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*******smallcapstockedge****/ Marathon Group Corp. (PDPR, fact sheet and market opportunity report on this healthcare service company is now available for free from SmallcapStockEdge****. In this information report on PDPR stock you'll discover: - The Multi BILLION Dollar Market where PDPR plans to expand and grow - How PDPR uses a "secret weapon" to REALLY connect with their customers - Why Marathon Group's "Willy Sutton" marketing strategy gets customers at the source - And much more ... Download your copy of this free report on healthcare service company Marathon Group Corp.- PDPR- now *******
19 Mar 2012
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******* In this edition of CEOinsiderTV Mark Dresner speaks with Mr. MacDonald Tudeme, President of Healthcare services provider, Marathon Group Corporation (PDPR, PDPR.PK) Marathon Group is a public company trading on the over the counter market under the ticker symbol PDPR In this video interview you’ll discover: • The $30 Billion annual market where PDPR provides services • How PDPR has learned to speak its client's language to stand out from other providers • Why PDPR uses a "Willy Sutton" strategy to get new healthcare clients • How acquisitions play into PDPR's future growth plans • And much more. Watch the entire video interview for free at *******ceoinsidertv**** to learn more about Marathon Group Corporation and their modern approach to delivering traditional healthcare services. *******
14 Mar 2012
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