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Patriots Limousine offers top quality and highly reliable limo service in Boston that includes pick-and-drop service from the airport, your home, and hotel or business place. We ensure of delivering best-in class transportation service by providing luxury vehicles and professional chauffeurs. To book today a reliable corporate limousine service in Boston, contact us today at 508-851-0756.
27 Mar 2017
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New England patriots #12 Tom Brady Jerseys from sunshinesportswear
1 Mar 2017
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Tampa Limousine Limo Service In Tampa Patriot Limousine 701 S Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33602 sarasota limousine bradenton limousine limousine service tampa bay fl tampa airport limousine tampa to sarasota car service professional limousine service of tampa bay tampa sedan and limousine.
27 Feb 2017
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30 Ralf der stolze Patriot enttarnt - Drückeberger kämpft nicht für sein Land.mp4
17 Jan 2017
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Patriots Day Official Trailer #1 (2017) Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon Drama Movie HD
13 Jan 2017
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A must watch video for every Indian on currency Demonitisation - Motivational -Patriotic
8 Dec 2016
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All Things Comedy
7 Dec 2016
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Michael Moore says that the election of Donald Trump will be the biggest fuck you ever and it will feel good. Michael Moore discusses why people will vote for Trump in the 2016 election. Michael explains why people are fed up and why they will vote for Trump this election. He states that it will be the biggest fuck you to career politicians, the media, the elite, and the rich. Michael Moore appears to have joined the Trump Train for the presidential election of 2016 and to make America great again. #MAGA Audio taken from Follow me on Twitter @BretTutor For those of you that do not speak English as your primary language, here are some definitions of the terms in the video: Racist - when someone believes that a race is superior to another. It is an overused term these days since racism in the US is at a much lower rate than what the media likes to show. In the video you will see a picture of Hillary Clinton who said that she brings hot sauce in her bag wherever she goes. She said this to a group of black talk show hosts to appease them since many black people like hot sauce. Now that is an example of racism or what you would call soft bigotry. Hillary Clinton is well known for her soft bigotry of low expectations when it comes to blacks in the US. Rednecks - a derogatory term used to talk about poor white people. This has been used during the election campaign of the Democratic party to refer to Trump supporters. For the most part, it has failed since most Trump supporters are good, hardworking, family oriented, patriotic citizens. Tariff - a tax placed on imported goods. The US used to have tariffs to help control the trade, but they are no longer commonly used. Trump will bring back tariffs for those companies abusing the system in the US. Music to the ears - this is an idiom that means when something sounds good. In this example, the words that Trump says are uplifting and give the US voters real hope. This is why people are voting for Trump and why he will win the election. Brexit States - Brexit is the term used for the vote for the UK to leave the European Union. In the US there are states that feel like the globalists have taken over and they will vote for Donald Trump. They will do this to move away from a one world government type of control. This is similar to people in the UK who voted to move away from the control of the EU that did not serve the interests of the people. Beaten down - similar to when one repeatedly hits a dog. It is given in this example as the people who have nearly lost it all including their pride. The corrupt system and politicians have taken advantage of the people for too long. Molotov Cocktail - a homemade bomb that is basic and consists of a flammable liquid in a glass bottle that is lit and thrown. The fuse is typically some sort of fabric such as a shirt. Obamacare - a failed system that was created by pharmaceutical and other medical related companies in order to increase profits. Obama told people it would be good for them, but the reality is it was a scam to take money away from the people and enrich the corporations. Dispossessed - when someone has been deprived of something that they own. Typically when land or property has been taken from them. In this case, the speaker is talking about the American voters who lost everything due to corrupt political conditions that caused economic issues and hardships. Donald J. Trump - a wealthy billionaire who will become the next president of the United States by beating out a corrupt Hillary Clinton. Many of the polls are in this direction and there is a possibility that Clinton might drop out due to health reasons. It is an extremely small possibility, but we will wait and see. The enemy of my enemy is who I am going to vote for - Michael changes the idiom “ The enemy of my enemy is my friend” to state that he is voting for Trump. Michael is part of the party that supports Hillary, but he is voting for Trump instead. The reason why is Michael’s enemy is the corrupt powers in place that have ruined the lives of many people in the US. Joe Blow - this is an idiom that refers to the everyday male in the US.
