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9 Sep 2007
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Maroon 5 Payphone PARODY- Game of Thrones! - Subtitulado al Español
21 May 2013
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10 Sep 2007
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You need to use the payphone but your out of change... what do you do? Step by step guide teaches how to get a free phone card through the internet. Print your phonecard cut it, and keep it in your wallet.
11 Jan 2007
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Simple trick that puts a Telstra Payphone display to "Out Of Service". Phone still works when the receiver is picked up
12 Jul 2007
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This cute young face grew up to swoon many a model and music fan. Can you guess who he is?
8 Jun 2012
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This cute young face grew up to swoon many a model and music fan. Can you guess who he is?
8 Jun 2012
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Here is my cover for Maroon 5 - Payphone (Explicit) ft. Wiz Khalifa. I heard the song and thought it would do really well with a more intimate acoustic feel. Hope you enjoy it! - Eli Lieb. ELI LIEB'S ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW - *******www.elilieb**** ON ITUNES!!: ***********/us/album/eli-lieb/id467628121 Become a fan on Facebook! *******www.facebook****/eliliebmusic Follow me on Twitter! *******twitter****/elilieb Maroon 5 - Payphone (Explicit) ft. Wiz Khalifa (Cover by Eli Lieb - Acoustic) ***********/watch?v=H51mGvcEV5M
12 May 2012
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Visit *******PhoneTrace.Weebly**** for the #1 investigative product currently online! Trace Phone Number Search name, address associated with a phone number. 411 telephone directory assistance. Caller ID trace, Call ID Lookup, Phone book Look up Name / Address from a phone number Search name, address associated with a phone number Search Phone Number from Address Search phone number associated with Address. Lookup Name Address from Cell Phone or fax number Search name and address associated with cell, mobile or fax phone number. Name Address from Disconnected Numbers Search name address associated with a disconnected number.. Search Cell Phone Number by Name and Address Search Cell phone number associated with Name or Address. Lookup Name and Address of Toll Free or Payphone Number Search the name address associated with Toll free or payphone number. Search past Landline phone number Search past landline phone numbers that may be associated with a person including disconnected numbers. Search past Cell phone number Search past cell phone numbers associated with an individual including disconnected numbers. Past Name Address profile of Phone Number Search possible Names, Addresses of a landline phone number. Past Name Address of Cell phone number Search possible Names, Addresses of a cell phone number in the past. Cell Phone Number from Name and last known Address Search cell phone number associated with Name and last known Address of an individual. Search all phone numbers associated with Name or Address Search all phone numbers such as landline, cell phone, fax phone numbers associated with Name or Address. Search new phone number from old landline or cell phone number Search possible new number associated with disconnected old landline or cell phone number. Search Phone Number from Property or Street Address Search phone number associated with street address or real property location. Name and Address from Internet Phone Number Search name, address associated with Internet phone number. Click here to view more Phone Searches... Instant telephone directory assistance helps search Up to the minute information for any residential, business, cell, internet, fax, mobile, pager or pay phone including name, current address (when available), phone company, connection status and more. How to find source of Secretive or Obscene Phone Calls? Continuous, Secretive, Obscene or harassing phone calls can be very scary and stressful. Even if calls are not threatening they can be of great inconvenience. However there are various options available to you to put an end to these calls. In most cases, simply uncloaking the individual is enough to bring your problems to swift and successful resolutions. Often times the source of the harassing or obscene calls will show the phone number as unlisted, unpublished, non published, anonymous or private. What is the difference between the phone number labels of unlisted, unpublished, non published, private or anonymous? All the above labels essentially mean the same thing. What type of phone calls are generally considered to be harassing? When someone calls and uses obscene or threatening language. When someone calls repeatedly and hangs up. When someone calls and breathes heavy or remains silent to intimidate you. How often do I have to get these calls to consider it as harassment? Generally any unwelcome call is harassing however your telephone company or law enforcement will not take any action unless calls are frequent. If caller threatens you with specific threats of bodily harm to yourself or your family then the phone company or law enforcement will take prompt action. What options do I have when I get harassing calls? The first thing to do is to call your phone company. Different phone companies have different policies on whether you should call the phone company or the police first. Some phone companies may ask you to call the phone company's local office and explain the problem. Other phone companies may require that you to file a formal complaint with local police before they will deal with the matter. You should contact your local phone company and find out what their policy is in matters of harassing calls. If the threats are serious and your life or property is threatened or if the obscene phone calls are very frequent then you should call your local police immediately and file a report and provide all details and information. You should also note down dates and times of calls and if the caller sounded male or female and describe his/her voice. If caller said anything or if there was any background noise then note down what the caller said and other details on the background noise. If any phone number was displayed on your caller ID you should note that down too. What does it mean when sometimes my phone rings and there is no one on the line? Often when you receive frequent hang ups on