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"60 seconds with... " Video Statement by Riis-Jorgensen that presents the launch of the Patients rights website (******* that advertises the possibility for patients to get medical care in other Member States. [60 Seconds] [Statements] [Language EN]
17 Sep 2008
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Speech by Jules Maaten MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Patients' rights in cross-border healthcare [on behalf of the Group] [Language NL original] Report: John Bowis (A6-0233/2009) ENVI Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Maaten_090423_092936_obog_nl
24 Apr 2009
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Toby and Nick discuss the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and why the right to bear arms is important, there is more going on in the world than just a bad economy, but since we're on the subject, California declares a fiscal emergency, the fed could lower interest rates to 0%, GM wants more government bailouts, the Supreme Court upholds medical marijuana patient rights. vote.freemindstv****
6 Dec 2008
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This guide will tell you about depression diagnosis, medications, therapy, treatment and the myths and realities of hospitalization (including patient rights), and the importance of self-education and advocacy.
29 May 2009
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Missourians made history when they approved the Stem Cell Amendment, guaranteeing Missouri families the same access to cures available to other Americans. Unfortunately, anti-stem cell activists continue to try to undermine and repeal patients’ rights in our state. Watch this two-minute video to learn why protecting the Stem Cell Amendment is so important to Missouri patients and their families. Learn more at www.MissouriCures****.
10 Jun 2009
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Rick Scott: The Presidents Town Hall last night continued to hide the real facts about his health care reform efforts it will cost more than $1 trillion dollars and explode the federal deficit and will put government bureaucrats in charge of our health care decisions. Washington, D.C June 25, 2009. ----- On the heels of the Presidents town hall meeting last night and as Congress readies to head home for the fourth of July recess, Conservatives for Patients Rights will focus attention on 14 key U.S. Senators in 11 states by running TV ads in each Senators home state. They will launch new national ads as well as state specific ads beginning June 29th and continue through the July 4th recess.
1 Jul 2009
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Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's Message to Millions With Asthma is to Manage Asthma By Treating Both Main Causes: Airway Constriction and Inflammation - Most Medicines Only Treat One Cause. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) is launching a national public service announcement (PSA) supported by GlaxoSmithKline titled "Two Main Causes of Asthma." The PSA goal is to communicate an important message to the millions of Americans with asthma: that treating the two main causes of asthma symptoms may help prevent symptoms before they begin. Asthma symptoms include coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing and chest tightness. The PSA features two cyclists riding on a tandem bicycle representative of the two main causes of asthma symptoms. When the lead cyclist pedals solo she struggles but when the second cyclist begins to peddle, the journey becomes much easier. Their ride together is symbolic of managing asthma more effectively by treating both main causes of asthma symptoms when one medicine is not enough to prevent symptoms. The PSA encourages the millions of people suffering from asthma to find information and resources about asthma and learn how to work with their doctor to help prevent asthma symptoms at asthma****. According to AAFA, every day in America because of asthma, 60,000 people miss school or work, 30,000 have an attack, 5,000 visit the emergency room and 1,000 get admitted to the hospital. Asthma in America isn't merely a problem but it's nearly an epidemic. About AAFA The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) is the leading national nonprofit organization fighting asthma and allergic diseases. AAFA provides free information, conducts educational programs, fights for patients' rights, and funds research to find better treatments and cures. Log on to www.aafa**** for more information. Funding and editorial support for the PSA was provided by GlaxoSmithKline.
17 Feb 2010
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*******www.kazanvideo**** Asbestos Mesothelioma lung cancer in California is a severe threat to patients and their families. The Kazan Law attorneys have fought for patients rights and compensation since 1974. We want to see you get treatment. Find legal settlement options and get compensation pay for Asbestos Mesothelioma lung cancer in California. Visit www.kazanvideo**** or call 877.622.5246.