4 Nov 2016
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(888) 262-1745 The local Jeep dealership to come to for the all new Jeep line of vehicles is right in Fayetteville, AR near Springdale, AR, Lewis Chrysler Dodge Jeep. You will find all the new Jeep Patriot models at Lewis Chrysler Dodge Jeep- Take a test drive today! At, you can browse our inventory, or call (888) 262-1745 for an appointment. Whether you live near Rogers, AR or Fayetteville, AR, come to Lewis Chrysler Dodge Jeep. 3311 North College Ave. Fayetteville, AR 72703.
20 Oct 2014
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Happy July 4th on July 10th, cause we were too busy recovering from partying on July 1st. This Patriot Burger is for all the little boys and girls of the USA.
8 Jul 2014
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"' Consider the 2014 Jeep Patriot When you need a bigger vehicle without a bigger price tag, this Patriot is the perfect companion. Inside you’ll find nice features like a tilt steering wheel, cruise control, and a cd player. The anti lock brakes with brake assist and multiple airbags are a soothing reminder of the safety this Jeep provides. Best of all, you get an SUV that fits your lifestyle. This is all the Jeep you need, and it’s waiting for you now. Take it home today. Put yourself behind the wheel of the new 2014 Jeep Patriot soon at Adams Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. You will find us in Annapolis and convenient to Bowie MD 21401. Nearby cities include: Glen Burnie Laurel Lanham Alexandria Curtis Bay Baltimore Maryland Adams Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 1799 West Street Annapolis, MD 21401 877-540-6914"
24 Jan 2014
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" Consider the 2014 Jeep Patriot Those classic Jeep looks will get you noticed as you take your family on your next adventure. You’ll notice the ease of a tilt steering wheel and cruise control; the safety of multiple air bags and traction control; and the convenience of a rear window wiper and front and rear beverage holders. You’ll also notice that there is still plenty of money left in your account. Let this Patriot show you what it can do on and off the road. Come in for a test drive today. Why not select the new 2014 Jeep Patriot as your new vehicle today a tExecutive Jeep. Conveniently located near Milford Branford CT 06473. Nearby cities include: Hamden Wallingford New Britain Bridgeport Connecticut Executive Jeep 900 Universal Drive North Haven, CT 06473 888-994-0464"
10 Jan 2014
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" Introducing the new 2014 Jeep Patriot Those classic Jeep looks will get you noticed as you take your family on your next adventure. You’ll notice the ease of a tilt steering wheel and cruise control; the safety of multiple air bags and traction control; and the convenience of a rear window wiper and front and rear beverage holders. You’ll also notice that there is still plenty of money left in your account. Let this Patriot show you what it can do on and off the road. Come in for a test drive today. Why not select the new 2014 Jeep Patriot as your new vehicle today at Outten Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Hamburg. Conveniently located near  Reading and  Pottsville PA 19526. Nearby cities include: New Tripoli Lebanon Fleetwood Schuylkill Haven Shamokin Frackville Pennsylvania Outten Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Hamburg 16614 Pottsville Pike Hamburg, PA 19526 855-446-9331"
9 Jan 2014
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Behind the "Farewell Slavianka" (by win081, 11.2013) The music was composed in 1912 by Vasily Agapkin who was inspired by the Bulgarian women fighting side-by-side with their male counterparts in the First Balkan War against the Ottoman Turks. Vasily Agapkin was a trumpet-major in the marching band of the 7th Cavalry Regiment in Tambov, he was also invoved with the class of brass insruments in the Tambov Music School. It was Yakov Bogorad, a music publisher in Simferopol, who came up with the name "Farewell Slavianka" when he published the scores in 1912. The march was first performed by the marching band of the 7th Cavalry Regiment (where Vasily Agapkin was with) in the autumn of 1912. The first gramophone record was released by Ekstrafon Kiev in the summer of 1915 and it immediately gained wide popularity in Russia and adjoining countries. Since then different lyrics have been created for the different occasions, such as volunteer march song ("You