at Riverfront Park. So, a few seconds after this historic event happens and I see the moon slide in front of the sun and block it, I turned to my left and can't believe what I'm seeing: a marriage proposal, a man down on his knee in front of his girlfriend. I feared at first that it might be an invasion of privacy, and so my initial reaction was to not get this moment on camera. But then I just decided that it was too amazing to not film. So I filmed it, along with my reaction to what I was seeing. I was glad to know that this couple was actually happy that I filmed this moment for them. They thanked me profusely."
16 Oct 2017
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Walking Cane Light - Walking Cane Accessories Cane With Light. The Path Light® walking cane light shines to give you a lighted path to help prevent slips and falls when using your cane or walker in dimly lit areas. Your walking cane becomes a lighted cane with an LED flashlight to light your path keeping you safe from obstacles that you may not see in the dark without a walking cane with light. The Path Light® light for walking cane or walking stick is a popular choice in walking cane accessories. Many caregivers chose a walking stick light for the added safety it gives those they care for using canes and walkers who need a lighted cane in dim places. The best part about using the Path Light® walking cane light is that it easily attaches to your favorite standing cane or walker.
11 Oct 2017
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In yoga, it is believed that some yoga and meditation masters who have special powers known as “siddhis” are able to levitate at will. The power of levitation in the Sanskrit language of yoga is called “dardura siddhi” which means the frog power—as some frogs are known to jump and suspend themselves in the air. There are many witnessed accounts and first hand stories of great yogis levitating through the use of special powers achieved through meditation and advanced yoga practices. In the books Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda and Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama, there are referenced accounts of yogis who have levitated. So how does one learn to embrace this phenomenon and possess this power of levitation? Is it a paranormal activity or something that defies the law of gravity and physics? Maybe it’s all of these, but it is said that when one progresses on the path of meditation, levitation comes naturally. Some of the great yoga texts proclaim that when one is proficient in the science of yoga and pranayama (expansion of energy by breath control) one can also learn to levitate. So, to learn how to levitate one should first start with meditation to be more familiar with their subtle body and feel their prana (life force) and energy. One can start with a seated practice of mediation or a laying down practice such as yoga nidra. Next it is important to understand the various pranas or vayus within the body. There are five main vayus and they are responsible for governing the movements and actions of both the mind and body. I believe that by knowing and controlling the vayus, one can master the art of levitating. The five main pranas within the body are briefly described as follow: Prana Vayu which draws energy inward and is responsible for inhaling, sensory perception and swallowing. Vyana Vayu which diffuses energy away from the body and is responsible for overall movement and circulation. Samana vayu which draws energy towards the center a
7 Oct 2017
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Ya Nabi Salam Alayka (Arabic Version)" Anta noorol lahy fajran Jeita baadal osry yosran Rabbona aalaka kadran Ya imam al anbeya’ee [Translation:] You are the light of Allah at dawn You came after the hardship as convenience Our Allah raised up your position Oh Imam [Leader] of the Prophets Anta fel wejdany hayyon Anta lel aynayny dayyon Anta endal hawdy reyyon Anta haden wa safeyyon Ya habeeby ya muhammad [Translation:] You are alive in sentiment You are the light of eyes You are the irrigation at the Hawd (basin) You are the absolutely pure guide My beloved Muhammad [2x] Ya nabi salam alayka Ya rassool salam alayka Ya habeeb salam alayka Salawatol lah alayka [Translation:] Oh Prophet, peace be upon you Oh Messenger, peace be upon you Oh beloved, peace be upon you The prayers of Allah be upon you Yartawee bel hobby kalby Hobby khayry rosly rabby Man behee absarto darby Ya shafee’ee ya rassool Allah [Translation:] My heart irrigates with love Whom by him I have seen my path The love of the best of Messengers of my God My intercessor, Oh Messenger of Allah Ayyohal mokhtaro feena Zadanal hobbo haneena Jeitana bel khayry deena Ya khetamal morsaleena Ya habeeby ya muhammad [Translation:] Oh, the chosen out from us Love boosted up the nostalgia You came for us with religious peace Oh, final Messenger My beloved Muhammad [2x] Ya nabi salam alayka Ya rassool salam alayka Ya habeeb salam alayka Salawatol lah alayka [Translation:] Oh Prophet, peace be upon you Oh Messenger, peace be upon you Oh beloved, peace be upon you The prayers of Allah be upon you
7 Oct 2017
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6 Oct 2017
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Eric Braverman MD is the Director of PATH medical in New York and specializes in integrative medicine. Dr. Braverman believes in anti aging and preventing disease.
5 Oct 2017
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