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Video Art Project #5: "Perspective Communication in Three Acts"
7 May 2007
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The Irak War. Soldiers Perspective
8 Jul 2007
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Perspective in Flight (PiF) launch a "ready Fly" in the "palais de Tokyo" contemporary art museum in Paris. One ballon miss...
9 Nov 2007
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Le collectif d'anartistes de Perspective in Flight ( PiF)lancent des "ready-fly" au palais de Tokyo. Un ballon manque sa cible...
9 Nov 2007
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A video showing a very weird perspective
27 Jan 2008
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Zoom in and Out, or engaged but detached. When you zoom in you engage life, live it fully and appreciate the moment. Appreciating all the good that exists in your life right now is an excellent way to zoom in. But you don't have to remain engaged when you suffer a loss, an insult or other types of challenges that throw you off balance, in other words you don't have to stand in the fire and feel the pain of being inside an Ego / personality. There are times, especially when you are shocked or knocked off balance when you are more empowered by zooming out and observing life from a great distance. Thinking about the temporariness of this life and the inevitable death of this identity is a great way to zoom out. By having both the tools to engage life and detach from it - you will have the ability to choose your most empowering perspective in any given moment. The Zoom In and Zoom out method works because you are awareness and through the power of perspective you choose where your energy of awareness moves and what it experiences. For more tips visit *******www.fullpotential****
17 Jun 2008
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Actual patient of Scottsdale Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist Dr. Matthew Bayne, DDS shares her experience, story, and perspective on her smile makeover with Bayne Lumineers dental veneers, with no dental shots (Dr. Bayne is extensively, specially trained to perform this procedure with no shots, and often no drilling).
13 Aug 2008
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17 Sep 2008
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The Freeman Perspective: Interview with Ted Whidden Part Two Is it a conspiracy theory or have we simply sent the wrong people to investigate the Giza Plateau and Great Pyramid of Egypt?
14 Dec 2008
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The Freeman Perspective interview with Ted Whidden of SolomonSeries: Part One (edited) Do not miss this most incredible release on the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Egyptian technology and mysteries of ancient civilizations.
14 Dec 2008
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The Freeman Perspective with Ted Whidden Part 4 In October 2008 FreemanTV had interview. The topic was the Great Pyramid of Giza and issues around the Giza Plateau of Egypt. There were references to aliens, the City of Atlantis and a few other "ideas".
26 Apr 2009
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The Freeman Perspective interviews Ted Whidden of SolomonSeries**** regarding the "paths" that Whidden found from the east side of the Great Pyramid sweeping across the desert to a hole/quarry. The Great Pyramid research by this team solves mystical quests
23 Dec 2008
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The Freeman Perspective interviews researcher from recent studies of the Great Pyramid of Giza and Pyramid complex at Giza Egypt. Great Pyramid, Great Sphinx, and hidden secrets revealed. Hidden pyramid knowledge and wisdom.
14 Dec 2008
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The Freeman Perspective: Interview with Ted Whidden Part 6 Interview with team leader for the latest releases from the Egyptian desert studies of Solomon Series. Ancient wisdom release. John Anthony West, Robert Schoch and other theories addressed.
14 Dec 2008
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The Freeman Perspective: Interview with Ted Whidden Part 8 Knowing the truth will indeed make one free. This informational release on the Pyramid Structures is amazing.
6 Oct 2011
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