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*******www.peruvianessences****/ peruvianessences**** - Barrio de San Blas Calle Suytuccato 710, Cusco, Peru Telephone: 00 51 84 23 64 82 | Fax: 00 51 84 23 64 82 | Toll-free: 1.866.309.1109
30 Jul 2011
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Peru Information & Facts Peru Trips An Overview of Spectacular Peru ranks amongst the world's great centers of ancient civilization. Their remains fascinate travelers and archaeologists alike. Peru is located in the west central part of South America *******www.peruvianessences****/
10 Aug 2011
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Touring Lima
5 Mar 2007
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16 Dec 2009
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Peru Trip, Peru Travel *******www.SolsticeTours**** Inca Trail-Ancient Culture-Peru Hotels Peru is home to the ancient culture of the Inca where the ancient city of Machu Picchu is found within the Andes Mountains. Travel within Peru is safe and convenient. LAN Peru has regular flights from Peru's capital, Lima to Cusco. PeruRail travels from Inca's ancient culture capital, Cusco, to Machu Picchu as well as to Puno where Lake Titicaca is located. Although Peru is mainly a Spanish speaking country, there are many tourists locations where Spanish is not the main language, but rather the indigenous cultural dialect of Quechua. It is highly recommended that those visit and travel to Peru go with a tour company as they provide personal travel guides-with a focus on ancient culture instead of transporting travelers from tourist locations. Peru Travel, Travel Peru, Machu Picchu Vacation, Luxury Peru Tours, Peru Trips, Peru Videos, Machu Picchu Videos, Luxury Peru Travel, Peru For Less, Peru Hotels, Machu Picchu Tours, Cusco, Cuzco, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu Hotels, Machu Pichu, Manchu Pichu Amazon Travel Tours within Peru are hot spots for international travelers, and often times arrived by plane and boat. Amazing Peru travel vacations and Eco tourism within the Amazon is increasing and giving the locals a safe way of earning a living without destroying the environment to logging and land clearing. Eco tours in eastern Peru consist of amazon jungle lodges, riverboat cruises, and guided natural reserve tours. Solstice Tours is an agency focused on creating conveniently customized travel to Peru by 1 click of the computer mouse. Peru hotels, tour companies, and locations are regularly evaluated for safety and environmental responsibility. Airport pickups, hotels, guides, land transfers, and entrance fees to all major Peru travel locations are included for the convenience of the traveler. Enjoy your Machu Picchu vacation with SolsticeTours**** Travel Peru, Peru Travel, Machu Picchu
24 Jun 2010
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16 Sep 2011
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Machu Picchu,Matchu Pitchu,Peru,Viagem Peru,Peru Viagens,Machu Pichu,Trilha Salkantay,Trilha Inca,Macho Pichu,Travel To Peru,Trips to Peru,Cusco,Cuzco.
17 Sep 2011
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Machu Picchu,Matchu pitchu,macho Pichu,Peru,Peru Viagem,Peru Viagens,Travel to Peru,Trips to Peru,Trilha Salkantay,Trilha Inca,Cusco,Cuzco,Manu National Park
20 Sep 2011
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In the Nazca region, scattered over 500 square kilometers of an arid plateau between the Nazca River and Ingenio River, exist huge representations of geometric patterns, animals, humans figures and thousands of perfectly straight lines that go on for kilometers. The images on the ground are so huge, that the only way to fully observe them is only from the sky. Its real purpose is unknown, nobody actually knows who made them or why? Flying over the Nazca desert you can marvel looking at the perfect shape of a monkey, a spider, a while, a lizard and various types of birds, including humming birds, sea birds, and the mighty Andean Condor.
