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Apparently, caressing an asparagus is a no-no on NBC. The network has banned animal rights organization PETA's new Super Bowl ad promoting vegetarianism. In it, lingerie-wearing women fondle broccoli spears, kiss pumpkins, and make all sorts of advances on their unsuspecting vegetables. The 30-second spot, which PETA says they produced to balance "traditional Super Bowl ads for meaty, greasy, and factory-farmed fast food," carries the message: "Studies Show: Vegetarians Have Better Sex." But NBC's email putting the kaibosh on PETA's commercial is almost as racy as the ad itself. In turning down the spot, NBC Universal vice president of advertising standards Victoria Morgan wrote that the "PETA spot submitted to Advertising Standards depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards," describing one actor as "screwing herself with broccoli." "PETA's veggie ads are locked out while ads for fried chicken and burgers are allowed, even though these foods make Americans fat, sick, and boring in bed," responded PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. "Whether you're a 250-pound linebacker, a fan, or a 'football widow,' the smartest thing you can do to make sure that you're around for next year's Super Bowl is to go vegetarian."
2 Feb 2009
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Sherlyn's Chopra Hot 'Outrageous' Photoshoot for PETA - The Outrageous girl Sherlyn Chopra who is known for her bold attitude is using her sensuous image for some good. Sheryln Chopra, the video-album queen has joined hands with PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals. She is posing in a bikini with whips and chains next to the tagline "Whips and Chains Belong in the Bedroom, Not in the Circus". The theme of the ad conceptualized by PETA. This ad was shot by top photographer Rakesh Shrestha. It seems Sherlyn was moved to tears when she heard about animals that "entertain" people in circuses, according to a PETA release.
6 May 2010
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Animals rebel: Since 1990, PETA has documented 65 human deaths and more than 130 injuries attributable to captive-elephant rampages. PETA has also documented that there have been at least 151 dangerous incidents involving big cats. For more information, check out *******www.peta****
29 Dec 2006
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Jennifer Lawrence wants to play Bridget Jones, Maria Menounos breaks two ribs during DWTS rehearsal, Snooki and JWoww move out of their Jersey City apartment, Khloe Kardashian quits PETA, Ryan Gosling stars in Only God Forgives, all in today's celebrity gossip
28 Mar 2012
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Ricky has had enough and fires Alex. The scene is not complete before he criticizes Alex's fur coat and pledges to join PETA.
26 Jul 2007
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La pornostar Jenna Jameson con la PETA per difendere, nuda, i diritti del regno animale.
21 Mar 2008
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Visit for more Bollywood news and videos. Bollywoods hot and sensual item girl Malaika Arora Khan supported PETA wearing Fashion designer Wendell Rodericks design.
17 Sep 2009
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PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's to use human milk instead of cow's. So let's learn how to make homemade breast milk ice cream! =-Censored Version 4 YouTube-=
14 Jun 2010
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Funny Nikita blooper with Peta Wilson almost falling down in the middle of the scene
2 Nov 2007
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This is the dramatic moment Kim Kardashian was flour bombed on a red carpet. Animal rights group PETA says it was given the video by an anti-fur activist at the scene and insists it was not behind the red carpet stunt at a Hollywood hotel.
27 Mar 2012
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Actress Penelope Cruz is the latest star to appear on a billboard as part of PETA's ongoing anti-fur campaign.
2 Feb 2012
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Alyssa Campanella, Shanna Moakler, Shandi Finnessey, and Susie Castillo all strip down naked for PETA to stop fur coat prizes at beauty pageants.
14 Jun 2013
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Elderly Asian women in plastic Chinese boots rock hard in an audition for the Pretenders. I heard about a music video contest sponsored by The Pretenders, You Tube and PETA last week for people to lipsynch to The Pretenders new song, "Boots in Chinese Plastic." I bought four pairs of Chinese plastic boots from Wal-Mart 5 days ago, and my mom and her friends were going to star in the video that I directed. Did you ever try to direct four elderly, hard of hearing, Asian women to sing along with Chrissie Hynde after a snowstorm (they won't drive in the snow)? To make a long story short, I ended up having to do all the lip synching, and Ted and I directed "The China Dolls" to be my back-up band. All props and costumes made from man-made materials. It doesn't take death to look this good! If you like this video, please rate and share it with friends. We love you, Chrissie! And, by the way, YOU look fantastic in your boots of Chinese plastic! TheChinaDolls5gmail****
24 Feb 2009
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Comedian Andy Dick takes on the fur trade in PETA's newest ad. For more information, check out *******www.FurIsDead****?c=tube
29 Dec 2006
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bswchannel**** They tried to make her go to rehab but it looks like she's fighting her way out of going. Amy winehouse punched a fan during her first performance in seven months. She took the stage at London's Glastonbury Festival Saturday night and hit a fan in the front row. She then spit her gum in the crowd and claimed her behavior was the result of someone grabbing her breasts. Right..... It's amazing how wearing one little t shirt will get you so much attention. Jessica Simpson is still getting the heat for wearing her real girls eat meat Tee, this time from former Baywatcher and PETA spokesperson Pamela Anderson. Pam called Simpson a bitch and a whore During a recent interview on an Australian radio show. Then she said she didn't know if Simpson was reffering to food or men when wearing the shirt. Ouch.... Pam would know a whore when she sees one. More rumors of the brangelina twins arrival into this world are circulating. After Entertainment Tonight falsely reported the birth of the soon to be famous twins, earlier this month, you would think reporters would actually make sure the story is true before sending it to print. But it looks like the tabloids are at it again. This time, a french magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie has given birth today. the magazine says, Angelina went into labor Tuesday night and gave birth this (Wednesday) morning in a French hospital. We here at BSW are skeptical to believe that Angie has in fact delivered. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
19 Mar 2009
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27 Nov 2007
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