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Soft spoken, self effacing Jeffrey Buras is the consummate videographer and DP of "College House" the movie. In this video by Paul Terry Walhus, of talks to Jeffrey about the movie and the scene he is shooting. He also talks to the sound crew, who are rigging up a $7k piece of gear to grab the sound independently of the video. Oh yea, DP means Director of Photography.
15 Jun 2010
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Mark Philip talks to Paul Terry about his intuitively easy sports site for sports fans who don't want to miss any games. And he talks about the Ricky Williams documentary "Run Ricky Run" and looks in to his sports crystal ball. Keep up with all the best sports events at
12 May 2010
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Grace interviews Uncle Pooch at the Museum of the Weird on Sixth Street during SXSW. Video by Paul Terry Walhus. Itunes Podcast is called "springnet" and you can subscribe to it at the Itunes store by searching for "springnet"
1 Apr 2010
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GPS (Grace P Sharington) and PTW (Paul Terry Walhus) walk down 6th Street at the peak of SXSW Music Festival. We'll leave the "P" in GPS up to your imagination. More videos can be found by searching for "springnet" on Itunes
31 Mar 2010
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8:52 and ask folks at Product Camp Austin 2010 #pca10 "What did you learn today?" Interviews with Dawna Wright, Don Jarrell, Melissa Muckenthaler, and Louetta Probst. Paul Terry Walhus, Producer. Venue: AT&T Conference Center UT. See entire series on
29 Mar 2010
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The sixth in a series of interviews by that ask attendees at Product Camp Austin 2010 or #pca10 on twitter the question "What did you learn today?" Shown are Amanda Winters, Chris Larson, Tom Grant, Kathryn McGinney, and Erin Young talking to Paul Terry Walhus.
29 Mar 2010
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Paul Terry Walhus of and TexasCoworking asks particpants at ProductCamp 2010 or #pca10 twitter hashtag "What did you learn today?" Talks with David H Friedman, Chuck Marshall, Melanie Wise, Kim Brushaber, and more. Full set of interviews at
29 Mar 2010
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William Hurley talks to Paul Terry Walhus of about "application resurrection" and his mobile app startup that is having brilliant early success. You can get all the details at
27 Mar 2010
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Paul Terry Walhus chats with ijustine and her faithful companion at the tail end of SXSW Interactive by the Ice Cream wagon outside the Austin Convention. She was jamming with her iphone and sucking on a fruit bar. Weds, March 17, 2010. More videos on and
19 Mar 2010
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7:31 Paul Terry Walhus had lunch on Friday, March 12, 2010 with Leo Laporte and his entourage at the Ironworks BBQ, Austin. Leo tweeted the lunch idea so some of his fans and myself showed up for lunch. Texas Coworking is providing equipment and a space at 200 E 6th Street for Leo's TWIT and TWIG podcasts starting at 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. We also had a nice walk with Leo and company through SXSW at the Austin Convention Center.
13 Mar 2010
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Freshbooks held a workshop at Texas Coworking on the eve of SXSW at 200 E 6th Street in Austin on Thursday, March 11 at 9 am to 1 pm. In the video, Paul Terry Walhus of interviews Matthew Parente who is building a community calendar web app and was an attendee. Mic Berman is talking to Matthew who is Strategic Advisor to Freshbooks.
12 Mar 2010
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The SXSW eve Refresh meetup was held at and the main presentation was on javascript. Refreshers introduce themselves in this video. Texas Coworking is getting ready to host the Leo Laporte "This Week in Google" and "This Week in Tech" shows at SXSW at their facility at 200 E 6th St, Austin, TX, 78701. Video by Paul Terry Walhus of
11 Mar 2010
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About 150 people showed up for Jeffrey Fry's sessions at Texas Coworking, 200 E 6th ST, Austin, TX on Thurs March 4. He's the "profit propher" is Austin's new downtown coworking space. To sum up Jeffrey's talk at this RISE event "The secret to selling? Just ask yourself what would a prostitute do." The video is the after party where Jeffrey shared some fine scotch. Camera used by Videographer Paul Terry Walhus: iphone 3g The entrourage moved across the street to Buffalo Billiards afterwards.
6 Mar 2010
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The organizers of Videocamp Austin celebrate the big success they had at their event on Saturday Feb 27 at the UT ActLab. The scene is Annies on Sixth Street. Among those shown talmadge daveiam bigmanweston katmandlestein Video by Paul Terry Walhus and
28 Feb 2010
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Vanessa Zamora is a media Producer at She is interviewed at Videocamp Austin #videocampatx by Paul Terry Walhus. Vanessa talks about what she learned at the Video Camp Austin.
28 Feb 2010
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Second installment of many of Juan Sequeda's Semantic Web meeting at with the City of Austin discussing "open data" formats for the city's web site and data sharing initiatives. Video by Paul Terry Walhus of
24 Feb 2010
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