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Milton Waddams is back. And he's got a hunger for vengeance...
13 Jan 2012
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My Favorite Scene from the movie Office Space. Michael Bolton: You think the pet rock was a really great idea? Tom Smykowski: Sure it was. The guy made a million dollars. You know, I had an idea like that once. A long time ago. Peter Gibbons: Really, what was it, Tom? Tom Smykowski: Well, all right. It was a "Jump to Conclusions" mat. You see, it would be this mat that you would put on the floor, and it would have different... conclusions written on it that you could jump to.
29 May 2010
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*******zuguide****/Office-Space.html Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) is a normal guy in his thirties, sick of the mindless tasks and bureaucratic nonesense that he's subjected to everyday at his job working for a computer software company. To deal with his depression and endless requests from his boss, Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole), to come in on weekends, Gibbons undergoes hypnotherapy. But, when the hypnotherapist falls over dead before the end of their session, Gibbons stops going to the office and, later, teams up with two of his coworkers to put a virus on their company's network that will allow them to embezzle thousands of dollars. When the plan goes awry, Gibbons has to figure out a way to cover his tracks and explain his erratic behavior to his new girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston). Directed by Mike Judge. With John C. McGinley, Ajay Naidu, David Herman, Diedrich Bader and Stephen Root. Categories: Cult Classics, Comedy. Year: 1999. For more trailers with Ron Livingston, please see *******zuguide****/Ron-Livingston.html. Also, for movie previews starring Stephen Root, see *******zuguide****/Stephen-Root.html. Trailers with Gary Cole, can be seen at *******zuguide****/Gary-Cole.html.
31 Jul 2013
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