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4 Sep 2009
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All Credit Goes To PCWIZKID
5 Feb 2013
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Visit *******PCWizKidsTechTalk**** for tips =========================================== A Ubuntu tutorial walkthrough setting up the Advanced Desktop Effects in Ubuntu starting with the 3d Cube option. This is part 1 of a series of Ubuntu desktop effect tutorials. More infor visit PCWizKid's Blog article: *******pcwizkid.blogspot****/2007/12/ubuntu-gutsy-gibbon-710-vs-osx-leopard_17.html
18 Aug 2008
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Visit *******PCWizKidsTechTalk**** - Tips and Tweaks This Windows XP TIP shows you how to create a shortcut which quickly shuts down or can restart your PC. Video Notes: For a Restart Shortcut shutdown.exe -r For a Shutdown Shortcut shutdown.exe -s Additional Options -t xx (used for time delay) -c "Enter a message to display" -l (used to logoff the current user) Example used in video shutdown.exe -r -t 30 -c "Thanks for Watching PCWizKids Tech Talk"
14 Jan 2009
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Visit *******pcwizkid.blogspot****/2008/08/saving-your-windows-system-from.html for more tips. In Windows XP it is not uncommon to have experienced a corrupt registry or a missing DLL file, or having a blue screen of death. So best prepare yourself by backing up your system files on a regular basis. Prevent a disaster and having to restore your entire operating system, just backup your files, so you can restore them if needed later.
28 Jan 2009
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Visit *******PCWizKidsTechTalk**** - Tips and Tweaks Speed up the Windows Vista start menu search by customizing the search criteria. (Applies to all windows vista editions) Click here to subscibe to PCWizKId ***********/subscription_center?add_user=pcwizkid
25 Feb 2009
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DOWNLOAD PCWizKid's <b>Cursors</b> here: *******pcwizkid.blogspot****/2008/08/getting-and-customizing-free-<b>mouse</b>.html
9 Mar 2009
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Visit *******pcwizkid.blogspot****/2008/11/pinnacle-usb-pctv-free-hdtv-live-on.html for more tips HD Free-to-Air TV viewing has become popular in the past year, specially now that cable companies are switching to fully Digital and HDTV is becoming more of a standard. However if you arent a HDTV subscriber and would like a free flexible alternative to watching HDTV on your PC, Pinnacle has created a sleek device, the PCTV HD Pro Stick. This is my review of model 801e.
7 Sep 2009
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Visit *******PCWizKidsTechTalk**** - Tips and Tweaks Turn off or on Windows Vista features easily. Get rid of the useless ones or enable one you never knew about. Improve your Windows Vista performance and experience. Note the Table PC option is not available on vista home basic. For a complete set of features of your Vista version read my article here: *******pcwizkid.blogspot****/2008/05/windows-vista-versions-which-is-best.html
7 Sep 2009
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Visit *******PCWizKidsTechTalk**** - Tips and Tweaks Tired of the same Windows XP Desktop? Enhance it with some free effects such as WinFlip and Glass2k. They both use little memory and are free with no strings attached. Read the complete article on my blog here: *******pcwizkid.blogspot****/2008/01/customize-windows-xp-to-look-like-vista.html Download links - *******www.softpedia****/get/System/OS-Enhancements/WinFlip.shtml - *******
12 Oct 2009
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Visit *******pcwizkid.blogspot****/2007/05/are-you-using-windows-media-player-11.html for more tips. In Vista and XP , the Windows Media player lacks support for video codecs such as DivX. This has been a big issue in previous versions of Windows Media players. Playing audio files are usually not a problem. There are issues with other codecs such as Xvid, DivX, Mov and so on. Fix it all with the Vista Codec Package 4.7.x
16 Jun 2010
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Released last month, the new Athlon II X3 series are out and PCWizkid reviews the 435 model. Would you get this for your Mainstream PC? Please RATE or Comment. Click *******pcwizkidstechtalk****/index.php/athlon-x3-review.html for details on this review
3 Aug 2010
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Please RATE and Comment on your favorite browser. Visit *******pcwizkidstechtalk****/index.php/ie8vsff31.html for more info. You have the latest hardware PC and now you want to know how the latest web browsers stack up? Well PCWizKid takes a quick look at how ready Internet Explorer 8 is compared to Firefox 3.1 Beta.
25 Nov 2012
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Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Speed Test Comparison SUBSCRIBE: ******* Comment below, what do you think about this? In this Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Speed Test, we compare boot up time for the latest Microsoft operating system with the previous iteration of Windows. We'll also compare Windows 8 and Windows 7 memory usage, run general and 3D benchmark tests and benchmark graphics processing on a range of PC games. For more PC hardware and gaming reviews, tips and tweaks, visit:******* Follow PCWizKid on Twitter: ******* Like PCWizKid on Facebook: *******
17 Nov 2013
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