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2 Oct 2012
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There are special places for people like him
11 Apr 2006
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You will see that even the old people like club music
2 Aug 2006
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HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE! HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOUR PUMPKIN YET? Pumpkin Breeder Talks About What People Like in a Pumpkin For adults and children alike, one thing comes to mind when thinking about October: Halloween. And one of the most popular traditions during Halloween time is picking out the perfect pumpkin. Whether at a pumpkin patch or the local grocery store, Americans across the country will be looking for the perfect pumpkin to decorate the front yard or turn into a jack-o-lantern. But what really makes a perfect pumpkin? Dark orange, vibrant color, smooth skin and a long, strong stem (handle) are the main things to look for when choosing your holiday pumpkin. Once you have those key elements, the rest is up to you! Some facts about pumpkins: 80% of the pumpkin supply in the United States is available in October. Americans spend about $100 million this time of year on pumpkins. This year consumers will spend nearly $5 billion celebrating Halloween.
5 Nov 2006
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people liking boats
30 Nov 2006
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Yeah, another Naruto video... and I don't know what it is about people liking my game trailer videos better than my Naruto videos... lol.
10 Dec 2006
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Only in Minnesota, will you find people like this. Check out the speed this guy gets doing 'donuts' on an icy lake.
31 Dec 2006
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Travel to Panama, Central Americas vibrant country. Panama is for adventure travelers and for family travel. See Panama in this Travel Video PostCard is more than the Panama Canal although the Panama Canal is a big tourist attraction. Panama in Central America has untouched rain forests. Panama is ideal for ecotourism and for travelers interested in ecology and natural beauty. The wild monkeys and the thousands of birds make Panama a birders or bird watchers paradise. Birders love Panama because of its rich diversity and ecosystem. Panama City has colonial houses and terrific food. The Old City, Casco Viejo, is perfect for tourists. Its safe, walking streets and terrific restaurants make it ideal. Panama has colorful festivals, tours of lakes and rainforest, tours of the Panama Canal. There are festivals in Panama with colorful costumes. Visit the Canal Museum and experience the biodiversity. This Central American country has more species of birds than anywhere in North America. Panama is one of the only Central American countries that has preserved its indigenous people like the Embera Indian tribe camp site. Travel Video PostCard shows this. In Panama, Canopy Towers, the Canal Zone and the Jungle Boat experiences are the best travel experiences in Central America.
9 Feb 2007
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Philip Treacy is one of the hippest hat designers now a days. He's creating for people like Madonna, Goldie Hawn or Boy George. On The occasion of his actual show in Düsseldorf, Germany, he's presenting his bizarre artworks, together with his muse Isabella Blow
7 Feb 2007
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Ibn 3othaymeen and Wahhabies are Mujassemah . Be aware of such people . Learn True Islam from a trustworthy Muslim , not from ignorant people like Wahhabies .
11 Feb 2007
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I am swimming at Moscow reglon at February. In Russia the people like me is called "walrus".
13 Feb 2007
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this is my second video. i hope u people like it. i am sorry the camera was shaking. i am still fixing this car. PLEASE COMMENT ON ANY TIPS TO HELP ME MAKE IT BETTER. THANK U
4 Mar 2007
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I like to know sometin ho do you people like better naruto or ichigo???
11 Apr 2007
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Can you figure it out? 4 cards are turned into Jokers using sleight of hand. No camera tricks! If people like this trick, I will soon show you all how to do it! Thanks for watching.
19 Mar 2007
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A short trip with me on the 1st Nile Cataract in Aswan, staying in the Old Cataract Hotel is something to be proud of, the Nile Lounge you see was a preffered inspiration spot by people like Agatha Christie, Winston Churchel,The Agha Khan,Howard name a long list.. Enjoy the Music by the Egyptian talented Omar Khayrat,the nephew of Abu Bakr Khayrat, another artist inspired by the same lounge....
1 Apr 2007
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I'm a personal assistant who uses speech recognition to help busy people like you manage your phone, fax and email communications. I dial your outgoing calls, announce callers, remember important numbers, organize your messages, help you with conference calls and much more. To view entire demo or sign up for service visit www.crtechnologyinc**** ( more )
4 Apr 2007
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