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With the help of a boat, these kind people tried and succeeded in rescue a cute koala that was trapped on a tree in a water-logged area.
30 Aug 2017
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Here’s a compilation of the best videos of awesome people to start your September month energetically.
1 Sep 2017
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Payday Loans for people on benefits are made by keeping in mind the needs of individuals who are dependent on benefits. These cash advance are ideal when you have little time to arrange extra money and don't want to go through various hassling process.
1 Sep 2017
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Check out version 1 of this hilarious slide show featuring the crazy and wacky people who are known as Walmartians aka People of Walmart aka Walcreatures. Some of the highlights include: the guy who pee'd his pants; the guy with the boob hat; the guy with the nasty comb over; a classic butt shot; undershirts from hell; wacky shows and several others.
3 Sep 2017
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This Video is for you guys i've collected these videos from different sources please like and hit subscribe,Awesome People Compilation-Sports-People Doing awesome stunts-unforgettable - People are awesome.
3 Sep 2017
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The fastest workers and the most agile people on the planet
4 Sep 2017
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More People Die From Mrsa Than Aids, Mrsa Staph Infection, Staphylococcus Aureus, Mrsa Disease, Mrsa More People Die From MRSA Than AIDS! If You’re Tired Of Spending Your Hard Earned Money On Harsh Treatments. Special Cleaning Products And Medical Care That Just Doesn’t Work. Then You Know It’s Time To Stop The Vicious Cycle! You Can Either Go On Living Like This, Depressed And Frustrated: Allowing MRSA To Repeatedly Infect, Bruise, And Scar Your Body While Forcing You Back And Forth To Your Doctor. Or. You Can Take Charge ... Right Here ... Right Now. And Stop MRSA From Ruining Your Life And Your Future
4 Sep 2017
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On the occasion of Independence Day on the thirteenth night of Swabi, on the occasion of Independence Day, members of Provincial Assembly , were elected in the anger of Gujrat Gao and threatened people and proclaimed Shamsh Sharma's slaughter Threatening to take off صوابی میں منعقدہ تیرہ اگست کی رات کو آزادی نائٹ کے موقع پر گو نواز گو کے نعرے لگانے پر ممبر صوبائی اسمبلی اور پی کے چھتیس سے منتخب رکن اسمبلی غصے میں آگئے اور لوگوں کو دھمکیاں دی اور گو نواز گو کا نعرہ لگانے والے کی شلوار قمیص اتارنے کی دھمکی دیدی
8 Sep 2017
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Amidst all the chaos that Hurricane Irma has caused there is a sense of positivity coming out from people such as these, who are enjoying this weather.
12 Sep 2017
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Watch Vaadi-E-Kashmir, a short 6 minutes film that showcases the message of love for Kashmir (Heaven on Earth) and its beautiful people. It is a CSR initiative supported by KENT that carries a message of oneness, with Purity of Heart and Intent. So, let us come together as one nation and discover Kashmir like never before. Love, share and support #DIlSeKashmir. Curated by: Hema Mailni Concept: Praveen Kenneth Agency: L&K | Saatchi & Saatchi Lyrics: Gulzar Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Shivam Mahadevan, Vibha Saraf Directed by: Pradeep Sarkar Supported by: KENT RO
18 Sep 2017
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people attack on Hospital, DHQ ABBOTTABAD
19 Sep 2017
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This guy here decides to have fun and puts up a bear costume. Well, what you need more to scare the hell out of random people?
20 Sep 2017
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