have acces and nurtured ...") for the student battalion, Siberian People's Army march song, the march song of Kolchak White Army, Drozdovskaya Division, ... Lyrics were also created in different languages, such as in the Polish ("Rozszumiały się wierzby płaczące") during WWII, the Finnish ("Свободная Россия", "Рейо Франк"), the Jewish ("בין גבולות"), the Chinese, ... The most well-known version probably still is the one at the time for the First Balkan War against the Ottoman Turks: "Arise, Russia Fatherland, defend your Faith, ... Russian Holiness is waiting for victory, Take action Orthodox men, ... Rise your battle flag for Faith, Love and Righteousness". This lyric was not just promoting the patriotism, it was also defending the faith of Orthodox Christianity against the Ottoman Islam. After the WWII the Red Army Choir had a version with the deep pride of the victory of the Great Patriotic War ("..., They defended Moscow in '41, They marched in Berlin in '45, ...") and it has became the standard version in former Soviet Union. Of course the march music itself has always been performed at the begining of military parade in Red Square in former Soviet and Russia today. The lyric of this video is by Vladimir Lazarev in 1984 and it has gained the popularity since the Soviet dissolved in 1989 because of the slower tempo and the added human fragility factor ("Farewell, fatherland, remember us", "... not all of us will come back. ..."). **** Zara and Dmitri Pevtsov - "Slavic Woman's Farewell" (Farewell Slavianka) Music: Vasily Agapkin, Lyrics: Vladimir Lazarev Performed at Concert at Poklonnaya Hill and "Songs of Spring and Victory" (both in 2009). Зара и Дмитрий Певцов - "Прощание Славянки" (Текст: В. Лазарева) Музыка: Васи́лий Ага́пкин, Слова: Владимир Лазарева Концерт на Поклонной горе, Песни весны и Победы. **** Zarif Pashaevna Mogoyan ("Zara") is from a Kurdish Yezidi family that originally lived in Iraq, moved to Leninakan of Armenia, and then to Russia in late 1970's. She was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) in 1983. She started singing at age 12 and has won awards in many competitions (in Moscow, Cario, Omsk, Sochi) while she was still under the age of 16. She graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of theatre Arts at age of 21. She converted to Orthodox Christianity from Yezidism just before her first marriage in 2004, She married again in 2008 (to Sergei Ivanov) and now has two sons; Daniel (2010) and Maxim (2012). Visit her official website at: (in both Russian and English) Официальный сайт Зары:
24 Nov 2013
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Rita Moreno and more A-list stars are getting into the patriotic spirit to help commemorate an important anniversary. In order to celebrate the one-hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Gettysburg address, Rita is taking part in an outreach campaign to encourage people to learn about the famous speech by Abraham Lincoln. The initiative was started by filmmaker Ken Burns and includes many famous faces. Among those helping out with the project are Rita Moreno, Taylor Swift, President Barack Obama, President Clinton, President George W. Bush, Rachel Maddow and Robin Roberts. All of those participating will recite the famous speech on video. The project is the subject of a documentary to air next year on PBS.
15 Nov 2013
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For those who just can't wait for the big Monday Night game (whether they watch from home or at the stadium) good news! GMC has once again joined with the National Football League for a season long, 12-stop, national tour that brings the "Monday Night Football" experience to ALL the fans. This week's stop is in Charlotte and Panthers fans are invited to come to a weekend long event that will help them get amped up to take on the Patriots. Fans can bring their family and friends to the event where they can: • Test-drive GMC vehicles for a chance to win tickets to Monday Night's sold out game! • Test NFL skills in the GMC-NFL Tour Experience • Play the new EA Sports Madden NFL 25 game and take home a personalized cover with their photo • Meet NFL Players (scheduled to appear listed below) and get autographs! NFL Players Scheduled to attend: Saturday, November 16, 2013: • Ricky Proehl (12:00-1:00 p.m.) • Luke Kuechly (4:00-5:00 p.m.) • Jon Beason (5:30-6:30 p.m.) Sunday, November 17, 2013: • Steve Smith (1:00-2:00 p.m.) • Greg Olsen (3:00-4:00 p.m.)
11 Nov 2013
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