your phone line it could be that someone is checking to see if you are home or its simply harassment. It could also be calls from telemarketers who use computers for "predictive dialing" to call consumers where the computer dials many phone numbers in a short period of time. When anyone answers, the computer finds a sales representative who is not occupied at that time and connects the call. If all sales reps are busy then consumer may hear only silence. These type of calls are called "abandoned calls." If you are receiving many abandoned calls in a day, you can call the annoyance department of your local phone company. If these repeated calls are from a malicious individual who is harassing you rather than a telemarketer, the phone company will generally report the number to law enforcement. What options do I have to stop other kinds of unwanted calls? To avoid unwanted calls you can use many services offered by your phone company. Call Screen (*60): Your phone can be programmed to reject calls from selected numbers with a service called Call Screen (Phone companies might use different names). Instead of ringing on your line, these calls are routed to a recording that tells the caller you will not take the call. With Call Screen, you can also program your telephone to reject calls from the number of last person who called. This allows you to block calls even if you do not know the phone number. Most phone companies charge a monthly fee for this service. However Call Screen is not a foolproof way to stop unwelcome calls. A determined caller can move to a different phone number to bypass the block. Also, Call Screen does not work on long distance calls from outside your service area. You can also use Priority Ringing: You can assign a special ring to calls from up to 10 numbers – calls you are most likely to want to answer. The rest can be routed to voice mail. There are ways callers can get around Priority Ringing when it is used as a screening tool. Harasser can switch phone lines and avoid the distinctive ring. You can try Call Return (*69): This service allows you to call back the number of last person who called, even if you are unable to answer the phone. Some people suggest that Call Return can be used to stop harassing callers by allowing you to call the harasser back without knowing their phone number. Use caution with this method of discouraging harassing callers, however, as it could actually aggravate the problem. This service is paid on a per-use basis. You can use Caller ID to identify the caller if they are not blocking their number or use a service offered by most phone companies called Privacy Manager. It works with Caller ID to identify incoming calls that have no telephone numbers. Calls identified as "anonymous," unavailable," out of area" or "private" must identify themselves in order to complete the call. Before your phone rings, a recorded message instructs the caller to unblock the call, enter a code number (like inbound call blocking devices mentioned above), or record their name. When your phone rings, you can choose to accept or reject the call, send it to voice mail, or send a special message to telemarketers instructing them to put you on their "do not call" list. Visit *******PhoneTrace.Weebly**** Trace Phone number Cell Phone Directory and even Phone number lookup
17 Jun 2008
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Freddy Ferrara may have killed someone and is now on the run for his life. Before skipping town, Freddy emerges out of hiding to make one last attempt at contacting his older brother Richie, via payphone.
15 Oct 2008
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Our cover of "Payphone" is now available on iTunes!! ******* WE WON THE IHEARTRADIO CONTEST!!!!!!!! :'D This means we get to open the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas in September! This is seriously a dream come true for us... and it's all because of you guys. Thank you SO SO SO MUCH. Literally you are the reason we won. YOU. *******macys.iheart****/macys Hey guys!! We decided to release this cover a day early because we love you so much and REALLY appreciate all the hard work you've put into voting to help us win this contest! Hope you like our video :D iTUNES :) ******* NEWSLETTER SIGN UP! :) ******* BEAUTY CHANNEL! :) ***********/meganandlizBEAUTY FACEBOOK! :) *******www.facebook****/meganandliz TWITTER! :) *******twitter****/meganandliz *******www.twitter****/officialmegann *******www.twitter****/officiallizz TUMBLR! :) *******officialmeganandliz.tumblr**** *******meganmckinleymace.tumblr**** *******elizabethmorganmace.tumblr**** FORMSPRING! :) *******formspring****/meganandliz PINTEREST! :) *******pinterest****/meganandliz WE LOVE YOU GUYS TO PLUTO BACK!!! :)
14 Sep 2012
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******* Philadelphia's Pearly Gates visit the Smoky Mountains. Hilarity ensues
17 May 2008
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Fearless Records announced the track list for the 5th entry in the oft-hated Punk Goes Pop series. The bands and their contributed songs are as follows: Memphis May Fire - Grenade (Bruno Mars) Upon This Dawning - "Call Me Maybe" (Carly Rae Jepsen) Mayday Parade feat. Vic Fuentes - "Somebody I Use To Know" (Gotye) We Came As Romans - "I'm Glad You Came" (The Wanted) Like Moth To Flames - "Some Nights" (Fun.) Breathe Carolina - "Billy Jean" (Michael Jackson) Forever The Sickest Kids- "We Found Love" (Rihanna) Issues - "Boyfriend" (Justin Bieber) The Maine - "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (Cyndi Lauper) Crown The Empire - "Payphone" (Maroon 5) Craig Owens - "Paradise" (Coldplay) The Word Alive - "Mercy" (Kanye West) Secrets - "Ass Back Home" (Gym Class Heroes) Visit the site ☛ ******* Download Link: *******
16 Nov 2012
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Help support independent musicians and download this song on iTunes :) ***********/us/album/part-of-me-single/id530623068 Here is my cover of Katy Perry - Part Of Me. I hope you like it! ELI LIEB'S ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW - *******www.elilieb**** ON ITUNES!!: ***********/us/album/eli-lieb/id467628121 Become a fan on Facebook! *******www.facebook****/eliliebmusic Follow me on Twitter! *******twitter****/elilieb Part Of Me - Katy Perry (Cover by Eli Lieb) Official Music Video ***********/watch?v=vXGnL7AwP7I
5 Jun 2012
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TV PRIME: *******worldtv****/millennium-prime
4 Jan 2013
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