15 Jan 2009
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*******www.fertur-travel****/tour_paracas_ica_nazca.html The town of Nazca was founded in 1595 about 800 years after the Nasca culture that thrived in the arid southern coastal region of Peru from 300 B.C. to 800 A.D. The color and perfection of that ancient cultures ceramics are renowned around the world pots and vessels feature human and monstrous figures in bold poses and have retained their bright and warm color palette over the centuries. They also produced the famed Nazca Lines, hundreds of geoglyphs etched into the arid plateau that stretches more than 80 kilometers, or 50 miles, between Nazca and the town of Palpa. The complexity and scale of the lines can only be fully appreciated from the air: The enormous artworks range from simple geometric figures to enormous stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, llamas and lizards. The figures are considered Cultural Patrimony by UNESCO. Visit us at: *******www.fertur-travel****/tour_paracas_ica_nazca.html the nazca lines nazca desert lines of nazca nazca tours nazca drawings nazca figures nazca lines map nazca geoglyphs nazca inca maria reiche nazca nazca hostels
23 Aug 2009
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*******www.fertur-travel****/lima_tours_lima_by_night.html Limas new attraction, the Magic Water Tour or El Circuito Magico del Agua, has only been in place since 2007. But its already attracting massive crowds and starting to draw international visitors with its spectacular mix of light, lazers, music and water. Built in the Parque de la Reserva near the National Stadium, the water park consists of 13 fountains in a range of styles. The largest fountain sits in an open plaza, surrounded by classical arches. Its central spout reaches a height of 80 meters or 260 feet. A favorite for children is the Fuente de los Ninos where jets of water leap up to form the walls of a maze, and spouts shoot in from the edges to drench the unwary. Other fountains take the form of a pyramid, more traditional ornamental styles, and the popular Tunnel of Surprises creating an arch over the path thats 35 meters long. As with most of the fountains, its best seen at night. Another reason to wait until dark is the spectacular main show at the Fantasia Fountain. A long string of jets, seems to dance to the music in a lazer and light display every night. It centers on a fine mist that acts as a video screen showing Peruvian wildlife including the condor and jaguar, natural landscapes from across the country, and archaeological sites like Machu Picchu and Chan Chan, all set to a mix of Peruvian folk music, and dramatic Hollywood soundtracks. Theres a safe, family atmosphere throughout the park, including in the large crowds that flock to watch the main show, even in the middle of winter. In early 2009, the Guinness Book of Records deemed the water park the largest fountain complex in the world, and it covers most of the original parks 8 hectares. It makes for an unusual, lighthearted night out in a city more famous for its architectural and gastronomic wonders. For more information about this touristic destination, please visit this page:
18 Oct 2009
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*******www.fertur-travel****/ Coursing through its unique mix of jungle, mountain and coastal terrain Peru has more than a dozen rivers that are at least 600 kilometers, or 370 miles long. Its a new frontier for kayakers and whitewater rafters. River running opportunities start on the Canete River near the coast to the south of Lima, The Apurimac and Urubamba rivers in the Cusco region offer multi-day trips featuring class four and five rapids. The Colca Canyon near Arequipa is attracting river runners from all over the planet, and a trip down one of the deepest canyons in the world can take more than a week. Lovers of the sport are constantly opening new river journeys for kayaks and rafts, even on rivers in close proximity to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley near Cusco.
13 Nov 2009
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*******www.fertur-travel****/lima_tours.html The Convent of Santa Domingo is the oldest in Lima, just a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas. Construction began shortly after the founding of the city in 1535. Its founder, a friar named Tomás de San Martin, would become Preceptor Prior of the Dominican Order. The church of three naves includes a dome that represents one of Limas most decorative and harmonious architectural designs. Inside its walls is a carved cedar choir loft and walls adorned with Sevillian glazed tiles. Cusqueña Baroque paintings pay homage to the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas. San Marcos University, the first in South America, was founded in the convent in 1551.
12 Dec 2009
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*******www.fertur-travel****/lima_tours.html The Government Palace of Peru, a prime example of neo-Colonial architecture, stands on the northern side of Lima's historic main square.. The building is known as the House of Government or the House of Pizarro and is the official Residence of the President of Peru. Fronted by a 20-foot-high wrought iron fence, the courtyard is the scene of a ceremonial changing of the guard every day at noon.. Conquistador Francisco Pizzaro chose the site as his residence and seat of power in 1535 because it had been the house of Taulichusco, the Inca ruler of the Rimac Valley. It was later the site where General José de San Martín declared the Independence of Peru on July 28, 1821 The palace was twice destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1884 and 1921. The modern palace was designed by Polish architect Ricardo de Jaxa Malachowski, and completed in 1937.
12 Jan 2010
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*******www.fertur-travel****/arequipa_tours.html El Mirador de Yanahuara is a scenic lookout above the city of Arequipa in southern Peru Built in the nineteenth century, it’s a series of arches carved from the white volcanic “sillar” rock that gives Arequipa its name as the White City. Engraved into the archways are quotations from the city’s famous inhabitants. From this vantage point you can see the entire city in all its splendor, In the distance you’ll spot snowcapped mountain ranges leading down to the base of the imposing El Misti Volcano.
12 Feb 2010
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*******www.fertur-travel****/cajamarca_tours.html The beautiful north Andean town of Cajamarca is an unlikely spot to be the point from which the Spanish started their conquest of Peru in 1532. It was here that they captured the Inca Atahualpa and held him for ransom. Six tons of gold and silver was delivered in exchange for his life, but fearing reprisals the Spanish took the precious metals and killed their hostage. Today, Cajamarcas laid back serenity belies that violent history. Atahualpas ransom room remains intact, the last vestige of Inca architecture in a quiet colonial town. Its Andean-Baroque style Cathedral and the churches of San Francisco, Belén and La Recoleta front the graceful Plaza de Armas. At the center of the main square is an ornate fountain built in 1692 to commemorate the bicentennial of Columbus' landing in the Americas. Beyond Cajamarca lie the rolling hills and green valleys of Perus northern tropical highlands. The Baños del Inca, natural hot springs once favored by Inca royalty can be found five miles (8 km) from town. The Ventanillas de Otuzco form an ancient cemetery that pre-dates the Caxamarca culture. Hundreds of galleries and individual niches that look like windows have been hewn into the volcanic stone.
12 Mar 2010
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