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LINK DO CANAL OFICIAL NO YOUTUBE: youtube .com/c/RespirandoGamesMarkTV TRAILER DO CANAL RESPIRANDO GAMES FAÇA PARTE DISSO! Falem mitos! Aqui é o Mark e esse é o canal, Respirando Games, Aqui teremos gameplays completas, comentadas e de uma forma diferente que faz você entrar no jogo apreciando cada momento. Você verá também no canal: novidades,Top Lists, curiosidades e lançamentos do universo gamer, de diversas plataformas, e de jogos novos e clássicos - além dos quadros VAMOS CONHECER, MARK JOGA!, UNBOXING, TOPs, e GAME NOSTÁLGICO onde é apresentado algum jogo clássico marcante e de destaque. Master System, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Mega Drive, Game Cube - Jogos Antigos e novos Compilation REDES DO CANAL Respirando Games (Venha me acompanhar) Português PT-BR. Respirando Games - MarkTV #respirandogames Canal de games no youtube. Games antigos e novos, lançamentos, retrô, gamer, reviews, análises, top 10, top 5, Alguns jogos favoritos: Zelda Ocarina of Time, Shenmue, Zelda Majora's Mask, Turok 2, Castlevania, Resident Evil 2, 007 Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Kingdom Hearts, The Last of Us, Skies of Arcadia, Sonic Adventure, Jet Force Gemini, Mystical Ninja, GTA.
31 May 2018
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Me testing the new mouse-input plugin for perfect dark.
22 Nov 2006
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3 Jun 2008
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Download & Play Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64 on your computer as well as all the other games from the N64 Era, totally free. Visit *******pookyfish***.cc for more free stuff.
4 Feb 2010
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The 2004 Xbox Classic Perfect Dark has been Re-rendered and is due for release on Xbox 360 Soon.. Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Feb 2010
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Classic Game Room HD reviews PERFECT DARK ZERO for Xbox 360 from 2005, an early release for the 360 and a memorable first person shooter from Rare. This CGRHD review of Perfect Dark Zero has gameplay footage from Perfect Dark Zero showing game play during this FPS featuring Joanna Dark in a prequel to the Perfect Dark storyline on N64. Use a clever variety of weapons in creative levels that keep the game fresh and interesting from beginning to end. Perfect Dark Zero can be bought today for a song and while it seems slow compared to some more popular shooters these days. The game itself remains technically solid, smooth and sounds awesome. The storyline is sub-par but the replay value due to the amazing level design is high, and that's what really stands out with this game. Awesome levels, techo style music and lots of cool futuristic weaponry make this an easy game to drop $5 on and add to your collection.
7 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews PERFECT DARK for the N64, Nintendo 64 video game console. This first person shooter was released in 2000 with a loud and sexy ad campaign that you couldn't miss if you tried. The Classic Game Room team, Mark and Dave, reviewed the game when it was brand new in 2000 and gave their objective, journalistic, inane opinions on the first person shooter video game. You play as a hottie with machine guns in the future and blow up a bunch of stuff. There you go. The CGR team was not known to be huge fans of the Nintendo 64 so how does this game meet their expectations? Is it another 007 Goldeneye or is it rubbish to be thrown out with the trash? The Perfect Dark franchise has continued. Video games that star chicks in tight clothes and body armor carrying machine guns and hand grenades never seems to get old. Perfect Dark Zero is a recent sequel, although Classic Game Room has not played it yet. Here's a blast from the past about a game that takes place in the future. Original Classic Game Room video game reviews, sucka! This review is also available on the Classic Game Room DVD.
18 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Perfect Dark from Rare for the Nintendo 64. Perfect Dark tells a story about aliens, intergalactic war and government conspiracies — it sounds like something out of a cheap movie on the SyFy channel, but particularly for its era, Perfect Dark's story was at least an interesting break from the FPS norm. The real reason to play the game, however, wasn't the story or even Ms. Dark herself. It was the firepower, and Rare delivered it in spades. Perfect Dark boasts more than 30 weapons and gadgets, from futuristic guns that can scope through walls to a Psychosis Gun that confuses enemies. This video review features video gameplay footage of Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
25 Sep 2012
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Watch last week's episode, Minecraft Pt. 1, here: ***********/watch?v=unOvBsOsngg Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! *******facebook****/node *******twitter****/nodestudios *******twitter****/corridordigital *******facebook****/corridordigital *******twitter****/fwong *******twitter****/brandonjla *******facebook****/freddiewspage
8 Dec 2012
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Perfect Dark Zero review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360. Released as a launch title for the system, this game was developed by Rare and published by Microsoft. Joanna Dark is just getting started, and this game uses a mix of shooting and stealth to deliver a relatively satisfying experience. It would be a really satisfying experience if the game stopped trying to do too many things well and just focused on a few. This CGRundertow review features gameplay and commentary from CGR's Gabe.
24 Oct 2012
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We've taken in some of your great suggestions, and we'll be playing some great games like Minecraft, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 64 (only if we can find a tube tv) and plenty more. But be sure to subscribe because we've got a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING TUESDAY!!! In the meantime, don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! *******facebook****/node *******twitter****/nodestudios
8 Dec 2012
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Tomb raider Lara Croft video game demo
13 Jul 2006
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