5 Apr 2010
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Group Florence Nightingale, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a group of hospitals that offers patient-centered and specialized healthcare by integrating education, research and technology with medical expertise. We are a JCI Accredited pioneering institution, which is both innovative and continuously improving; implementing a contemporary, reliable, patient-focused and quality approach in all our specialized health-care services; putting patients' and employees' welfare first; respecting patient rights and environment, and training qualified health care personnel. *******www.placidway****/profile/745/Florence-Nightingale-Hospital
19 Jul 2011
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President Ronald Reagan unveils the tricks and lies behind the socialized, universal government healthcare proposals imposed by Congress and others in the government. Here are his comments on a Subcommittee of the US Senate's hearings in Los Angeles about compulsory government medicine. The hearing was supposed to gather facts and opinion but did precisely the opposite. Instead, the subcommittee used the hearing as an opportunity to try and hoodwink the audience. Reagan calls the committee's efforts "Senator [Ted] Kennedy's Roadshow. Reagan understands that the issue of catastrophic illnesses that are long and costly must be addressed but they should not be used as a weapon to force all people into a government healthcare system that controls patients' rights and doctors' freedoms. He says "tragic injury or disease can strike any of us and the tremendous cost could go on for years ... but this specific problem should not be used to justify compulsory government medicine for everyone." He ends with a quote from a prominent Canadian who spoke out at the traveling roadshow: "Do not bring American medicine down to the Canadian level. For now we look up to you." Senator Kennedy had an emotional outburst and silenced the opposition.
27 Sep 2009
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The clip meeting with OCD agents from Analyze This (1999) with Jimmie Ray Weeks, Billy Crystal Any furniture you want to change in the house... Dr. Sobel. Ma'am. I'm Agent Steadman. Agent Ricci, Agent Provano Federal Bureau of Investigation, OCD. Obsessive-compulsive disorder? Organized Crime Division. We need to talk. FBI? This is cooler than the fountain! Go to your room. But I just... Go to your room. Fine. I can hear better in there anyway. Please. Can you explain these photographs? Yes. I'm a psychotherapist. Paul Vitti is my patient. Was your patient. Was my patient, yeah. Not even like a patient. Right. Exactly. So why did he send you that fountain? The fountain? That was a... That was a gift to celebrate the completion of the therapy. I got a television from a kleptomaniac so it's not really that big of a deal. Let me cut to the chase, Dr. Sobel. Next week the heads of every major crime family in the U. S will meet somewhere in the New York area. We think the stage is set for a major bloodbath. Has he mentioned it to you? A bloodbath? He has not mentioned anything like that. I would've remembered that. "Bloodbath" is something that sticks out in a conversation. You could really help us by supplying information about that meeting. If I don't? If you don't I will personally make your life a living hell.
11 Nov 2011
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The clip gene function test from Nutty Proffessor II The Klumps (2000) You got that? Come on. Jason, where's our patient? Right here, Professor. Come on, boy. Now this is Buster. Buster suffers from acute arthritis and diminished vision, which are both signs of advanced aging. We're gonna see if we can fix all of Buster's problems right now, aren't we, Buster? Yes, we are. This little experiment... makes use of Professor Gaines's brilliant research on gene targeting. Now, if I've composed this formula properly, this should be most impressive. All right, Buster. Jiminy freaking Cricket! Sherman, this is amazing. You've just discovered- The fountain of youth. This is huge. Do you have any idea what you've done? This is unbelievable. We're rich. We're gonna have every pharmaceutical-company in the world... lining up to throw money at us. Of course, it all has to be properly tested first. Exactly, yes. He makes an interesting point. Here's another. Shut up! Besides, look at the little fella. He can lick his own winky again. There's not a guy in the world who wouldn't wanna do that. Klump! Dean Richmond! The effect is only temporary. I'm sorry, sir. You're sorry? Oh, my goodness. I'm just tring not to think where that tongue has been! You all right?
25 Nov 2011
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