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May 18, 2011(2:01) After calling GOP darling Paul Ryan a "right-wing engineer," media and politicians alike are saying Newt Gingrich's 2012 campaign is finished.
19 May 2011
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Former president Bill Clinton and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan were unwittingly caught on camera at an event discussing Medicare cuts. Cenk Uygur breaks it down.
28 May 2011
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In today's show we talk about Paul Ryan, honest cabbies, champagne ladies and a whole lot of other stuff!
17 Oct 2012
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In today's show, we talked about r/creepshots, Cop beatings, Paul Ryan and a whole lot of other stuff!
18 Oct 2012
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2012 Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich was forcefully questioned by Bob Schieffer on Face The Nation. Cenk Uygur breaks it down.
25 May 2011
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The Young Turks/MSNBC host Cenk Uygur shares the excuse Republicans are using after Democrat Kathy Hochul won a special election in New York.
27 May 2011
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Ben Mankiewicz discusses Fox News program 'Fox and Friends' claiming Obamacare already cut medicare and instituted "Death Panels"
30 May 2011
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*******futuremoneytrends**** As unemployment and inflation remain high, U.S. consumers are increasingly using their credit cards for life's necessities. Now just image how Americans finances would be without government support such as 'Food Stamps' which help 45 Million of us now. ***********/news/2011-07-21/consumers-in-u-s-relying-on-credit-as-inflation-erodes-incomes.html *******wonkette****/446686/with-45-million-americans-on-food-stamps-gop-will-cut-food-stamps The debt ceiling debate is still roaring and the current news is a potential deal to cut only $3 trillion over TEN years. But white house sources are denying that any deal is close to completion. *******www.zerohedge****/article/update-obama-boehners-debt-ceiling-non-deal-deal *******www.cbsnews****/8301-503544_162-20081537-503544.html Tuesday the House passed the 'Cut, Cap and Balance' bill. The bill allows a debt ceiling increase only after Congress would approve a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. However unlikely, this would surely help the United States return to fiscal sanity, a freer market and thusly prosper. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill today. *******www.foxnews****/politics/2011/07/19/house-approves-cut-cap-and-balance-plan/ *******www.politico****/news/stories/0711/59603.html *******www.slate****/blogs/weigel/2011/07/21/cut_cap_and_balance_the_2_3_vote_problem.html Although destructive in other ways, if the debt ceiling is not raised the U.S. will not or should not default on it's foreign obligations. As Ron Paul states, they're trying to frighten people with default. ***********/watch?v=bXKrdE2x5og 1:35 A new Greek recovery plan rallied the euro Thursday and is supposedly going to give Greece a longer period of time to pay back their bailout loans. *************/business/2011/jul/21/european-markets-new-bailout-greece *******www.zerohedge****/article/guest-post-if-you-haven%E2%80%99t-bought-any-gold-yet%E2%80%A6 It is only a matter of time before countries like Germany, who are holding the bag for Greece and other bailout countries, to leave the Euro to escape from being responsible for another nation's debt. *******www.zerohedge****/article/fatal-flaw-europes-second-bazooka-bailout-82-million-soon-be-very-angry-germans Gold breaks 1600 this past week and today the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange is launching silver futures contracts. This should spell an even more bullish outlook for Silver and precious metals in general. *******www.reuters****/article/2011/07/21/businesspro-us-asia-gold-idUSTRE76K0RO20110721 *******af.reuters****/article/metalsNews/idAFL3E7II0W920110718 *******goldsilver****/news/hong-kong-metals-exchange-opens-silver-contract-friday/ The U.S. Senate voted down the 'Cut, Cap and Balance' bill the House passed, Senator reid stating that it is "perhaps some of the worst legislation in the history of this country." The debt ceiling debate will continue ...until next time ***********/watch?v=D0Nh4eq0X2Q ***********/watch?v=tWa3OMiShT8
23 Jul 2011
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Visit www.whatistruefreedom**** to Discover the Truth.
20 Feb 2012
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In today's show, we talk about Miley cutting her hair, Ochocinco going to jail, Kim Dotcom's new IP, Wikileaks' Trap Wire exposure, and everything else that mattered to me.
14 Aug 2012
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Megatour 9 hits the Midwest US with 7 days of sessions from Chicago, IL to Minneapolis, MN. With over 20 riders from around the globe, teams Eastern, Mongoose, Profile, and Tree stumble down the road serving up clips galore. Teams: Mongoose: Justin Cobal, Paul Ryan, James Ivett, Greg Illingworth, Miles Rogoish, Chuck Fallon (TM) Profile: Jeff Klugiewicz, Conall Keenan, Larry Alvarado, Grant Castelluzzo, Jared Eberwein, Matt Coplon (TM) Tree: Zak Earley, Bobbie Altiser, Eben Fischer, Justin Sexhaur, Nathan Parker, Sam Schulte (TM) Eastern: Eric Holley, Phil Jones, Adam Banton, Karl Poynter, Leigh Ramsdell (TM)
22 Dec 2009
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Paul (Ryan Reynolds) si ritrova rinchiuso in una cassa di legno 3 metri sotto terra con in tasca un cellulare, una matita e un accendino Zippo. Grazie a questi 3 elementi, deve capire come è finito in quella cassa, per quale motivo e come fare a guidare i soccorritori fino a lui per poterlo liberare. Mentre i 90 minuti di aria a disposizione scorrono, mantenere la calma è sempre più difficile.
15 Oct 2010
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