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"60 seconds with... " Video Statement by Riis-Jorgensen that presents the launch of the Patients rights website (******* that advertises the possibility for patients to get medical care in other Member States. [60 Seconds] [Statements] [Language EN]
17 Sep 2008
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Speech by Jules Maaten MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Patients' rights in cross-border healthcare [on behalf of the Group] [Language NL original] Report: John Bowis (A6-0233/2009) ENVI Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Maaten_090423_092936_obog_nl
24 Apr 2009
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Rick Scott: The Presidents Town Hall last night continued to hide the real facts about his health care reform efforts it will cost more than $1 trillion dollars and explode the federal deficit and will put government bureaucrats in charge of our health care decisions. Washington, D.C June 25, 2009. ----- On the heels of the Presidents town hall meeting last night and as Congress readies to head home for the fourth of July recess, Conservatives for Patients Rights will focus attention on 14 key U.S. Senators in 11 states by running TV ads in each Senators home state. They will launch new national ads as well as state specific ads beginning June 29th and continue through the July 4th recess.
1 Jul 2009
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No-nonsense, "just the facts" analyst, Dr. Daniel Williams, outlines exactly how he will unveil what is in the health care bill. May 29-30, 2010 will feature the "UnConference". That is, you can get UNbiased, facts-only presentations on what to expect!
27 Apr 2010
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In early 2010, the City of Long Beach, California passed an ordinance requiring patients to have permits to cultivate or distribute medical marijuana. Even though all other city licenses cost around $300.00 with the more expensive permits in the $1,000 range, Long Beach charges a minimum $14,742.00 for a non-refundable opportunity to be in a lottery for marijuana permits. Since patients can only belong to one (1) patient collective, the result has been large, 17,000 sq. foot manufacturing facilities that expose patient groups to potential federal criminal liability. To ensure the city gets its $14,000 and additional $12,000 for cultivation permits plus between $20,000 and $30,000 annual fee, Long Beach police and officials regularly raid non-profit collectives operating in accordance with California's state law decriminalization provisions. Even though cities cannot issue permits for activities prohibited by federal law, Long Beach has issued hundreds of criminal citations and put patients in jail. A select few marijuana businesses -- with large manufacturing facilities and what seems to be endless capitalization -- have won the lottery and received permits in the mail. How are non-profit groups of patients supposed to afford gigantic manufacturing facilities? This video shows raids of one of the non-profit groups in Long Beach. Raids and harassment have taken place since the end of 2010. This raid did NOT result in arrests for violation of state law. The only thing patients were charged with is NOT paying for and having the Long Beach marijuana permit.
8 Jun 2011
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Toby and Nick discuss the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and why the right to bear arms is important, there is more going on in the world than just a bad economy, but since we're on the subject, California declares a fiscal emergency, the fed could lower interest rates to 0%, GM wants more government bailouts, the Supreme Court upholds medical marijuana patient rights. vote.freemindstv****
6 Dec 2008
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This guide will tell you about depression diagnosis, medications, therapy, treatment and the myths and realities of hospitalization (including patient rights), and the importance of self-education and advocacy.
29 May 2009
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Missourians made history when they approved the Stem Cell Amendment, guaranteeing Missouri families the same access to cures available to other Americans. Unfortunately, anti-stem cell activists continue to try to undermine and repeal patients’ rights in our state. Watch this two-minute video to learn why protecting the Stem Cell Amendment is so important to Missouri patients and their families. Learn more at www.MissouriCures****.
10 Jun 2009
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Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's Message to Millions With Asthma is to Manage Asthma By Treating Both Main Causes: Airway Constriction and Inflammation - Most Medicines Only Treat One Cause. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) is launching a national public service announcement (PSA) supported by GlaxoSmithKline titled "Two Main Causes of Asthma." The PSA goal is to communicate an important message to the millions of Americans with asthma: that treating the two main causes of asthma symptoms may help prevent symptoms before they begin. Asthma symptoms include coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing and chest tightness. The PSA features two cyclists riding on a tandem bicycle representative of the two main causes of asthma symptoms. When the lead cyclist pedals solo she struggles but when the second cyclist begins to peddle, the journey becomes much easier. Their ride together is symbolic of managing asthma more effectively by treating both main causes of asthma symptoms when one medicine is not enough to prevent symptoms. The PSA encourages the millions of people suffering from asthma to find information and resources about asthma and learn how to work with their doctor to help prevent asthma symptoms at asthma****. According to AAFA, every day in America because of asthma, 60,000 people miss school or work, 30,000 have an attack, 5,000 visit the emergency room and 1,000 get admitted to the hospital. Asthma in America isn't merely a problem but it's nearly an epidemic. About AAFA The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) is the leading national nonprofit organization fighting asthma and allergic diseases. AAFA provides free information, conducts educational programs, fights for patients' rights, and funds research to find better treatments and cures. Log on to www.aafa**** for more information. Funding and editorial support for the PSA was provided by GlaxoSmithKline.
17 Feb 2010
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*******www.kazanvideo**** Asbestos Mesothelioma lung cancer in California is a severe threat to patients and their families. The Kazan Law attorneys have fought for patients rights and compensation since 1974. We want to see you get treatment. Find legal settlement options and get compensation pay for Asbestos Mesothelioma lung cancer in California. Visit www.kazanvideo**** or call 877.622.5246.
5 Apr 2010
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Group Florence Nightingale, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a group of hospitals that offers patient-centered and specialized healthcare by integrating education, research and technology with medical expertise. We are a JCI Accredited pioneering institution, which is both innovative and continuously improving; implementing a contemporary, reliable, patient-focused and quality approach in all our specialized health-care services; putting patients' and employees' welfare first; respecting patient rights and environment, and training qualified health care personnel. *******www.placidway****/profile/745/Florence-Nightingale-Hospital
19 Jul 2011
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