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amizing pencil drawing
18 Mar 2009
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*******www.portraits**** Drawing portraits - Portrait pencil drawing - Hand drawn portrait
6 Sep 2009
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*******pencilportraitmastery.virtual35**** - pencil drawing tutorial - pencil drawing lessons - pencil drawing tutorials Introducing… Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Home-Study Course A quick basic explanation about nose drawing before you begin to draw a realistic nose like a master. Discover one of the most IMPORTANT keys to draw a realistic nose. By knowing this, you can avoid the mistake made by most artists Discover my secret method of drawing nose details that look complicated in an easier way without asking yourself where you should start. Discover a simple way of how to identify the direction of the light source so you know what part of your drawing should be darker. Learn the correct way of drawing the hole of the nostrils in front view. Be careful if you don't know about this, one tiny detail of this can literally spoil the realism of your nose drawing. Discover the secret of drawing tiny little details that will make your nose drawing look extremely realistic and learn the correct way of drawing the tiny little details. pencil drawing tutorial - pencil drawing lessons - pencil drawing tutorials
31 Mar 2011
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4:10 isn't THE DRAW.... but i liked the effect...
11 Apr 2008
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Bos vakit + muzik ve kursun kalem bir araya gelirse
5 Mar 2010
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*******www.strokeonpencildrawing****/ - Are you an artist at heart? Each and every person is born with a talent. Later on when they grow up they need to nurture the talent so that they can make it big. Drawing is such a talent which is present in lots of people. But it is important to learn certain things to make it perfect. If you have the wish to become a great artist then you should always try to choose the best drawing tutorials for yourself where you can work to develop your passion.
18 Mar 2011
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pencil drawing of a womans torso
21 Sep 2007
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Hint number 1 is to see things as shapes. I like to analogize drawing with assembling a jigsaw puzzle because in both you look for shapes to fit together Hint number 2 is to pay close attention to the edges of what you are drawing. Light and shadows can do funny things and in almost anything that you draw you will see a disparity between the qualities of each edge. Hint number three is to develop your drawing like a Polaroid photograph. Polaroid was the company that innovated instant photography. After pushing the shutter button the photograph would come out of the camera and develop before your eyes. What I want you to know about this is that every part of the photo would develop at the same rate and that is how I want you to try to draw next time. In other words, move the drawing tool around, dont get stuck in a favorite spot. Alright, lets slow it down. What you are seeing me do here is pay close attention to the form and the proportions. In other words, I am comparing the sizes of the different shapes and making sure that the placement of each line is correct. I am using vine charcoal a HB pencil and an eraser. I started out with the vine charcoal because it is easy to erase and move around. You will see later in this video that after I am satisfied with the placement of the charcoal, I will hatch over it with a pencil to keep it undisturbed. I am also trying to be aware of the edges of my shapes and I am especially cognizant of the highlight on the top because that will require me shading the areas around it and using the white of the page as a representation of the strong light. Now when I look back at my reference, I notice that the tone of the background is much darker than the white of the page. I use the side of the charcoal to darken the mid tone of my drawing. This step will make it easy to draw in the highlights with an eraser a little bit later. Now I am folding a piece of paper towel to smudge in the charcoal. You will get a very similar result with a blending stump (also known as a tortillion) but the towel will smudge the charcoal more quickly. To be perfectly honest, many teachers that I have had have told me not to use a blending stump, fingers or anything that comes in to contact with the surface of the paper. I partially agree. Oil from fingers when combined with pencil or charcoal leaves a stain that is tough to work around. Notice that my hand is resting on a sheet of paper. Artists call these slip sheets, but it is just a sheet of computer paper. I like working with the blending stump and the paper and this process works for my needs. It would be dishonest if I changed my process for the sake of making a video. Before, I mentioned the term hatching. Hatching is the short name for the drawing technique of cross hatching. It is simply putting a series of lines next to one another with a drawing tool. These lines usually follow the shape of the object that is being drawn. Once I am done adding pencil marks, I take the blending stub to burnish over my hatch marks. This gives my drawing a more smudged look and possibly my former art teachers a heart attack. I like to smudge the pencil and charcoal because it also gives me a surface that is smooth in tone. Hatching can be layered and I usually stop using the blending stump after the second layer. I once did ten layers of hatching in a pencil drawing. Lets recap and take this to the end of part 1. My focus, over the course of any drawing that I do from observation, is to see a simple pattern of shapes on my reference and to accurately render these shapes, on to the piece of paper that I am drawing. After I get the shapes aligned correctly, I attempt to build up tones with charcoal and pencil. When I am building the tones, I am very aware of the nuances of the edges of each shape, because they are usually different. My focus is also on building the tones of my drawing in a similar manner to how a Polaroid photograph develops. In part 2, I will teach you a way to add color to any pencil drawing. Thanks for watching the video and please let me know if this helped.
19 Jul 2009
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3D pencil drawing of Batman by Jasmina Susak
19 Apr 2017
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Learn how to draw the head and face of both a woman and a man... starting with a simple circle. This technique can be used for both cartoons and realism alike.
28 Jul 2009
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stopmotion A4 pencil drawings
20 Dec 2006
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How to draw a rose in an easy step-by-step pencil drawing technique.
17 Sep 2007
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